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Chapter 177 - Geng Qiuxing’s fate

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 177: Geng Qiuxing’s fate

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    Once the eighty million was banked into his account, Xiao Luo threw away the sword and said to Geng Qiuxing, “Tell this to Long Sankui on my behalf. It’s time for a change of the black representative in Jiangcheng.”

    He patted Geng Qiuxing firmly on his shoulder, then turned around and walked towards Gu Qianlin. Geng Qiuxing was fear-stricken and had broken into a cold sweat. He remained standing, without moving an inch, his eyes were filled with despair.

    Gu Qianlin was covered in wounds, as she saw Xiao Luo approaching her, she snapped coldly, “You’re a demon!”

    “I’ve just saved you, shouldn’t you thank me?” Xiao Luo smiled.

    He then squatted down and reached out to give her a hand. “What do you want?” Gu Qianlin looking at him cautiously.

    “Bringing you to the hospital. You’re the only eyewitness who could prove that I was forced to retaliate when faced with life-threatening dangers. On top of that, you are with the police force. So I have to ensure that you’re safe and sound, if not I’d be in all sorts of trouble.” Xiao Luo said softly.

    He helped her to get up without too much bother.

    “I’ll surely bring you to justice!” Gu Qianlin glared at Xiao Luo; she was feeling both ashamed and angry.

    “I shall wait for that.”

    Xiao Luo still gave her the same response.



    “Boss, Xiao Luo stirred up some trouble, and a big fight broke out at Long Sankui’s Yellow Skies Casino last night. All fifty-three of the Dragon Gang inner circle disciples had their one hand chopped off. Geng Qiuxing, the person-in-charge of Yellow Skies Casino, had himself escaped with ten million of money in fear of Long Sankui’s condemn.”

    At the Chongshan House, Leng Zuo was reporting on the latest situation to Chu Yunxiong, who was seated comfortably with his friend, Ge Zhongtian, and playing a game of Go.

    Ge Zhongtian responded to the report with shock, “Chopping off fifty-three people’s hands, and how would the police be willing to let him go then? What was xiao Luo thinking, he has taken a path of self-destruction!”

    Chu Yunxiong placed a stone thoughtfully and spoke softly, with a wizen smile, “Don’t underestimate Xiao Luo. If he was daring enough to do that, he must have had ample preparation.”

    Leng Zuo nodded, “Gu Qianlin, the Criminal Investigation Captain from Jiangcheng Headquarter, was with Xiao Luo. She has given evidence that Xiao Luo’s act was in self-defense. Besides that, the close-circuit television from the casino also recorded that a group of Dragon Gang members was hacking down the gamblers indiscriminately, and they eventually even threatened Gu Qianlin’s life. It was Xiao Luo who came to her rescue at the critical moment. Jiangcheng Headquarter had issued a pennant of honor to Xiao Luo in gratitude of his service to the police force.”

    As Leng Zuo finished speaking, he felt elated at the news but, at the same time, felt a deep sense of horror; his expression turned out to an awkward one, seeming to laugh and cry both at once. He truly admired Xiao Luo from the bottom of his heart. Dragon Gang had a fearsome reputation. They had been smashing up a few outlets of Luo’s Workshop, in retribution for his actions that incurred considerable losses to their organization. But as it turned out, Xiao Luo had just wrecked a profitable casino operation run by Long Sankui, and in the process, even chopped off the hands of fifty-three elite Dragon Gang enforcers. He exacted his revenge by way of blood and iron in protest of Long Sankui’s excesses. He was indeed one fearless hero who was not afraid of anything.

    “Haha…Bravo, if Xiao Luo had been born in the thirties a century ago, he’d definitely be an ambitious and famous hero of those troubled times. He has the courage, strategy, and even the ability to carry out his schemes without flaws.”

    Chu Yunxiong praised Xiao Luo generously, smiling, and then he sighed and continued, “But he’s too visible and exposed, and this could trip him over. There are not many experts around him whom he can count on, and with his current ability, it is difficult to match up to Long Sankui. But he has done exceptionally well to take down Yellow Skies Casino.

    However, I disagree with his approach. Long Sankui is a short-tempered, vicious man, and the Yellow Skies Casino was his jewel in the crown. With his prime asset destroyed and his pride trampled on, his revenge would come violently and strike across the board like a tsunami. Xiao Luo will not be able to face it at all. Having just recovered, Luo’s Workshop will crumble again under the weight of Long Sankui’s vengeance.”

