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Chapter 190 - Onward, Weilai! (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 190: Onward, Weilai! (2)

    Not waiting for him to speak, Assistant Lin questioned perceptively, “CEO Gu, is there anything you need?”

    The corners of Gu Yu’s lips twitched. Making his way to the window, he gazed at the view of the night sky outside. Under the night view, his eyes darkened as his lips parted, “Book the earliest flight. We’re returning to the capital.”


    Assistant Lin scratched his head, uttering subconsciously, “But CEO Gu, our itinerary is filled up for another two more days. If you return now, the work that follows…”

    Before he managed to finish speaking, Gu Yu turned around and gazed at him once more. Instead of a proper reply, he asked, “What am I paying you so well for?”

    The sudden question struck the normally quick-witted Assistant Lin off guard, causing him to pause for a moment before blurting out, “Because of my good looks?”

    The corners of Gu Yu’s lips twitched.

    Assistant Lin, who had been slow to catch on, finally felt the Boss’s death stare on him. His body trembled violently before straightening up, calling out as if he was shouting commands, “CEO Gu, you can leave the rest of the work to me, your capable assistant. I won’t let the high pay you’ve invested in me go to waste. You can rest easy and return to see Young Mistress. I’m okay with it!”

    The expression on Gu Yu’s handsome face remained unchanged as he just nodded cooly. But the pleased look in his eyes still didn’t escape Assistant Lin’s sharp eyes!

    Ah… What a bitter feeling!

    Gu Yu moved to step away, preparing to go pack his bags. After taking two steps, he stopped in his tracks, returning to his gaze to Assistant Lin once more before asking, “This mobile number of yours, you’ve been using it for quite some time, haven’t you?”

    Not knowing what he was trying to imply, Assistant Lin replied honestly, “It’s been ten years, CEO Gu. I’m a sentimental person…”

    Gu Yu nodded, before throwing out the words, “It’s been such a long time, time for you to change.”

    Assistant Lin didn’t know how to respond.

    ‘Then why haven’t you changed your mobile number, CEO Gu? Don’t think I don’t know that the mobile number that you’ve started using after your car accident is still your mobile number now!’ he thought.

    Who made him the head boss, and who made him the one that gave him his pay?

    ‘I feel so bitter inside…’ he thought

    Assistant Lin made a pitiful face as he replied, “Got it, CEO Gu!”


    Xu Weilai never thought the first thing she’d see once she woke up would be Gu Yu’s luggage. She didn’t even notice it while she was getting off the bed and almost tripped over it!

    When she saw the jacket and tie that Gu Yu had taken off laying on the sofa, there was no need to go into further detail. This confirmed that he had returned

    Wasn’t he still on a business trip yesterday? Why did he return so soon?

    Even so, she didn’t think too much of it. Anyways, him returning early was beneficial for her. For the sake of the invite… onward, Weilai!

    After washing up, Xu Weilai walked out of the bedroom. She walked around the living room but still didn’t catch sight of Gu Yu. At the sight of that, Mrs. Lin chuckled, “Young Mistress, are you looking for Young Master? If so, then he’s in the study.”

    “Oh, I’m not looking for him!” Xu Weilai lied through her teeth.

    Despite seeing past her lie, Mrs. Lin didn’t say anything else. Instead, she covered her mouth as she chuckled and continued to say, “Young Master returned in the wee hours of the morning. He went straight to the study to work, not even giving himself a second of rest.”

    “Oh…” Xu Weilai responded, before drifting to the kitchen.

    Initially, she wanted to wait for Gu Yu to come out of the study. She wanted them to have breakfast together so that she’ll have an opportunity to get on his good side. However, Gu Yu didn’t seem to be coming out anytime soon. Xu Weilai couldn’t wait any longer. After having breakfast, she prepared a cup of coffee before making her way to the study, rapping on the door.

    There was no response. He couldn’t have dozed off, right? Twisting the door lock open, Xu Weilai pushed her head into the room and took a peek.