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Chapter 189 - Onward, Weilai! (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 189: Onward, Weilai! (1)

    On the other end of the line, Gu Yu suddenly fell silent. Perhaps he had never thought that Xu Weilai would ask for something like that.

    After Xu Weilai spurt out what she did, her heart started racing uncontrollably. His silence only made her feel uneasy. If the people around her could help her instead, she would’ve never asked for his help.

    She waited patiently for a minute, and the man’s voice sounded once more, “The reason being…?”

    He didn’t reject her right away, which meant that there is still hope for her to continue fighting for a chance!

    Xu Weilai sat up, her eyes darting around the room. She wasn’t sure if she should tell the truth or just make something up to serve as a cover-up. However, she quickly decided to be honest with him.

    She had always been a magnanimous person. Apart from the fact that she could never bring herself to tell Gu Yu how much she used to love him, she didn’t wish to hide anything else from him.

    “I have work to do, but I can guarantee you that it won’t stop the banquet from proceeding as planned. Since I won’t be showing up as your plus one, so this serves to reinforce the fact that I wouldn’t use this as an opportunity to reveal our relationship. All I need is an invite to the banquet.”

    After pausing for a moment, she thought it over and added, “Of course, I’m neither an employee nor a business partner. If you think that my status would make things awkward, then… I could even be a waiter! I’ll disguise myself well and make sure nobody can recognize me!”

    She was well aware that people within his social circles still didn’t know that she and Gu Yu secretly got married. In everyone’s eyes’, she was his ex-fiancee, while Gu Yu’s fixed partner was Su Ziqian. If he still brought Su Ziqian along with him this time around while she was also at the banquet, rumors might spread about them. They would be seen as a joke to everyone!

    This was why Xiao Chun, as well as many others, didn’t dare to pass her an invite at their own will. No one dared to offend the god-like Gu Yu!

    Once more, Gu Yu suddenly fell silent. If not for the soft puffs of breaths that were slightly suppressed, Xu Weilai would’ve thought that the line had broken off.

    Time trickled by. Xu Weilai lowered her eyelids as her fingers grasped the blanket, twisting it again and again. Since Gu Yu still hadn’t replied, she sighed inwardly. Was that a no?

    If so, then she had no choice but to use other ways to get started on her work!

    Xu Weilai parted her lips and prepared to tell him to forget she ever asked. Before she could get the words out, Gu Yu suddenly grunted out, in that deep, emotionless voice of his, “That’ll be based on your performance!”

    After finishing his words, he hung up with a click.

    Xu Weilai heard the beeping tone on the other line, blinking her eyes again and again. Unsure if what she has just heard was just a hallucination of hers, or was it real? She couldn’t tell whether or not what she had just heard was real.

    After remaining in a daze for a few seconds, Xu Weilai broke out of it, sure that she didn’t hear it wrong. Did this mean that she still had half a chance?


    After ending the call, Gu Yu tossed the phone back to Assistant Lin, who stood at the side, on tenterhooks the entire time. Assistant Lin held his phone tightly in his hands, before finally heaving a sigh of relief under his breath.

    When the Boss caught sight of the numerous missed calls from Young Mistress on his phone by chance and realized that his phone, on the other hand, had zero missed calls, the chilly glare that he gave him had almost caused him to drop dead on the spot!

    Thank god he was quick-witted enough to immediately pass his phone over without a second word. That’s how he was able to escape this ordeal!

    However, when Gu Yu’s gaze fell on him once more, Assistant Lin’s spine once again stiffened up involuntarily.