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Chapter 197 - Diamond Earrings

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 197: Diamond Earrings

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    Just as Ning Meng was about to probe further, Zhen Shanmei pulled her to the side and shoved her phone in front of her—the phone was so close that it almost touched her face.

    “Meng… Meng Meng! You have to see this!”

    It was a famous Weibo user’s post.

    @ThereIsAlwaysOnlyOneTruth: [Newsflash! A certain Ms. Ning is secretly married to a man who has erectile dysfunction! Here are the proofs!]


    She immediately grabbed the phone and stared at the post. “Is this person a retard?! How could he say such a thing?”

    Nodding her head, Zhen Shanmei replied, “Yeah. Oh, you should check out the entire article. He seems to have done his homework too—listing out the facts and analyzing them logically. The outsiders, who don’t know any better, seem to have believed him! So… Meng Meng… um… is it true that Mr. Huo is… you-know-what…?”


    Fuming in anger, Ning Meng raised up the phone, wanting to smash the phone to pieces. “This is all utter bullshit!”

    Zhen Shanmei quickly stopped her. “Hey, hey! That’s my phone! If you want to smash a phone, smash your own!”

    Ning Meng glared at her as though she was glaring at an idiot and replied, “I’m not stupid, you know. If I smash my own phone, I would then need to buy a new one. Why would I do such a thing?”


    Zhen Shanmei looked at her friend in slight confusion. Hmm… her words made a lot of sense… wait, but something sounded wrong from her words too…

    Then, as she lowered her head, Zhen Shanmei’s pupils dilated as she read something on her phone.

    “Holy crap!”

    She grabbed Ning Meng’s arm again. “Look! The guy just changed his Weibo post!”

    Ning Meng took a glance at her phone and saw that the post had been edited.

    @ThereIsAlwaysOnlyOneTruth: [Sorry, I was mistaken. Ms. Ning is not a virgin!]


    As Ning Meng wanted to read on further, the Weibo user edited his post gain.

    @ThereIsAlwaysOnlyOneTruth:: [Actually, no. Ms. Ning’s husband is not suffering from erectile dysfunction. In fact, he is super wildly good in bed! Ms. Ning would never need to satisfy her sexual needs outside of her home!]


    Then, Ning Meng saw the other Weibo users started to comment on his post.

    @natsuirofestival: [How do you know that the guy’s good in bed? Don’t tell me you’ve taken her husband’s schlong in your ass before.]

    Before she was able to read the other two comments, the guy edited his post yet again.

    @ThereIsAlwaysOnlyOneTruth: [According to a reliable source, Ms. Ning and her secret husband are happily married. Her husband is a unique, tall, handsome, and well-endowed superman. As she is married to a man like this, Ms. Ning doesn’t need other men in her life anymore.]


    What the hell? This guy seemed to be kissing her “secret husband’s” ass now. And… the way he was doing it… this all sounded so familiar… hmm??

    Right then, the other users in the comment section started to show their concern.

    @whiteoutblizzard: [One Truth, what’s going on with you? Are you being threatened by someone?]

    @ThereIsAlwaysOnlyOneTruth: [Yes. An assassin was threatening me with a dagger earlier.]

    @AETN: [Lmao! You have such a weird sense of humour.]

    Ning Meng raised her head and looked at Zhen Shanmei in confusion. “Perhaps the guy had a change of heart?”

    Zhen Shanmei replied, “Well, from what I know, this Weibo user is always sharp with his tongue and will never stop until the world believes his article. It’s very unlikely for a person like him to have a change of heart.]


    Ning Meng had a feeling that she knew a certain person had a hand in this. However, she had no evidence to prove it, thus, she took out her phone and typed a message to the “My Boss Is So Dashing Today” WeChat Group.

    Ning Meng: [Hey, do enlighten me. Was your boss helping me to deal with a certain problem I had on the internet earlier?]

    Qi Shan: [Oh, you knew?]

    Ning Meng: [Yeah. According to my calculation, this was the most probable cause.]

    Qi Shan: [Mathematic Analysis, aye? So, what else do you know?]

    Ning Meng: [Well, according to my calculations, your chances of getting a girlfriend is indeed very low in your youth.]

    Qi Shan got excited after reading this: [But what about now? Or after?]

    Ning Meng: [Actually, the probability remains the same throughout your life. You’ll get used to it.]

    Qi Shan: […]

    Qi Shan: [Heh, go on with your insults as much as you’d like, stupid woman. I’m telling you, you will become single too very soon. Boss has already gifted out the diamond earrings. I pity you. An impending divorce is awaiting you.]

    After reading this message, a smile spread over Ning Meng’s face. In fact, she was wearing those very diamond earrings as they were exchanging texts. Thus, she took one of the earrings off and snapped a picture.

    Ning Meng: [attach “Diamond Earrings.jpg”]

    Ning Meng: [Is this the earrings you were talking about? My, my… I hope your face is not swelling too much from all these face slaps you’re getting.]