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Chapter 188 - Boss, When Did You Become so Friendly?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 188: Boss, When Did You Become so Friendly?

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    Jian Qi went to where Tang Jinyu was. She was upset so she started complaining. “Instructor Tang, you’re such a cruel man!”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and said coldly, “Do you want to continue running?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    He was indeed not adorable at all!

    Tang Jinyu handed the sniper gun to her. “You need to shoot a moving target. Here are all of the bullets for you. If you miss once, you’ll switch with Crocodile!”

    “Am I the only one shooting him?” Jian Qi asked.

    “Why? Do you want an assistant?” Tang Jinyu snorted coldly.

    “It’s boring if I’m the only one shooting him.” Jian Qi smiled softly. Then, she looked at Tang Jinyu with an excited face. “What if you and I have a match?”

    Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrows. “Do you want to compete with me?”

    “Are you afraid, Instructor Tang?” Jian Qi smiled devilishly as she furrowed her brows.

    “It’s useless if you plan to frame me by saying such a thing.”

    Jian Qi took a deep breath. If it were useless, what about acting sweetly and charmingly in front of him?

    She batted her eyes at Tang Jinyu for a while. Then, she smiled and said with a sweet voice, “Instructor Tang… Little…”

    “Shut up!” Tang Jinyu interrupted her with a frosty voice.

    Jian Qi pretended to be sad and wiped away her non-existent tears. “Instructor Tang, how dare you act so fiercely toward me… I’m devastated.”

    “It’s such a great loss for the entertainment circle now that you are here!” Tang Jinyu looked at her and said sarcastically.

    That girl was an acting queen!

    “It’s a great loss for you if I don’t come here.” Jian Qi said calmly.

    Then, she could not help but exclaim. “I can’t help it. I’m just too outstanding.”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, shameless much?’

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and shook his head helplessly. Then, he said to Feng Yi beside him, “Go and take another sniper gun for me!”

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Boss, when did it become so easy to talk you down?’

    Feng Yi was fast.

    “How do you want to compete with me?” Tang Jinyu grabbed the gun and started loading it with the bullets.

    “If one of us were to miss the target, the person will have to run!” Jian Qi smiled and said. “Based on your excellent performance just now, we’ll add another rule. We’ll compete with each other just like a relay race. We must shoot within ten seconds after the other has shot. If we exceed that time limit, it’ll be considered a failure!”

    The others were stunned after they heard what Jian Qi said.

    Ten seconds?

    ‘Big Sister Qi, are you serious?’

    The others were doubtful about what Jian Qi said. On the other hand, Tang Jinyu appeared calm. “When did Crocodile annoy you? Why do you want to treat him like this?”

    Jian Qi was stunned for a short while. Then, she smiled brightly and said, “Who asked him to shoot me just now?”

    Tang Jinyu said no more. He held up his gun and said calmly, “Let’s begin.”

    Feng Yi had witnessed Jian Qi’s marksmanship when he was working at the National Defense Academy. He knew how excellent she was.

    However, Crocodile was the moving target now. It was much more difficult.

    Feng Yi lifted a timer and started the timer.


    Then, Jian Qi held up her gun and aimed it right at Crocodile who was running.

    She aimed it right at him and pulled the trigger.

    Her movement was swift and she shot Crocodile’s back accurately.

    Tang Jinyu was standing beside her. Less than two seconds have passed when Tang Jinyu pulled the trigger and shot Crocodile.

    He hit the target!

    Jian Qi smiled and aimed at Crocodile calmly. She shot him again.

    They claimed that there would be an interval of ten seconds just now. However, they did not exceed five seconds for each and every single shot. Even when they ran out of bullets, they loaded their guns again swiftly.

    In the beginning, the others felt that Jian Qi was just lucky. However, after ten minutes, they all felt that he was like a pro shooter.

    They did not feel that she was just lucky anymore.

    On the other hand, Crocodile had almost gone mad running around the training court.