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Chapter 178 - Did An Honest Man Wrong You

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 178: Did An Honest Man Wrong You

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    Qianmo was indeed greedy when faced with Black’s blatant indulgence. She didn’t bother to hide or pretend at all. “2002’s Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer with 3000+ parts. The current market value is unknown. It’s just bloody expensive.”


    Qianmo felt ardor and zeal coursing through her blood, feeling a rush of adrenaline. She covered her mouth in surprise. This was not a man; this was the pocket of Doraemon. It had everything she desired.

    “Besides the few out-of-production sets you have mentioned, I have also ordered the latest World Trade Center that has 8000+ parts. I wonder if you are willing—”

    “I’m willing, willing, willing!” Qianmo hugged him around his neck straight away and kissed him on his cheek.

    Mu Mianmian was “fossilized” on the spot.

    She did a mental calculation of the price stated in her heart.  She still didn’t realize they were not talking Renminbi but US Dollars. The total bill would cost more than the diamond ring. It was lucky that she had no idea about that.

    She would give Qianmo an earful about not knowing how to live a decent life if she knew.

    “How did you manage to get all these old editions?” Qianmo had also tried looking for them, but she failed.

    “It’s not that difficult when you make some effort to look for them.” He would even try to send a satellite into the sky had she wanted the stars. These Legos were nothing.

    Mu Mianmian held her forehead, wondering how did these two get together?

    A woman who didn’t know how to live a decent life met a man who indulged her without any principles. Both of them were extremely intelligent, talented people. Why were they squandering time on such meaningless endeavors? What was their motive?

    Everything in the world needed a meaning; only love didn’t.

    As long as they were happy and had a good time together, who cared about the meaning? Wasn’t happiness meaningful enough?

    Qianmo stuck out her tongue at Mu Mianmian’s back. Of course, she dared not voice the words in her heart. She didn’t want to spend the beautiful morning listening to the virtuous woman’s lecture.

    When Chen Baichuan got up, he felt something amiss. His daughter was sitting side-by-side with the punk staying at his house. The two of them even had the same food in front of them.

    Scallion Pancake with savory soya bean milk.

    Chen Baichuan and Mu Mianmian had something else for breakfast. An invisible line on the dining table had assigned “his” daughter to “that” punk’s side.

    “Sigh, I didn’t make it right.” Qianmo tasted the savory soya bean milk she had mixed herself and didn’t find the taste to her liking. She pushed the bowl to Black, who instantly exchanged his with her. Qianmo was delighted and continued eating.

    Chen Baichuan felt a tinge of sadness in his heart. He had this feeling that his baby girl had grown up and was about to leave him soon.

    Qianmo, under the watch, acted calm and composed. She was deliberately doing this.

    Her mentor’s email said she needed to give him appropriate recognition and acknowledge his status—Frankly speaking, she hadn’t heard about this treatment method before. It sounded a little incredible and unreasonable.

    But… she still had to obey her mentor because she wouldn’t set her up… right?

    Qianmo put some food into Black’s bowl as her thoughts whirled. Black was flattered while eating.

    Ai, he discovered that Momo was treating him increasingly nicer these few days, feeling as if the entire world had brightened.

    Qianmo would pick up food for Black and eat what he chose for her. The two of them made the little bowls of pickles look like some scrumptious meal, one that was full of love.

    Chen Baichuan couldn’t take it anymore and cleared his throat. As a father, how could he witness his daughter behaving in such a lovey-dovey manner before she got married? After all, she didn’t even spare him a piece of the pickled radish.

    Qianmo had followed the instructions of her mentor’s email carefully, so she was now a little worried after noticing her dad’s unhappy expression. Oops, she forgot about her dad. He was so juvenile that he would definitely get jealous of Black.

    Black saw her torn expression. The dining table was facing the TV, and the local morning news program was showing the commercials. A passionate melody sounded in the room.

    “A good man shouldn’t let his beloved woman suffer at all… What will you do if you get pregnant accidentally? Please come to XX Hospital!”

    The whole family was taken aback.

    Black, however, was inspired. He took a look at his beloved girl’s awkward expression, put down his bowl, and said to Chen Baichuan, “I have something to tell you, Uncle.” A good man shouldn’t let his beloved woman suffer at all. He couldn’t make her feel awkward.

    His thoughts were still on that dreaded commercial, Chen Baichuan shivered.

    “I have something on the woman from last night. I wonder if I should say it out?”

    Chen Baichuan heaved a sigh of relief. “What’s with that woman?”

    Qianmo continued to put food in Black’s bowl and laughed in her heart. He really knew how to switch topics. It looked like she didn’t have to worry about him having a bad relationship with her dad.

    “I investigated that woman…”

    Many things could be done in a night’s time.

    He could piece together the Lego for her, make the kitchen sparkling for Mu Mianmian, and… investigate that lover of the boss who had sold the fake diamond.

    He was that efficient.

    Chen Baichuan was so angry that he almost turned into a Super Saiyan after he heard Black talk about the investigation’s result. They were really too much!

    That woman had been going to the hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecology’s department frequently in recent times. According to the feedback of Black’s people, she was already pregnant.

    They wanted to keep the child, but they couldn’t afford it. Hence, the two of them came up with a plan to prevent their child from being born illegitimate. Their target was Chen Baichuan.

    Chen Baichuan didn’t do well in his early years, only getting better in these two years. The farm’s future seemed prosperous now. However, the most important thing was…

    “Maybe they consider Uncle a very honest person,” Black said discreetly.

    Qianmo appreciated his efforts in her heart.

    Honestly speaking, they regarded her dad as rich and silly, whom they could easily fool.

    They would sell him a fake diamond first, then make his parents fight. After the couple had a feeling of animosity toward each other, they would make her dad drunk and get him into bed.

    Next, they would push the kid inside her to Chen Baichuan and make him an instant “daddy”.

    The other party was indeed cunning. They not only schemed for her family’s money, but they also tried to cheat her family’s old man.

    Thank goodness that Qianmo and Black were alert, they discovered and stopped their plot in time. Or else, if the situation continued as planned, her dad would either have to give them money or worse, marry that woman. No matter what, they were playing her dad like a fool.

    Chen Baichuan was so angry that he slammed the bowl onto the table. This was too much!

    They were trying to cheat his body after they had cheated his money. Pui!

    “How well do you know this Old Zhao? Why do I feel that he is well-versed in his technique and routine? He doesn’t look like a normal person, but more like…” Qianmo didn’t complete her words and glanced at Black.

    “Professional swindler.” Black completed her sentence.

    Qianmo didn’t tell him about the fake branded bag, but Black had already noticed something was wrong.