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Chapter 194 - Can I Kill Him?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 194: Can I Kill Him?

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    The temperature in the office dropped drastically, and Su Ye entered the room to find Huo Beichen in an extremely foul mood. It was one of those moments where you could feel the ferocious aura emitted pressing against you even if you were in the next room.

    He felt uneasy and voiced out in a panic, “Boss, Qi Shan has already turned on his computer. Don’t worry about his skills, it’s a guarantee that not a single one of those photos will be leaked out.”

    Huo Beichen’s glare toward his phone was as if he was about to drag out the corpse of the culprit behind this microblogging post. He then said one thing in a ghastly tone.

    “Fei Bai.”

    Su Ye quickly opened the door and pulled in Fei Bai who was about to turn moldy and was ever ready to receive orders. His shark-like eyes were sparkling as he had not been in action for a very long time. He finally had the chance to show-off! He was so elated that his buzz-cut hair stood on its ends and his murderous aura oozed out of his face.

    “Yes, sir!”

    Huo Beichen slammed his phone on the table with a thud and showed him the Weibo post in a fury.

    “Find out who this person is!”

    Fei Bai accepted the instruction. “Can I kill him?”


    The emotions in Huo Beichen’s eyes fluctuated. It was clear that he was vindictive, but he kept to reason. “Make him change his Weibo.”


    When Fei Bai came in, he had been filled with high spirits only to go back out feeling crestfallen.

    Su Ye comforted him by patting his shoulder. “Control your bloodlust for now. Don’t try to kill every time you feel like it. We live in a society of law so we need to abide by these regulations.”

    Fei Bai felt depressed and decided to vent his rage out onto this unfortunate microblogger.

    This post was updated by a ‘Big V’ who had hundreds of thousands of fans. This microblogger was an independent media who liked to snoop around the lives of celebrities and pour fuel onto the fire. His sharp words and eagle eyes tended to pick up on details that would usually reveal the truth. This quality had helped him rise to fame.

    This time, he had connected Zhen Shanmei’s post of “she’s still a virgin” with Ning Meng’s “I’m married, thank you” to deduce that: Miss Ning’s husband from her hidden marriage is not able to perform with his X.

    These kinds of topics would often quickly catch the attention of many, and his post was soon a trending topic.


    In the toilet of a certain apartment.

    The owner of this post was sitting on his toilet bowl, watching his fans increase by the minute. He could not contain his smile. People in their twenties were familiar with the rules of the internet. After he had settled his physiological business, he came out of the toilet. He held his phone and was about to sit in front of his computer, but when he lifted his head, he noticed in the dark corner of his room, a skinny man clad in black leather was sitting on his chair. He was playing with the lighter in his hand by striking and igniting fire from it.


    He stood in silence for a while and then asked, “Who are you?”

    Fei Bai turned his head sideways. He was not satisfied with the reaction he was getting. His murderous intent was evident as he licked his dagger and yet, this guy who was standing behind him had yet to sh*t in his pants out of fear?

    He answered in a low tone. “An assassin.”


    The man paused for a while before proceeding to laugh out loud.

    “Don’t play with me. Is there still such a thing as an assassin in this day and age?”

    He then continued to ask, “How did you get in?”

    As he asked, he fell back into panic. He lived in a small area where the security was not tight. It was not surprising for a thief to break in through the elevator, yet, he did not expect the answer he received.

    “From the window.”


    He slowly looked toward the opened window.