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Chapter 136 - Staying In The Hotel

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 136: Staying In The Hotel

    Su Cha nodded. It wasn’t as if she were moving house, she only needed to prepare a few things for the college entrance examination, so of course she could leave any time.

    She went in to get her things, and she felt a deep gaze from behind her. That gaze was unpleasant, Su Cha could feel, it was from the man dressed in black with sunglasses brought by Bai Kun.

    He was Bo Muyi’s subordinate – Su Cha didn’t know where his hostility came from, but she didn’t care too much.

    After all, not everyone deserved her attention.

    When going out, Su Cha only brought clothes to change into. Bai Kun reached out and wanted to hold it for her, but Su Cha avoided it deftly, “I’ll carry it myself, it’s just a few clothes.”

    Bai Kun smiled kindly, and did not force it.

    The man in black took another deep look at Su Cha, the atmosphere somewhat tense. Bai Kun reached out and nudged the man in black, and smiled at Su Cha. “Miss Su, I’ve forgotten to introduce you. This is Chen, a bodyguard of the young master’s.”

    Su Cha nodded in acknowledgment.

    Bai Kun didn’t make detailed introductions.It was only something he needed to mention and as long as everyone understood that was good enough.

    Bai Kun sent Su Cha to the hotel near the college entrance examination venue. Since Su Cha was taking the college entrance examination at No. 6 High School in Yonggu Town, Bai Kun booked the best hotel for her.

    Seeing Bai Kun’s busying himself with helping her check-in, Su Cha, who wasn’t used to this treatment, entered her room with the room card and said to Bai Kun, “Thank you, I’ve really troubled you.”

    Bai Kun was very polite. “Miss Su, this is what I should be doing.” He smiled brightly at Su Cha and waved. “Miss Su, do your best for the college entrance examination.”

    Sucha nodded: “I will!”

    Since Bai Kun was male and was Bo Muyi’s subordinate, it was naturally not so suitable for him to enter. After closing the door, Bai Kun’s smile vanished a little. The man in black, Chen, who had not spoken this whole time, then opened his mouth to speak, “If the young master saw you behaving that way just now he’d have your skin all peeled off.”

    He even dared to smile at Su Cha so brightly.

    Bai Kun shrugged his shoulders. “Isn’t this because the young master’s is absent? Anyway, I only greeted and encouraged her normally. Look how courteous and polite Miss Su was, I can’t see where the problem you were talking about is.”

    He then patted Chen on the shoulder. “Sometimes you shouldn’t think too much. If she really wanted to do something to the young master, her opportunities are countless. Besides, the information has been checked thoroughly and there is no problem. What are you still concerned about?”

    Chen looked at him with deep meaning. “Then why do you think she suddenly changed her mind and was willing to be with the young master?”

    Bai Kun froze for a moment, before saying as-a-matter-of-factly, “Young Master is so handsome, isn’t it a given for her to change her mind?”

    Chen: “…”

    The two of them walked while Bai Kun patted his back. “I already told you to stop overthinking it, if there truly was something wrong would Young Master not know? No matter how patient Miss Su is, would she ever be able to do something out of the Young Master’s grasp?”

    Chen: “…”

    It seemed that he didn’t answer anymore, and the two went further and further until they went downstairs and disappeared.

    In the room, Su Cha put her things away and sorted it out a little, before browsing through college entrance examination questions with the computer that came with the room.

    Bo Muyi’s bodyguard who was hostile to her flashed through her mind, although she vaguely felt that this person was familiar.

    Soon, Su Cha, who was immersed in browsing through questions and no longer thought about it. At night, she received a call from Mr. Su.