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Chapter 186 - It’s Ruined Again!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 186: It’s Ruined Again!

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    “Jian Qi, come here…” Tang Jinyu said placidly.

    However, Jian Qi remained motionless. She stared at him and smiled faintly.

    “Come here!”

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened as he walked toward her.

    Then, Tang Jinyu stretched his hand out toward her. “Give me your hand.”

    Jian Qi was excited. Straight to the point!

    ‘Instructor Tang, you’re doing it just right!’

    Jian Qi then put her hand on Tang Jinyu’s palm.

    Tang Jinyu held her hand and scanned her coldly.

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched when he saw that smile on her face. He then turned while grabbing her hand tightly. His movement was swift and fast. It was so fast that Jian Qi could not even dodge his attack. In mere seconds, Tang Jinyu had thrown her over his shoulder and she was on the ground.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    ‘Damn it!

    ‘He manipulated me with his handsome face!’

    As the saying goes, lust was nothing but trouble.

    Tang Jinyu looked down at her and smirked. His handsome face seemed rather elegant and wicked at the same time.

    “Do you still want me to be with you?”

    Jian Qi was quiet for three seconds. Then, she smiled again. “Even if you’re shy about being with me, you don’t have to treat me harshly. If you want me to be with me, just tell me. I’ll do as you wish!

    “The floor is rather uncomfortable though. Why don’t we move to your hostel instead?”

    She was smiling devilishly. Her beautiful features seemed rather seductive and beautiful.

    Tang Jinyu stared at her coldly.

    “The training court! Ten rounds!”

    “Instructor, you were the one who treated me harshly. Why am I the one who needs to run ten rounds?”

    “You’re so energetic, of course I should take extra good care of you!” Tang Jinyu continued to stare at her frostily.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Little Tang Tang really does adore me!”

    Jian Qi felt better when she saw Tang Jinyu’s dark face.

    “Don’t you want to come and help me up, Little Tang Tang? It would be good if you can hold me like you would a princess!”

    “Come out!” Tang Jinyu said coldly. Then, he left the office.

    Jian Qi snorted and she got up from the floor slowly.

    She rubbed her waist. It hurt. That man was indeed too violent!

    After ten minutes, everyone turned their gaze toward Jian Qi who was running round the training court.

    After three days of the survival test in the forest, all of them knew her by now.

    They were not surprised to see her running at the training court. However, they were surprised to see Tang Jinyu beside her.

    Moreover, Tang Jinyu was holding a sniper gun in his hand.

    What they saw was a rather active girl running for her life at the training court. Moreover, their elegant and cold boss was holding a sniper gun in his hand calmly. Every shot fired hit its target, the girl who was running.

    “Boss, it’s a rather special way to show off your marksmanship like that.” Crocodile came to him after hearing about the news. He clapped his hands without any hesitation.

    Feng Yi looked at Crocodile with distaste. He whispered, “You’re just a teacher’s pet!”

    Crocodile raised an eyebrow. “Feng Yi, do you doubt Boss’s marksmanship?”

    Feng Yi scoffed arrogantly. He would not answer his question like an idiot.

    How dare he frame him!

    Tang Jinyu tilted his head and looked at Crocodile. His stare was cold. Then, he handed his sniper gun to Crocodile and said, “You need to shoot Jian Qi with all the bullets you have in that gun. If you miss once, you’ll go and replace Jian Qi. She will then shoot at you.”

    Crocodile was quiet when he looked at the entire box of bullets beside them.

    Feng Yi could not help but burst into laughter.

    ‘Now you get what you deserve. Who asked you to go licking his boots?’