    “Yes, Long Sankui is not easy to deal with, and he never acts with his own hands. In Jiangcheng, he’s the living king of the hell, if he wants someone dead by midnight, that person would never live till dawn. As Xiao Long had now annoyed him, he can’t possibly be living much longer.” Ge Zhongtian sympathized with Xiao Luo.

    Chu Yunxiong did not say anything but played another stone slowly with deliberate thought.

    Ge Zhongtian studied the board and said with a surprise, “Triple Ko? It’s a draw then.”

    “Yes, let’s count it as a draw.”

    Chu Yunxiong laughed shrewdly, “I’ll be the peacemaker this time.”

    Upon hearing that, Ge Zhongtian lifted his head up and looked into his eyes. Chu Yunxiong’s words may be signaling his intention to support Xiao Luo, may it not? How could it be possible to quell Long Sankui’s anger!



    It was nightfall, and the outskirts of Jiangcheng was in dead silence.

    Three black cars drove by and came to a halt in an open area free of vegetation. Their headlights exposed a light mist hanging over the ground and cast long shadows as they hit the nearby brush.

    “Lord Long, I dare not anymore, never ever again, please spare my lowly life!”

    A middle-aged man, tied up with thick ropes and was roughly bundled out of the first car by a few big men. His greasy hair was disheveled, and his face bruised from beatings. It was Geng Qiuxing, Yellow Skies Casino’s manager who had absconded. He was no longer in high spirits but now resembled a drowning dog all beaten up and in a sorry plight.

    He was kowtowing repeatedly to the black limousine, positioned between the other two vehicles. He kept banging his forehead to the ground in deep reverence, even in penance, and each kowtow accompanied by a dull thud as it struck the hard ground. His forehead was soiled with dirt and dead grass, and the skin on his forehead was scarred with abrasions, bleeding profusely.

    Standing beside him, two large, hard-looking men who were digging a hole with shovels. They had no expression on their faces.

    “Geng Qiuxing, Lord Long treated you fairly well and allowed you to manage the Yellow Skies Casino. Instead, you ran away with ten million of his money in the end. Hah, you’ve great courage!” A blond-haired individual spoke to Geng Qiuxing, as he stepped out the car. He was appeared to be around thirty years old and was dressed in a white jacket and trousers. He looked cruel, with brows that seemed perpetually raised, and creases on his forehead that added to his vicious countenance.

    “Da Yuan, based on our past friendships, please help me with Lord Long, please help me with Lord Long!” Geng Qiuxing begged, his hands clasping onto his thigh.

    Da Yuan laughed then put on a cold, dark expression. “F*ck off!”

    He kicked Geng Qiuxing squarely in the face. A tooth flew out of his mouth as his head spun around from the force of the kick. Blood burst from his bruised mouth and poured profusely down his chin. As he lay prone, the dark, viscous fluid dripped steadily to the ground.

    Geng Qiuxing fell to the feet of another man with a hook nose, wearing a black suit and his hair in a buzz cut.


    Geng Qiuxing looked at him pleadingly and called out his name in a hoarse, croaking voice.

    Hei Lang glanced at him nonchalantly and hummed lightly, then kicked him to the next man, just like Da Yuan did before.

    The third man wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and had a hair parted in the middle. His spectacles did not hide the cold and venomous look of his viper eyes, he was a frightening sight.

    He grabbed Geng Qiuxing’s hair tightly and lifted his head up. “I, Leng Bao, hate those who betray Lord Long the most.”

    He delivered a powerful kick that sent Geng Qiuxing sprawling to his side.

    Then a man in a neat suit, with his shiny hair combed sleekly back, walked up, and as he adjusted his tie, he spat at Geng Qiuxing, “Trash!”

    Grabbing a dagger from an underling, he grabbed Geng Qiuxing’s hair, lifting his face up. And without any mercy, he slowly shoved the blade into Geng Qiuxing’s left cheek all the way through until it protruded out from his right cheek. He released the dagger and left it there, making Geng Qiuxing’s face looked just like meat on a skewer.

    Arrgh! Arrgh!

    Geng Qiuxing screamed and shook uncontrollably. He just kept screaming in a weird, throaty howl. There was blood pouring out from his mouth, it was all over his face, his whole body now soaked in blood.

    “Han Mian, this stab was painful to watch even for me.” The yellow-haired Da Yuan joked, sniggering heartily.

    The man in suit wiped his hands with a handkerchief and said, “A trash like this deserves such punishment.”