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Chapter 177 - The Busy Little Yu

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 177: The Busy Little Yu

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    At the moment, there was a spring named Lonely in his heart. He closed his eyes, but he couldn’t shake the heroic figure in his dreams. Wang Xiaoyao wore his pajamas and looked at the Lego on the table in a daze.

    He took apart the model and then pieced them together again under the light. A dull white gleam spread in the east, splitting the night sky and marking the arrival of a new day. A delicate cafe began to take shape on the table in the room.

    At first, Wang Xiaoyao couldn’t understand why a person would waste so much time in building a world of toys, but he found himself captivated once he got a taste of it.

    He could see the tiny table inside after he pushed open the transparent door, even spotting all the small parts clearly. A minifig stood at the entrance to welcome its guests. In this world made of toys, he only needed to follow the instructions step-by-step, and eventually, he would get everything he desired.

    A chilly breeze came in through the half-opened window, sending a shiver through Wang Xiaoyao. He looked through the blowing curtains and saw that impressive jeep parked at Qianmo’s house.

    The man had stayed for the whole night.

    Wang Xiaoyao looked at the rudimentary cafe he had just built on the table. He swung his arms, and it went into the rubbish bin.

    Even if he tried his best to piece everything together, he couldn’t make his life perfect. Certain people and things were unattainable in one’s entire life.

    This kind of pretend-play wasn’t suitable for him at all.

    Wang Xiaoyao lay onto his bed and found a tiny piece under his waist. It had bounced here when the model was thrown into the bin. He looked at it under the morning sun and went in a daze.

    He never wanted any of these…

    Chens residence.

    Mu Mianmian sat up in her bed and yawned. Intending to prepare breakfast for the family, she pushed open the door but was given a scare. “Little Yu?”

    Yu Changmo was sitting on the sofa with his head lowered. He carefully used a pair of tweezers to place the last piece and, lo and behold, a beautiful Lego Modular Building was completed on the coffee table.

    It was a three-story building. The first level was a garage and petrol station, the second level was a veterinary, and the third level was a small home kitchen. It looked amazing when they were assembled together.

    “Good morning. Breakfast is already done.”

    Mu Mianmian was touched by Young Master River Snail1. She didn’t have to see to know that her kitchen was glistening clean again.

    She looked at the few small Lego Modulars on the coffee table and found a serious problem. “You didn’t sleep… for the whole night, right?”

    She had seen Qianmo play with these before. And she fully believed this was a game to torture oneself when they had too much time on their hands. A tiny little model could take up half a day.

    Therefore, it would at least take an entire night… to build such a big house?

    “No, I slept. I thought it was such a waste when I saw them lying in a heap there, so I decided to piece them together.” Yu Changmo placed the completed model into the display unit.

    Mu Mianmian immediately recalled. Actually, Qianmo had already completed this building before. It had taken her almost a whole day of hard work back then.

    In the end, the first aunt’s grandchild, the brat, came over and threw the model. Qianmo didn’t have the time to rebuild it, so Mu Mianmian took a clear plastic bag, put all the parts and pieces in it, and placed it back in the display unit. She thought Qianmo could play with them again whenever she had the time.

    In the end, Young Master River Snail had fixed it.

    Qianmo had also woken up and noticed Black’s contribution. She was so happy that her eyes lit up. “How long have you spent fixing it? You even did it without the manual. You are fantastic!”

    “It didn’t take too long.” Actually, Black only slept for two hours before he got up.

    A trained body wouldn’t have any big reaction if it was sleep deprived. Even if he had felt a little tired, it was all gone when he saw her shiny eyes. Whatever made her happy was worth it.

    “You are so good. We shall get a bigger set next time and fix it together on our next off days? I have always wanted to make one this big…” Qianmo used her hands to show the size.

    Mu Mianmian couldn’t take it anymore. “Are the two of you so free? You could spend your time on something else. Where are you going to find a place to put such a massive toy? It’s such a waste.”

    The down-to-earth housewife couldn’t understand the little fun of the wasteful little woman. Qianmo felt a headache from all her nagging. But she was happy again after she saw Yu Changmo mouthing his hints silently.

    Mu Mianmian pursed her lips tightly after seeing this young couple communicate silently by mouthing their words. “This thing costs tens of dollars each?”

    “Erm… Tens of dollars, I’ll sell you one storey!” Qianmo pointed at the one that Black made. She had scrimped and saved for this expensive useless hobby of hers.

    “Sigh, Little Yu. This child is wasteful and cannot manage a household at all. Why don’t you consider returning it?” Mu Mianmian said jokingly.

    Yu Changmo shook his head gravely. “I have money.”

    He could still afford this little hobby of hers.

    “…” Mu Mianmian was speechless.

    Sigh, why did she never meet a man with such a good temperament in her whole life? Nonetheless, this type of unprincipled indulgence was extremely comforting to the girl’s parents.

    Mu Mianmian lectured Qianmo a little on how to be thrifty and whatnot after seeing her gloating look. Qianmo just said a few words in agreement, but as soon as Mu Mianmian turned her back, she could hear her talking to Black in whispers.

    “I like the 2007 edition’s Market Street. Too bad, it is no longer in production. I enquired about a second-hand set with missing parts, and it still costs 600—”

    “What the hell! That pile of stupid plastic is so expensive?!” Mu Mianmian had a good hearing, and she quickly turned around..

    She had already degenerated to the border of danger. As a true-bred proletariat descendent of the fishermen, where did she get this wasteful character from?

    Qianmo blinked. She didn’t say that the market price for that set had already crossed 1500… USD. Mu Mianmian was already this angry when she thought the price was in the Renminbi. If she knew it was actually in US dollars… she would most likely faint on the spot.

    Lego also appreciated in value, and a few years had passed since 2007. Although it was only sold for around 90 USD, once its production stopped, its value increased. It was a pity that as the daughter of a rearer, she didn’t have the money to buy and could only appreciate it from afar.

    “Do you hear me, Chen Qianmo? Do not buy such expensive plastic. You can neither eat it nor drink it.” Mu Mianmian felt distressed. Why didn’t this child pick up any of her thriftiness?

    She usually wouldn’t control Qianmo like this, but since she had already called her Mom, she couldn’t watch her child fall into the evil abyss of wastefulness as a mother.

    “And you, Little Yu. You cannot spoil her, alright?”

    “Yes, yes. You are right.” Yu Changmo nodded good-naturedly. “I’ll not buy it for her.”

    Mu Mianmian was finally satisfied. She turned and continued walking away when she heard that man with principles tell the wasteful girl behind her, “I’m not buying. I have a new set at home.”

    Clank, Mu Mianmian almost banged into the door.

    Qianmo’s eyes lit up. She made a wish to Young Master River Snail with her hands together. “2007’s Cafe Corner. The market price is around 1500 currently, with 2000+ pieces—”


    Ding. Your boyfriend, the all-powerful, very rich, Nicholas the wife lover, Changmo, Black is already online.