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Chapter 178 - A New Beginning

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 178: A New Beginning

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Anyone from the underworld society would instantly recognize that these four men were the infamous Four Protectors of the Dragon Gang: Da Yuan, Hei Lang, Leng Bao, and Han Mian. They were the most capable of the men under Long Sankui. During the Dragon Gang’s rise to prominence in the early years, these four had rendered him exceptional services time and time again. They were highly trained and skillful pugilists with extraordinary martial strengths.

    Geng Qiuxing had been tortured dreadfully. He groaned in anguish, as deep, gurgling sounds emitted from his throat.

    A hole, about two meters deep and one meter wide, had been dug, and Da Yuan kicked him directly into the waiting hole.

    At that moment, the car door of the sedan in the middle opened. A gentleman dressed like someone from Shanghai in the 1930s walked out of the car. He was about the same age as Chu Yunxiong and wore a pocket watch hanging from the front of his chest. Judging by his demeanor, at first glance, he seemed more like an accomplished magnate than the bandit chief who would kill and plunder. He had salt-and-pepper hair and was slightly plump and rounded in shape.

    Wearing a vintage jade ring on his left index finger, the man leaned on a dragon-headed stick and walked toward Geng Qiuxing in the company of a young woman.

    The four protectors of the Dragon Gang saluted him in deference and addressed him as “Master Long.”

    In the hole, Geng Qiuxing stirred when he saw Long Sankui getting out of the car. Unable to utter any words coherently with his damaged mouth, he pleaded with his eyes and beseeched Long Sankui to let him live.

    Frowning, Long Sankui made a face of regret like an elder who was disheartened by the actions of one from the younger generation. He let out a deep sigh and said, “Qiuxing, I’m very disappointed in you!”

    Geng Qiuxing heard him, and his face was awash with despair. Crying like a child, he knew he wouldn’t be able to survive this.

    Long Sankui knelt down, stretched out his large hand and patted Geng Qiuxing on his head, then putting on a sad smile he said, “Don’t blame me. Go to die peacefully. Rest assured, I will send your families to you to have a reunion very soon so that you won’t feel lonely.” Long Sankui stood up, waved his hand to the two men who were holding the shovels, and uttered two words in a muted voice, “Bury him!”


    Two men nodded in response. They started to fill the hole with dirt and were burying Geng Qiuxing alive.

    The sound of Geng Qiuxing struggling in panic grew louder as the hole began filling up shovel by shovel. It stopped abruptly when the dirt was high enough to cover his head, leaving only his forehead visible. Eventually, his entire body was buried under the ground with a small mound on top. The two men from the Dragon Gang pressed down and compacted the earth tightly with their shovels, leaving behind a low mound that looked like an unmarked grave.

    The ordinary gang members of the Dragon Gang that witnessed it were shaken by the gruesome act of burying someone alive. The four protectors, however, didn’t even frown. On the contrary, their faces were lit up with excitement as they each looked on with a cruel grin.

    “Master Long, you can let me handle that young guy named Xiao. I will go chop off his head tonight!” Cupping his fist in the other hand before the chest, Da Yuan asked for instructions.

    Long Sankui shook his hand and said, “We can’t make a move on him yet.”

    The four protectors were all stunned. Da Yuan asked immediately, “Why?” Long Sankui waited a moment before he continued, “Based on our investigation, he is very likely to be the backstage manipulator. It was he who caused our enforcers to die at the hands of the police. He even seemed to be related to the destruction of our beggar’s lair, the hideout controlled by Baldie. This guy is our sworn enemy.”

    “All you’re saying is bullsh*t!”

    Long Sankui knocked his stick harshly on the ground and bellowed, “He smashed my Yellow Skies Casino. I only wished that I could tear him to pieces alive myself. Much to my surprise, however, Chu Yunxiong is determined to protect him.”

    Chu Yunxiong?

    Hearing the name, the look on the Four Protectors changed. As the representative of the circle of officials, Chu Yunxiong had significant influence.

