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Chapter 134 - Cha Cha, Let’s Make A Be

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 134: Cha Cha, Let’s Make A Bet

    Late at night, Su Cha pressed the ‘complete’ button.

    ‘Total score of your current subject: 721! Congratulations, feel free to lie down and pick any university within the country!’

    Seeing this bright red notification, the traces of amusement on Su Cha’s lips became increasingly obvious.

    She never fought a battle she wasn’t sure of.

    If she was unsure, how could she make such a bold statement?

    Within one month, she had gone from 400 to 700 marks. In the eyes of others this was an impossible to accomplish miracle.

    After her rebirth, her new perception and comprehension strengths were incomparable to her past self. How could she be worthy of being reborn again and again if she couldn’t take advantage of this?

    Since the Heavens gave her the chance, she had to grasp it herself!

    The questions on this website were all collated from the recent years’ national college entrance examinations. They even included some well-known examination papers of a high difficulty level on top of the regular simulation questions, not just the college entrance examination questions.

    Together, with all the questions she went through, even if they were not of the latest question format, once she mastered the system the gaps would no longer exist.

    This site also had a ranking of college entrance examination scores, if she scored well enough, her score will be at the top.

    As soon as Su Cha scored 721 marks, she reached the top 200 of the website.

    This site included everyone in the country, and the score was out of 750. There were really too many geniuses in front.

    With 721 marks, Su Cha was already very remarkable for entering the top two hundred.

    After all, the first place had 745 marks. At this point, every mark’s increase would make a difference of a few places.

    A gap of 24 marks made a difference of a few hundreds in ranking.

    Su Cha didn’t care about the ranking on this website. Of course, she still felt that she had not reached her limit with 721 marks. There were still opportunities to improve by going through more questions, the most important were this year’s college entrance examination questions.

    Until the final results were out, this score could not be fully trusted.

    But Su Cha already had much confidence in securing 700 marks.

    Furthermore, Min Chen’s highest score was 710.

    She wasn’t complacent – and only took a short break before starting to practise again. Attempting so many papers, a set of questions took a few hours – put lightly.

    After resting at home and browsing through questions for two days, Su Cha’s final score remained at 733.

    She was neither nervous nor thrilled. On the 6th, she started to pack up and headed close to the college entrance examination venue to find somewhere to stay. Otherwise if she remained here, she would not be able to make it in time for the examinations unless she left even earlier.

    Unexpectedly, Bo Muyi called her.

    “Cha Cha, I asked Bai Kun to book a room at a hotel near your exam venue. Later, I will get him to pick you up. You’ll be taking the college entrance examination tomorrow, are you nervous?”

    Although the man asked in this way, the pleasure expressed in his tone was obvious, because he was already imagining the scene of him living together with Su Cha in the Imperial Capital after her college entrance examination.

    That would simply be the most wonderful thing in the world.

    “I’m not nervous.”

    Su Cha replied honestly with a soft voice, “Muyi, do you want to guess what my score will be this time?”

    “Guessing it is meaningless, Cha Cha.”

    Bo Muyi’s voice faintly carried some ambiguity. “Otherwise, shall we make a bet?”

    Su Cha raised an eyebrow. “Okay, name it.”

    She wanted to see what bet Bo Muyi would come up with.

    Amusement on Bo Muyi’s lips became more and more obvious. “If you make 750 marks, I’ll fulfil a condition of yours. If not, you’ll fulfil mine.”

    Su Cha: “…”