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Chapter 187 - Do You Have a Misunderstanding?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 187: Do You Have a Misunderstanding?

    Jian Qi never thought that Tang Jinyu would be this harsh on her. How could he shoot her?

    However, she was rather surprised to see Tang Jinyu’s excellent marksmanship. He did not miss a bullet. He managed to shoot all the bullets on her.

    Her running speed was fast but Tang Jinyu was still able to hit his target without fail.

    An ordinary person would never be as good as him.

    As such, it meant that Tang Jinyu saw through her every move while she was running. That was why he could aim the bullets at her so precisely.

    She was a sniper too. She knew that it was not easy to shoot at a moving target.

    It was even more difficult to aim all of the bullets at her without missing any one of them.

    How insane was he!

    Jian Qi remembered how Tang Jinyu had come after her without any weapons when they did their survival test in the forest.

    If Tang Jinyu had a sniper gun at that time, she would have been eliminated by him much earlier on in the test.

    It seemed like she should really find a chance to compete with him!

    Jian Qi seemed quite excited.

    Although she was a target now, her mood was not that bad.

    Instead, Jian Qi felt like she was being challenged now, triggering her desire to win.

    She had to change her running tempo and pattern, let’s see if he would still be able to hit her!

    At the beginning, she was running like she would short-distance. Now, she was using different styles. Sometimes, she would maintain a straight course. Other times, she ran in a zigzag style. She even changed her running speed. She was slow at times, and fast at others.

    Crocodile took the sniper gun from Tang Jinyu. He aimed it at Jian Qi. Then, he pointed the gun toward the largest area of her body.

    He observed her movements for a short while. Then, he pulled the trigger.


    The bullet hit Jian Qi’s back.

    Crocodile smiled smugly at Feng Yi.

    Feng Yi scoffed coldly and looked away.

    Crocodile turned to look at Tang Jinyu. He was hoping that he would receive his praise but Tang Jinyu remained cold and distant.

    Crocodile had no choice but to hold up his gun and aim it at Jian Qi again.

    He pulled the trigger and he managed to shoot Jian Qi again.

    Crocodile smiled.

    It was very easy.

    He held his gun and aimed at her again. Based on the previous two shots, he was going to shoot at her according to her pattern of movement once more.

    He pulled the trigger. However, Jian Qi stopped running all of a sudden.

    The bullet missed her and it was shot onto the ground before her.

    Everyone. “…”


    Crocodile. “…”

    Feng Yi. “Hahahaha! Crocodile, this is too funny!”

    He was indeed stupid.

    Tang Jinyu raised an eyebrow softly. His gaze fell upon Jian Qi who had stopped moving now. A rare smile was seen flashing across his face.

    It seemed like she was not stupid after all!

    “Go!” Tang Jinyu reminded Crocodile coldly.

    Crocodile pursed his lips. He handed the sniper gun to Tang Jinyu. “Boss, what if she misses? Can we switch places?”

    Feng Yi looked at him with contempt. “Crocodile, how shameless are you?”

    Tang Jinyu said calmly, “Sure.”

    Crocodile smiled. “Boss, you truly are a just person!”

    Crocodile then went and exchanged with Jian Qi happily.

    Jian Qi saw Crocodile running toward her. She smiled faintly. “Instructor, did you shoot me too?”

    “My boss asked me to.” Crocodile appeared innocent. “Now, it’s your turn. Go ahead. You’ll come back and run if you can’t shoot me.”

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “Instructor, do you have a misunderstanding?”

    “What?” Crocodile was puzzled.

    “I would never give anybody a second chance to beat me up again.” Jian Qi smiled crudey. “Of course, Instructor Tang is an exception. He’s just too oppressive.”

    “Big Sister Qi, your tone is very arrogant.” Crocodile smiled and said.

    “Hoho. Let’s give it a try!” Jian Qi’s smile deepened. Then, she patted his shoulder. “Instructor, take care!”