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Chapter 135 - Picking Her Up

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 135: Picking Her Up

    Su Cha didn’t expect Bo Muyi to become so crafty.


    In her dreams.

    Even if Su Cha gave her word, she knew that 750 was impossible.

    The country would not allow full scores, unless one were insanely talented, and their writing had to be so perfect no one could find fault with it.

    After all, for language, there were many areas in which marks could be deducted.

    Su Cha reckoned she wouldn’t be able to reach this point. There has never been a perfect score in history. Could she make history?

    It was obviously impossible.

    She was very confident with her standard, being able to score above 730 was already considered to be second to none, that was also her upper limit. Any higher was unattainable.

    After all, there was only a month left.

    Bo Muyi was purely mocking her.

    It was different placing first in the whole school. This was obviously a trap, Su Cha definitely couldn’t jump into it.

    “That’s impossible, Muyi.”

    Su Cha smiled and said, “You can’t make it too unreasonable, you clearly know that I can’t get a perfect score. I don’t think you managed a perfect score during your own college entrance examination?”

    “Well this I didn’t.” The man over the phone smiled weakly. “However, I have not taken the domestic college entrance examination. I’ve always been studying abroad. By international standards, I haven’t gotten anything apart from a perfect score.”

    Su Cha: “…”


    If Su Cha were still the study bug she used to be, her heart would have been pierced with a thousand arrows. Even now as a stellar student, her heart was pierced.

    Sucha sighed softly. “Don’t. Muyi, change it, this condition is impossible and unfair to me.”


    Bo Muyi’s tone was always filled with pampering. “It’s up to you, how do you want to gamble?”

    The expression in Su Cha’s eyes changed. “What about this, if I get above 700 marks, you’ll fulfil my condition. If I can’t, I’ll fulfil yours.”

    She had not said 730 directly.

    After all, 700 points was now within her grasp, and 730 was her highest attainable score, she could not let Bo Muyi know.

    “It’s too big a difference.”

    The man’s voice carried a faint sense of helplessness. “I think you already can attain this score, otherwise you wouldn’t say that. Cha Cha, you are so naughty.”

    Su Cha smiled lightly. “No matter how naughty I am, I can’t be worse than you.”

    Hearing the girl’s delicate and cunning voice, the man inexplicably felt a little anxious, as if he was facing summer head-on – blistering hot, urgently needing the comfort of the cold.

    However, he quickly forced himself to calm down: “Cha Cha, whatever you say goes. Then, let’s make this bet.”


    Looking at the time on his watch, Bo Muyi said, “Cha Cha, I have to attend a meeting. Do the exam well, there will be rewards if you do.”

    Su Cha smiled and responded obediently, “Okay, bye bye Muyi.”

    “Bye bye Cha Cha.”

    After hanging up, Su Cha soon heard a knock on her.

    She went to open the door. Bai Kun stood respectfully outside, together with a man dressed in black with sunglasses.

    Su Cha had never seen this man, but inexplicably sensed a dangerous feeling. Judging from the scent and strength exuding from his body, Su Cha determined at a glance that he was a trainer.

    The smile on her mouth remained unchanged. One who came with Bai Kun must be someone around Bo Muyi. It was very normal to have several talents around as protection.

    “Miss Su, we’ve come to send you to the hotel. Are you ready?”

    Bai Kun’s voice was very respectful. Even if he couldn’t stand seeing Su Cha in the past, ever since he saw his young master submit obediently to the point where he bowed his head, Bai Kun admired Su Cha in his heart.