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Chapter 182 - Remember to Put Flowers on My Grave

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 182: Remember to Put Flowers on My Grave

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    Another half an hour had passed, and there were only 4 freshmen left.

    Everyone had started to slow down, and slowly they were stumbling about instead of properly running.

    Lightning and Crocodile were doing slightly better than the rest and were running at the front.

    They did not want to be at the back because they might get shot at!

    Jian Qi and Lu Yao were in the middle while there were two more freshmen at the back.

    Feng Yi threw a grenade at the freshmen that were at the back. They both ran to the front out of fear and immediately chased up to Lu Yao and Jian Qi.

    However, Feng Yi did not stop there. He threw even more grenades at them.

    He only stopped after they had started running again.

    As more time passed by, another person fell to the ground. Even Jian Qi looked extremely haggard.

    Finally, she slipped at a slope and her body slumped onto the ground.

    Nature’s embrace was truly the warmest and most comforting thing in the world!

    The sun was slowly rising. All Jian Qi felt like doing was to sleep on the ground.

    There was a shadow hanging over her head.

    “Can you still stand up?”

    A cold and elegant voice. She did not need to look at the source, she instantly knew who was it!

    The moment she had fallen onto the ground, she did not have the energy to even lift a finger.

    She did not even want to talk.

    Tang Jinyu raised his leg and gently kicked her at the calves with the tip of his foot. “Are you dead? Should I bury you here?”

    Jian Qi flipped over, her back now on the ground as she looked up at the man standing above her, and she said weakly, “Remember to put flowers on my grave!”

    Tang Jinyu’s lip twitched and he replied frostily, “Since you still have the energy to speak that means that you won’t die any time soon. You can crawl back on your own!”

    Tang Jinyu turned around and was ready to leave.

    Suddenly his legs were hugged by her. He looked down at the person and said stonily, “Let go!”

    “Instructor, I really can’t move anymore… why not you throw me into the car and bring me back?”

    Tang Jinyu wanted to reject her request. But then, he looked at the person that was obviously exhausted and wane, and a trace of softness rippled through him.

    He bent down and picked her up by her collar.

    Feng Yi looked at Tang Jinyu picking Jian Qi up like a small chick, he was rather worried.

    ‘Boss, why can’t you treat my goddess more gently?’

    He threw her in the backseat and got in the car.


    Feng Yi worriedly looked at Jian Qi who had instantly fallen asleep. He made sure that she was just exhausted before driving.

    Now, there were only Crocodile, Lightning and Lu Yao left.

    Feng Yi started fooling around happily once Jian Qi withdrew from the run.

    He threw grenades at the three of them like the grenades were free.

    The three of them could not take it anymore and started yelling at Feng Yi. However, Tang Jinyu acted as if he did not see what Feng Yi was doing as he sat there quietly.

    He turned around and looked at the person sleeping soundly at the back and shook his head speechlessly.

    Even when driving on such a bumpy road, she could still fall asleep!

    The three of them carried on for another hour while being bombarded by Feng Yi before they fell onto the ground in defeat.


    After a few hours of rest, Jian Qi woke up to find herself still inside the car with a shirt on her body.

    She looked around and realized that there were only the existing soldiers that were training. None of the freshmen were there.

    She got down from the car and brought the shirt back to the hostel with her.

    Back at the hostel, there were a few freshmen sleeping but she did not see Mu Zi around.

    She went to the infirmary after cleaning up.

    Just when she reached the infirmary, she heard Mu Zi crying out loud, “I don’t want to leave!”