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Chapter 248 - The Legendary Venomous Insects Display Their Prowess

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 248: The Legendary Venomous Insects Display Their Prowess

    “Oh, that’s right. Are there any disciples among the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance that are suitable ingredients for making into a Corpse?” Si Youyue asked.

    She planned to present Ye Zi to Elder Qiu Sen. Hence, she needed to stuff her pockets with another batch of ingredients from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance.

    “This team from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance is made up of elite disciples from the great sects. Many of them have big natural endowments. However, Ye Jiuge is the best of them all. Her grandfather, Yun Tianwei, was a famous Spiritual Alchemist. She has a mutated Lightning Spiritual Root. Not only is she adept at combat, but she is also an equally proficient alchemist.”

    The Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s Medicine Refinery City plan had been sabotaged by Ye Jiuge, and he had spared no effort in pushing this scourge toward Si Youyue.

    “Yun Tianwei?” Si Youyue was momentarily distracted.

    “Lord Envoy, have you heard of Yun Tianwei?” Bloodthirsty Patriarch detected that Si Youyue was puzzled, a rare occurrence.

    Although Yun Tianwei was a generational Alchemist, he should be insignificant in the Yin Corpse Sect’s eyes!

    “I have never heard of him.” Si Youyue lowered her eyes.

    She recalled that Elder Qiu Sen had once visited the Lei Kingdom. He appeared to have done so to see a Spiritual Practitioner who was extremely skilled in alchemy.

    However, something had happened back at the Yin Corpse Sect, so Elder Qiu Sen had swiftly returned. Later, he’d sent the Bloodthirsty Patriarch to the Lei Kingdom to cultivate the Blood Lotus Flowers.

    Seeing that Si Youyue did not wish to discuss the topic, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch tactfully changed the subject.

    He was about to talk about the matter regarding the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance. However, Si Youyue did not wish to hear about it. She immediately rose and left.

    Studying her slender retreating figure, a vicious glint of light flashed in the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s eyes.

    He thought: Little c*nt, go ahead and be egotistical. Sooner or later, I will make you pay.

    Meanwhile, at the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance’s camp, the sky had brightened, and golden rays of sunlight shone down.

    After a night of rest and reorganization, everyone from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance looked refreshed. Their fighting spirit was high, and they were ready to attack Bloodcloud Peak.

    “I thought that the enemy would sneak up on us and attack in the night. I did not expect them to keep their composure!” Gong Xifan exclaimed to Ye Jiuge.

    “There would be no benefit in a sneak attack,” Ye Jiuge replied.

    She thought: By simply staying put at Bloodcloud Peak, they can deal with these amateurs through the protective formation. Why would they make life complicated and launch a sneak attack?”

    Gong Xifan understood the meaning behind Ye Jiuge’s words and sighed. Resigning himself to his fate, he tried to reorganize the overly enthusiastic but messy group.

    “Baili Moyun, Nangong Li, Gong Honglei, the three of you have the highest cultivation level. Each of you will bring three men with you…”

    Last night, Gong Xifan had worked out the group allocation, so he did not hesitate to hand out the assignments. After he was done, he added naturally, “The remainders, Wang Haoqiang and Lin Yanxi, will be in my group. We will provide support for everyone.”

    When Wang Haoqiang and Lin Yanxi heard the group allocations, they were surprised. They wondered: Have we been exposed? No, that is not possible. We’ve been hiding in our own sects for many years without ever giving the game away.

    Ever since we joined the team, we’ve been extremely cautious. Until now, we did not even send any information to the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. There is no way that Gong Xifan is aware.

    As such, they calmed down and decided to use this as a chance to figure out Gong Xifan.

    If they could seize the opportunity and get rid of Gong Xifan, that would be even better.

    “Let’s set off.” With an order, Gong Xifan led everyone to the foot of Bloodcloud Peak.

    The base of the mountain, which used to be verdant and lush, was covered by a boundless blood fog. Even the bright blazing sunlight could not penetrate it.

    Standing near the edge, they could smell the pungent stench of blood drifting toward them. Solemnly, Gong Xifan cast a golden Spiritual Light toward the red fog.

