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Chapter 196 - A Valuable Lesson from Daddy

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 196: A Valuable Lesson from Daddy

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    Ning Meng’s loud voice could be heard very clearly at the door, and she walked into the office with Zhen Shanmei and Li Shiyao.

    “Have you published the press release yet?”

    Manager Huang replied instinctively. “No… not yet…”

    Letting out a sigh of relief, Ning Meng said, “We’ve secured powerful evidence!”

    She then played Li Shiyao’s voice recording for everyone to hear. Then, she looked at Manager Huang. “Redraft the press release now. With the aid of this voice recording, we can definitely turn the tables. I’m sure of it!


    Sure, the voice recording could help clear the company’s name, however, that could not affect all the videos and photographs that their enemies had on their hands. Unable to make the call, he turned toward Ning Wentao for further instructions.

    Seeing them still being unconvinced, Ning Meng pondered for a while before looking at Li Shiyao. “Then, how about this? We could have Li Shiyao step out and reveal the voice recording on Weibo. Then, our company’s Weibo account could retweet it out. Oh, and remember to spend some money to boost this news to the hot search engine!”

    Ning Meng looked Li Shiyao in the eye confidently and said, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to say anything. All you need to do is just post that voice recording.”

    Li Shiyao knew that she was once disqualified from being the company’s employee in the HR back then. The reason she had been rehired was all due to the great mistress Ning Meng, the daughter of CEO Ning Wentao. Hence, Li Shiyao was loyal to no one but Ning Meng.

    Upon hearing Ms. Ning Meng’s order, she did not wait for the approval for either Manager Huang or CEO Ning Wentao and posted the voice recording onto her Weibo account right away.

    @TraineeLiShiyao: [This is the truth. attch: “Li Shiyao recording”.]

    Then, in less than a minute, the post was shared and retweeted out to the public far and wide.

    @kindandcute: [[email protected] is the truth. attch: “Li Shiyao recording”.]

    @kindandcute: [Ha! How’s that b*tch’s sore face!]

    @Comic Artist Lemon: [[email protected] is the truth. attch: “Li Shiyao recording”.]

    @Comic Artist Lemon: [Let this be a lesson to us all—to not expose our IQ if it’s lower than the oxygen level on the peak of the Himalayas!]

    After retweeting the Weibo post, Ning Meng turned toward Manager Huang. “Quick! Retweet this with our company’s Weibo account. Remember to attach our lawyer’s cease and desist letter too. Come on, get the marketing team to get on their Weibo accounts as well! Let’s get to work!”

    The girls were so quick on Weibo that Ning Wentao and Manager Huang were not able to stop them.


    The two men stared at each other.

    “Sir, what do we do now?”

    Letting out a deep sigh, Ning Wentao replied, “Well, she’s my daughter after all. Let’s share out the post far and wide then!”

    Manager Huang quickly dropped the press release that they were intending to make earlier and headed out of the office. “Okay, boys! Change of plans! Let’s go, let’s go!”

    2 minutes later.

    @Lemon Entertainment: [Lemon Entertainment is issuing a cease or desist letter to Ms. Liu and whoever that is related to the sabotage of the company’s good reputation. We will pursue this matter via legal means to the fullest extent. @Liu Ying]

    Then, both Li Shiyao’s and Lemon Entertainment’s Weibo post rose up to be the hottest news on the hot search engine.

    @brightlikeaball: [D*mn, can y’all see now? I told y’all that the truth ain’t gonna be this simple. You sheeples better know this—victims are not always the innocent ones, yo!]

    @Master Yan: [Online bullying is bad. Please treat this matter objectively with a cool head, everyone.]

    @Master Yan’s Fan Number 1: [Omg! That Li Shiyao is such a hottie! And not only that, she’s stepping out to fight for justice! I’m going to be her fan!]

    @AETN: [That Liu Ying is so disgusting! She’s such trash! How could she do this to the company that had been supporting her in her career?!]


    The internet was on Lemon Entertainment’s side.

    Zhen Shanmei gasped, “Oh my, we won!”

    Seeing Ning Meng’s joyful face, Ning Wentao let out a sigh. He put his hands behind his back and walked to his daughter.

    “Meng Meng, today… daddy is going to teach you a valuable lesson.”


    Ning Meng looked at her father, puzzled.

    Ning Wentao replied with a saddened face. “You’ll see later… just how cruel the world is.”

    Yeah. Their enemies should be launching their counterattack soon.