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Chapter 479 - I, Lost!

Medical Master
     Chapter 479 I, Lost!

    Was the real Dragon’s Claw broken?

    After John Doe fought with the White-dressed Man, most people in Wulin had regarded his Dragon’s Claw as the genuine one.

    In Wulin, the Dragon’s Claw was a legendary unique skill.

    Therefore, in the knowledge that John Doe defeated the White-dressed Man with the Dragon’s Claw, people in Wulin grew crazy about his skill.

    Almost everyone believed that John Doe’s ability to beat the odds depended on the legendary skill named the Dragon’s Claw.

    But now, Li Chengtian broke the Dragon’s Claw with one sword strike.

    Everyone was shocked.

    Although they all knew that the probability of Li Chengtian winning was bigger than that of Fang Qiu in this battle, at the same time they also knew that John Doe was also powerful as he had defeated the Ling Family’s Old Ancestor, an eighth-class Martial Superior with an opened meridian.

    In this case, the battle between the two men was bound to be fierce.

    But just at the beginning of the battle, the mysterious man John Doe had performed the Dragon’s Claw.

    Moreover, the skill was broken instantly.

    It was unbelievable to the entire audience.


    In the arena, after the collision, Fang Qiu had a glint in his eye.

    “I knew it!”

    He found that Li Chengtian’s way of attack was exactly as he had suspected—he used his internal Qi to stimulate the magnetic field in the Qingfeng Sword, thus inducing the Heaven and Earth energy to intensify the attack.

    Therefore, after crushing the Dragon’s Claw consisted of energy, Li Chengtian’s internal Qi dissipated. Without the guidance of the internal Qi, the Heaven and Earth energy disappeared in the air.

    On the face of it, Li Chengtian’s sword Qi was a bit more powerful, but in reality, they were in the same league.


    At this point, Li Chengtian frowned and stared at Fang Qiu, looking rather grave.

    Apparently, he had sensed that Fang Qiu wasn’t inferior to him.

    “That’s interesting!”

    Fang Qiu beamed.

    He had seen through Li Chengtian.

    All he had to do next was beat him!

    As his mind stirred, Fang Qiu tiptoed on the ground.


    His internal Qi exploded, and the bluestone under his feet made a noise, sank and had fine cracks that spread out for one meter, as if it had been hit by a heavy blow.

    Meanwhile, with the power, Fang Qiu hurtled toward Li Chengtian at a terrifying speed like an arrow.

    Apparently, Fang Qiu was going to get close to him!

    His intention was so obvious that Li Chengtian had seen through it.

    Immediately, he brandished his long sword and drew the Heaven and Earth energy to his feet. As his speed soared, he quickly backed.

    It was an agreed battle, not a duel.

    The arena could not restrain the two men.

    Li Chengtian retreated to a waist-high stone pillar by the pool outside the arena.


    As soon as he settled his foot, Li Chengtian immediately swung his sword in the direction of Fang Qiu and made rays of quick sword Qi!

    But then Fang Qiu, who was in a hurry, stopped.

    Then, making a movement, he backed at once.

    He didn’t stop until he was in the middle of the arena.

    There was sharp sword Qi with an aura of terror in front of him.

    Just as he was about to get hit, Fang Qiu made his right fist in the shape of a dragon claw and punched the air.


    The Dragon’s Claw consisted of energy fiercely rushed out and collided with the oncoming sword Qi.

    At that moment, all the audience beneath the arena was surprised.

    Just now they had seen that Li Chengtian’s sword Qi broke John Doe’s Dragon’s Claw, and there was still power to make it move forward after that.

    Now, how could John Doe stop Li Chengtian’s sword Qi at this close range with his Dragon’s Claw?

    Wasn’t he courting death?

    At the moment, everyone was thinking that John Doe was going to lose.

    Li Chengtian’s sword Qi was so formidable that when it broke the Dragon’s Claw, it would hit John Doe in a flash.

    So John Doe would be defeated!

    The next moment, however, everyone’s face changed.

    After the Dragon’s Claw consisted of energy collided with the sword Qi, the scene that everyone thought that Fang Qiu would lose didn’t appear, and instead, the Dragon’s Claw broke Li Chengtian’s sword Qi!

    It looked as if the Dragon’s Claw had directly crushed the sword Qi.

    This scene stunned everyone present!

    “How, how is that possible?”


    “How did that happen?”

    “My God, hasn’t the mysterious man John Doe just used his full power?”

    The audience exclaimed.

    Li Chengtian’s face turned rather nasty.

    And Fang Qiu, who stood in the center of the arena, looked at him with a smile on his face.

    As he had expected before, Li Chengtian had to use part of his internal Qi to stimulate the magnetic field in the sword because of its nature.

    In this way, the internal Qi that Li Chengtian could release was weaker than the Martial Superior at the same level did.

    And to make up for that weakness, Li Chengtian chose to use the Qingfeng Sword to activate the Heaven and Earth energy to enhance the attack.

    Unfortunately, the Heaven and Earth energy belonged to nobody, and it could be driven by Qingfeng Sword’s magnetic field, but it did not mean that it could be used by Li Chengtian all the time. When Li Chengtian’s internal Qi dissipated, the Heaven and Earth energy would disappear naturally.Visit v ip novel. com

    Then, if the internal Qi was not strong enough, the sword Qi exerted by Li Chengtian also had a certain range of attack.