    In Jiangcheng, Chu Yunxiong was the de facto overlord!

    They realized that the situation was not as straightforward anymore since Chu Yunxiong was now involved in it.

    “Chu Yunxiong should just mind his own business. It doesn’t seem he is abiding by the society’s rules if he chooses to poke his nose into our Dragon Gang’s affairs.” Leng Bao spoke quietly.

    Long Sankui uttered a soft snort and said, “He has a bigger fist. Of course, he will do whatever he wants.” Pondering for a while, he continued, “He has set up a banquet at the Maple Leaf Hotel tomorrow night and invited me to attend. It appears that he wants me to reconcile with that young hooligan. Da Yuan, Leng Bao, you two go with me tomorrow night. Remember, take your cues from reading my face.”

    “Yes, Lord Long.”

    Da Yuan and Leng Bao bowed slightly.

    “When there is someone I desire to kill, even Chu Yunxiong won’t be able to change his fate.” Long Sankui squinted with a vicious expression. His eyes were brimmed with menace.



    The morning sun rose slowly above the horizon and woke the city up from its repose.

    Zhang Dashan put on his suit and prepared to go to work at the Luo’s Workshop. He had taken over from Xiao Luo and was now shouldering the responsibility of making executive decisions for the Luo’s Workshop. Of course, when it came to matters of importance, he would still consult Xiao Luo, the real head of the Luo’s Workshop.

    “Try to go out as little as possible these next few days. Eat, sleep, and do whatever you need to do inside the company compound. I’m afraid the people from the Dragon Gang might attempt to harm you.” Sitting on the couch and playing with his laptop, Xiao Luo reminded Zhang Dashan.

    “F*ck off. Stop worrying about me. You should pay more attention to your own security.” Zhang Dashan replied, somewhat annoyed.

    Xiao Luo raised his head and shot him a glance, said, “Don’t worry. I dare to provoke Long Sankui because I’m confident I’m able to protect myself. The most important thing is Ruyi, Tang Ren, and your safety. Long Sankui will try all means to tackle the people around me since he can’t deal with me. Therefore, you had better listen to me and stay in the company compound. Don’t come home for the time being.”

    “I really don’t know where you got the courage and confidence. But I believe in you, and I will wait for you to crush Long Sankui under your feet.” Zhang Dashan started to understand Xiao Luo’s burden. He wasn’t able to help him in any way and could only hide inside like a mouse.

    Xiao Luo nodded and smiled at him.

    “I’m going to work now. By the way, you can drive my crappy car for now. Do whatever you want with it. It would be best if you can scrap it. I don’t have any outrageous demands. I’m only expecting you to buy a new sports car and when you decide to return it.” Zhang Dashan said to Xiao Luo, indulging in a bout of wishful thinking.

    Xiao Luo scowled at him and said, “F*ck off!”

    “Hehe…” Zhang Dashan took to his heels.

    Just then, Xiao Luo’s phone rang with a new message notification.

    He picked it up and saw that it was from Sun Jian’an and had a video attachment. He clicked the play icon. The video panned the balcony of a hospital ward. On the terrace, Sun Yu, awoken, was sitting in a wheelchair and basking in the warmth of the sun. She appeared to have fully regained her faculties. Wearing a hospital gown, she looked as beautiful as an angel when the sunshine poured over her bright face smiling like a blooming flower.

    Xiao Luo beamed with a gratified smile. Looking at Sun Yu in the video, he said to himself, “you can start afresh now. A brand new life now. Even though I’m no longer in your world, I will be most contented as long as you can live a happy life. Farewell, Sun Yu!”

    As he ended his words, his voice broke with emotions, he turned off the video and put his phone down.

    All that he had shared with Sun Yu would now be sealed and stored as his most cherished memories.

    Today was the beginning of her new life. As for Xiao Luo, it was the start of another journey. Now he could put aside all other thoughts and deal with the Dragon Gang in a fight to the finish.