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Chapter 183 - It’s Too Late

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 183: It’s Too Late

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    Jian Qi’s brows furrowed. Was the injury that bad?

    As she wanted to enter the room, she heard another voice comforting her, “Girl, listen to me, okay?”

    Jian Qi’s hand that was on the doorknob froze, she was stunned.


    It sounded like they knew each other.

    Jian Qi was surprised, what kind of deep secret was this?

    She was trying to figure out what their relationship was but she could not recall the two of them having any interaction with each other.

    Jian Qi did not eavesdrop on purpose. She turned around, intending to leave, thinking that she would come back later.

    The moment she turned, she heard something clanging, like something had fallen onto the ground.

    She halted in her tracks and pushed open the door.

    Mu Zi was sitting on the ground and there were medical supplies all around her while Lightning was squatting by her side.

    They both looked stunned when they saw her coming in.

    “What happened to you?” Jian Qi seemed calmed and nonchalant, pretending as if she had just arrived.

    Mu Zi shook her head.

    “Instructor, why aren’t you helping her up?” Jian Qi asked rather teasingly.

    She knew that her appearance made the whole situation awkward.

    Or maybe her presence broke the fiery confrontation between them.

    Lightning reached out his arms and carried Mu Zi back to the bed.

    Lightning glanced and Jian Qi and said calmly, “You two chat, I’ll go get something to clean up this mess.”

    Mu Zi wanted to grab hold of Lightning, but she stopped just when she lifted up her hand.

    After he left, Jian Qi smiled and asked her, “How’s your leg? Are you alright?”

    Jian Qi did not ask anything about their relationship. It was their privacy, and if they did not want to talk about it, she should not ask either.

    Even though she overheard their conversation, she should just act as if she did not know about it.

    Mu Zi looked away from Lightning and stared at her own leg. She seemed dispirited.

    “What’s wrong? Is it very serious?” Jian Qi asked.

    Mu Zi’s left leg was wrapped with bandages hence she could not tell how bad it was.

    “The doctor told me that if I were to carry on, I might lose my left leg and probably won’t be able to join the military in the future!” Mu Zi said dejectedly.

    Her eyes were downcast and her eyelashes were covering her eyes that had started to water. Her fair skin seemed even paler than usual. This made her seem even more delicate.

    “Then you should rest and come back after you have recovered.” Jian Qi smiled. “You’re still so young. What are you worried about?”

    Mu Zi shook her head as tears started falling, her voice could not cover up how devastated and heartbroken she was, “It’s too late…”

    “What?” Jian Qi frowned. “Why is it too late?”

    “The doctor said that my leg injury was not dealt with in time and all these training has made it worse. Even if I were to recover, I can only be a normal soldier. I won’t be able to join the Special Fire Team!”

    Mu Zi broke down after saying so, tears streaming down her face.

    “Joining the Special Fire Team has always been my dream. I gave up so many things for this dream. I’ve been wanting to come here for three years and I trained so hard. But now, it’s all gone!”

    Jian Qi looked at the woman that was devastated in front of her, she was very curious as to what had made her persist until now. However, she knew that not just anyone could stay in this team!

    Unless you were outstanding, you would be easily eliminated. The elimination rate here had always been high thus the insane training.

    The rules here had always been strict. To consider everyone’s feelings meant that they were not putting their comrade’s life into consideration.

    “I really don’t want to leave…” Mu Zi covered her face in devastation.