    It was as if a bullet lost its power when it traveled a certain distance.

    Of course, in this case, it was hard for Fang Qiu to gauge how far Li Chengtian’s sword Qi could reach.

    But that didn’t mean Fang Qiu couldn’t break his sword Qi.

    First, he used his raging offensive power to push Li Chengtian back, and then he backed away, pulling away from Li Chengtian.

    In this battle, the distance was the key point!

    After the two people pulled apart for a certain distance, due to the lack of internal Qi, the longer Li Chengtian’s sword Qi flew, the less internal Qi would be left, and the weaker the attack would be.

    He couldn’t defeat Fang Qiu in close or ranged combat.

    Only at a certain distance could Li Chengtian exert the strongest strength.

    However, Fang Qiu had seen through it.

    Li Chengtian saw that too, so his face darkened.


    Fang Qiu held out his hand to Li Chengtian and signaled him to return to the arena.


    Li Chengtian didn’t refuse and directly jumped into the arena.

    He knew that Fang Qiu was going to fight closely with him.

    And Fang Qiu apparently did it to help him hide his weaknesses and not to make it public.

    Well aware of the reason, Li Chengtian would not refuse Fang Qiu’s help naturally.

    Besides, he was an eighth-class super master with one opened meridian. If he fought recklessly with Fang Qiu in close quarters, he would not necessarily lose.


    Li Chengtian fell into the arena and waved his right hand.

    The Qingfeng Sword, which had been tightly held by his hand, immediately flew out towards a round pillar not far from the arena and struck into it in a split second.

    This scene caused the crowd to yell.

    Did Li Chengtian voluntarily drop his sword?

    What was going on here?

    Was his swordsmanship no match for Fang Qiu’s Dragon’s Claw?

    At this point, the two men in the arena took action at the same time and immediately collided with each other.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    The thundering noises kept spreading.

    Li Chengtian was worthy of being a top expert among the eighth-class super masters with one opened meridian. In the collision with Fang Qiu, he did not lose. He was much stronger than the Ling Family’s Old Ancestor.

    Fang Qiu was so excited to fight such a tough opponent.

    For a moment, the two people’s internal Qi burst out, and they tried their best and collided madly.


    “Click! Click!!!”

    Because of the two men’s fierce battle, the arena cast in bluestones exploded everywhere, sending rubble flying into the air. Violent energy Qi, like a tornado, scattered suddenly.

    Layers of sharp waves of energy were constantly fluctuating.

    In just one minute, the quiet arena turned into the hell with a terrifying aura.

    The two in it fought wildly.

    Regardless of other people’s eyes, all they knew was to attack like mad.

    As the pressure built, Fang Qiu got even more excited.

    Li Chengtian, who was also feeling the pressure, was getting more and more serious.

    He found that Fang Qiu seemed to have inexhaustible strength and internal Qi and was getting stronger and stronger without any signs of exhaustion. On the other hand, he was getting more and more tired. With the depletion of internal Qi, his strength began to weaken.

    As time went on, Fang Qiu began to get the upper hand in what had been a close battle.

    Then he gradually subdued Li Chengtian.

    “What did I see?”

    “No way?!”

    “John Doe is so powerful!”

    “Li Chengtian has been subdued by John Doe?”

    “My God, Li Chengtian was no match for John Doe when he used the Qingfeng Sword, but now without that sword, he is no match for him, either.”

    “Alas, Li Chengtian lost when he abandoned the Qingfeng Sword.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Li Chengtian’s greatest skill is his swordsmanship, which has been broken by John Doe. If he continues to use the sword, he won’t be a match for John Doe either. So his only option is to use the power of an eighth-class Martial Superior with an opened meridian to suppress John Doe, who is at the fifth-class. It’s a pity that… instead of suppressing John Doe, he was suppressed by John Doe.”

    “John Doe is really something!”


    Off arena, the audience talked about the battle crazily.

    In the arena, the battle between Fang Qiu and Li Chengtian heated up.

    In order to save face, Li Chengtian tried his best to directly concentrate all his strength to suppress Fang Qiu and force him back from the front.

    Realizing his intention, Fang Qiu smiled.

    What he liked best was to confront the tough with toughness for only by striking his fist against his opponent’s body could he feel the exhilaration of the burst of his strength!



    While Li Chengtian was dodging and gaining strength, Fang Qiu stepped back and concentrated all his internal Qi in his right arm.

    The internal Qi rushed rapidly into all the meridians in the arm that had been fully reopened.

    With the infusion of internal Qi, Fang Qiu’s arm, supported by a huge amount of internal Qi, actually expanded.

    The next moment, under the entire audience’s gaze, their fists banged together with terrifying force.


    Like the roar of the thunder, deafening explosions sounded, causing the rubble to fly and energy Qi to overflow in the arena.

    Cutting by the terrifying energy Qi, even the bluestones had deep cracks in them. It looked horrible.

    Sitting near the arena, the Martial Superiors and their tables were shaken backward by the energy Qi, colliding with the people and tables behind them.

    At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

    “I, lost!”