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Chapter 188 - You’re going to hand him over to Su Ziqian? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 188: You’re going to hand him over to Su Ziqian? (2)

    Xiao Chun fell silent upon hearing that.

    Although Xiao Chun’s ultimate goal was to push Xu Weilai to attend the party, the sudden change in her attitude threw her off, causing her to pause for a moment. However, this was quickly replaced by her excitement. Pleased, she patted Xu Weilai’s shoulders as she wore a big smile on her face. “Now this is the Xu Weilai I know! Someone that faces things head-on and knows that Su Ziqian is nothing! This time around, you have got to bring out that strong aura of yours and crush her at the year-end party!”


    Xu Weilai took another sip of the scented tea before saying, “Chunchun, aren’t you from Public Relations? If so, then… shouldn’t you be able to get your hands on an invite?”

    Xiao Chun didn’t quite follow. “Weilai, why would you need an invite if brother Yu brings you along to the party?”

    After a second, she sensed that something was amiss from her words. Furrowing her brows, she said, “Or are you saying that you’re not planning to fight for the chance to be Brother Yu’s plus one? Is there another reason why you want to go to the party?”

    Alright, her ploy was busted.

    Xu Weilai shrugged, not denying it. “Yes, there’s another reason why I want to go. So just tell me right now: could you get your hands on an invite for me?”

    “Normally, it would be easy for me to get my hands on one. But Little Weilai, you know that you’re special. Without asking Brother Yu, I…”

    Even the fearless Xiao Chun admitted defeat when facing Gu Yu. “I don’t have the guts to call the shots. Besides, I’m not the only one, no one else dares to do so. The only person brave enough to do so would be Grandpa.”


    Xu Weilai immediately shook her head.

    If she had approached Grandpa to help her get a mere invitation to the year-end party, it would just equate to her bluntly telling him just how bad her relationship with Gu Yu was.

    If she wanted to go to the year-end party, the only person she could ask would be none other than Gu Yu!


    The banquet of the year-end party was three days away, but Gu Yu was still away on a business trip. She wasn’t sure when he’d return, and even more unsure if he’ll return to the apartment upon his return.

    She had to get her hands on an invite before the banquet started!

    Xu Weilai bit on her nails, pacing back and forth in her room. With tightly-knit brows, she hesitated again and again. In the end, she decided to just give him a call and ask him!

    She pounced onto the bed and grabbed her phone before fishing out Assistant Lin’s mobile number, immediately dialing it.

    Perhaps Assistant Lin was busy, but he didn’t pick up the call. In the end, the line broke off automatically ultimately. She dialed a few more times, but he still didn’t pick up.

    She had no choice but to type out a message: ‘Assistant Lin, I have something to ask of you. Could you call me back when you’re free?’

    Xu Weilai went for a meal and had an apple for dessert. By the time she laid on her bed after taking a shower, her phone remained silent.

    She laid in bed and waited, ready to drift off. After what seemed like an eternity, her phone finally rang.

    Xu Weilai, who had been holding onto her phone, instinctively pressed the answer button. Pressing her phone to her ear, she called out, “Assistant Lin…”

    “It’s me.”

    The man’s soothingly deep voice traveled into her ears. It sounded so familiar that it shocked Xu Weilai, shaking her awake. The words that she had wanted to say remained stuck in her throat.

    She subconsciously checked her phone. She was dialing Assistant Lin’s mobile, so why was Gu Yu on the other line? ‘Ugh, I don’t know, neither do I dare ask!’

    Gu Yu seemed to be a little unhappy as he continued impatiently, “What is it?”

    Xu Weilai had originally intended to ask Assistant Lin when Gu Yu was scheduled to return. With that information, she could make due preparations and think of how to get an invite from him. However, since he’s calling directly…

    She took in a deep breath, preparing to risk it all as she asked directly, “Can I attend the year-end banquet held by your company?”