    After entering it, it was as though his golden Spiritual Light was lost in a deep lake. In no time at all, it disappeared.

    “Everyone, be careful. Consume your Detoxifying Repellent Pills first.” Gong Xifan was the first to take out the Yin Pill, which Ye Jiuge had produced, and swallowed it.

    The rest of them followed suit. Even the picky Yue Lingjun did not fool around.

    When the Yin Pill reached their stomachs, their bodies felt ice-cold for a moment.

    Yue Lingjun immediately realized that something was wrong. In a loud voice, she called out, “What is happening? Is this Spiritual Pill fake? Why does it feel like a Yin Pill?”

    “It’s not fake, but it is a Yin Pill,” Ye Jiuge replied.

    “How dare you bluff us using Yin Pills?” Yue Lingjun questioned her angrily.

    When she’d examined the pills earlier, she had not realized that they were Yin Pills. If she had realized it sooner, she would have asked for a refund.

    “What bluff? So long as they’re effective.” Ye Jiuge could not be bothered to care about Yue Lingjun, and she led Luo Tian and Ye Yu into the protective formation.

    “A’li, let’s go!” Baili Moyun shouted and followed with Nangong Li.

    In the blink of an eye, a few groups disappeared inside the red fog.

    “Are the two of you going or not?” Frowning, Gong Honglei looked toward Yue Lingjun and Qiao Shaohua.

    To be frank, he was very annoyed with Yue Lingjun. If not for his uncle’s order, he wouldn’t have been willing to pair up with this woman even if it meant he’d be beaten to death.

    “Yes, I am. Why wouldn’t I go?” Gritting her teeth, Yue Lingjun said, “Let’s see how powerful this Yin Pill is.”

    “Then, what are you waiting for?” Holding his newly forged Raging Flames Sword, he rushed into the red fog.

    Pulling Yue Lingjun with him, Qiao Shaohua followed closely.

    “Great Master?” Wang Haoqiang and Lin Yanxi looked at Gong Xifan.

    “Let’s go!” Calmly, Gong Xifan led Wang Haoqiang and Lin Yanxi into the red fog.

    Inside the fog, visibility was even lower. There were poison gases and miasmas everywhere.

    After inhaling a few times, a few gray layers of grease appeared on Ye Jiuge’s skin. It showed how potent the poison gas in the red fog really was.

    “Ah! Why is there so much grease on my skin? Ye Jiuge, what kind of lousy pill did you come up with?” Yue Lingjun’s high-pitch scream came from the back.

    Ye Jiuge rolled her eyes. She thought to herself, Does this spoiled young lady think that she is on vacation? Is she hoping to die faster by making a scene inside the protective formation?

    “Be careful. The Blood Mosquitoes are coming.” With his sharp eyes, Luo Tian saw a red cloud flying toward them. It hid the sky and covered the earth.

    The fastest-moving red cloud headed for Yue Lingjun and the others.

    “Everyone, be careful.” Ye Jiuge retrieved her Lightning Snake Magical Whip. Her expression turned serious.

    Not only had more Blood Mosquitoes appeared than last time, but they were also more ferocious.

    Although their bodies were only the size of soybeans, their stingers were incomparably thick. They could create large wounds with a single bite.

    There were so many Blood Mosquitoes that their Yin Pills would not be able to withstand the swarm. They had to attack.

    “Kill!” Ye Jiuge was the first to strike. Her Lightning Snake Magical Whip transformed into violet-colored lightning as it whipped toward the Blood Mosquitoes.

    Although Ye Yu did not have a Spiritual Weapon, he had a special skill. He would hide in the shadows and temporarily avoid the Blood Mosquitoes. Then, he’d use Puppet Strike to control the Blood Mosquitoes and make them kill each other.

    With its little eyes widened, Black Dictator squatted on Ye Yu’s shoulder, supporting him. It turned into a black shadow and swallowed all the Blood Mosquitoes that dared get close to its Master.

    Although Luo Tian did not have a Spiritual Weapon, he had something much more interesting.