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Chapter 481 - The Third Episode Is on!

Medical Master
     As for the Wulin forces, they could not and dared not provoke the state.

    No matter how much they tried, they would never find out the true identity of John Doe, due to the state.

    Knowing that this way was not feasible, the major Wulin forces could only go through the formal channels.


    Two days later was Sunday.

    Eight o’clock in the evening, the Channel 3 of the Central Television finally broadcast the third episode of “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor”.

    As usual, the audience was waiting in front of their TV ahead of time for the third episode.

    Because the released trailer had raised a hot topic on the Internet, the number of the audience gathered in the TV direct broadcasting room on Central Television’s official website was much larger than that of the first and second episodes.

    While waiting, the audience enthusiastically discussed.

    “Does this episode belong to the category of Xuanhuan?”

    “Maybe it belongs to Xianxia?”

    “The show praised Fang Qiu too highly. He got herbs so quickly. Did the program group really take him for a God?”

    “I came to see how they get smacked in the face. Fang Qiu gets everything he wants. I want to see how they do it naturally.”

    “I’m here for Fang Qiu!”

    “Fang Qiu has too many scenes. Although I like Fang Qiu, I’d love to see more of Jiang Miaoyu.”


    Amid all the talk and discussion, the show began at half past eight.

    As the theme song played, everyone began to hum along.

    However, the show’s opening credits didn’t last as long as a song.

    In this case, half a song later, the host’s face suddenly appeared on the TV screen.

    “Welcome to ‘Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’.”

    With a standard smile, the host moved, followed the camera around once, then stopped and continued, “Today, it is the third episode of our ‘Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’, which is a little different from the previous two.

    “The difference is that we will go out of the studio and into nature.

    “Well, open your eyes and see how unexpected this outdoor competition of 30 out of the 50 is.”

    After that, the screen flickered and a conference room appeared.

    The director’s meeting with the contestants and judges flashed by.

    This was to tell the audience that they were going to go out to compete. After all the contestants handed in their mobile phones, the picture was connected to the scene that all of them got on the bus and went straight to their destination.

    Suddenly, Fang Qiu’s voice sounded on the bus.

    These words were what Fang Qiu said to Jiang Miaoyu, but the director edited them, making them sound as if he said to all the people on the bus.

    At the moment, numerous comments emerged on the screen of the direct broadcasting room of the official website.

    “Fang Qiu, are you here for ‘Man vs. Wild’?”

    “Hey, did Fang Qiu read books in advance, or does he know everything?”

    “He’s right. Mountain forests are very dangerous, so self-protection is the most important!”

    “Are you a fool? Now that the program group dares to ask you to go there, they can certainly keep you safe.”

    “Apparently, Fang Qiu’s pretending to be something.”

    “Yes, the program group dares to let you go there. What are you talking about? How could the program group allow you to have an accident?”

    For a moment, all kinds of voices came.

    There were people who supported Fang Qiu, and there were also people who questioned Fang Qiu.

    The screen of Central Television’s official website was filled with comments.

    Meanwhile, the screen flickered and the bus reached its destination.

    All the contestants were given a set of tools.

    Then they started to enter the mountain!

    Once inside the mountain, the scene immediately turned to Fang Qiu.

    Naturally, the first scene to appear was the conversation between the PD and Fang Qiu that was set up in the trailer.

    Later, the camera caught the others walking quickly into the mountain, but Fang Qiu was still walking slowly.

    The PD quickly asked, “Aren’t you in a hurry?”

    “Why should I be in a hurry?”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and smiled.

    The next moment, Fang Qiu suddenly turned to the camera and said, “I found a herb!”

    The entire audience was surprised.

    So soon?

    Did the others walk too fast and miss the herb?

    While everyone was in confusion, the cameraman followed Fang Qiu, running quickly.

    After 200 meters, the scene paused.

    At the moment, Fang Qiu was squatting under a big tree, introducing a herb, and digging.

    The comments on the Internet were surging again.

    “Wow, how far did he run?”

    “His eyesight is too good to be true. Could he see the herb at such a distance?”

    “What kind of eyes are these? Titanium dog eyes?”

    “Piercing eyes?”

    “Isn’t that too fake?”

    The audience began to question the show wildly.

    And on TV, after picking the herb, Fang Qiu turned to the camera and said in a sinister manner, “Shall we dig up all the codonopsis pilosula and leave the other contestants with nothing?”

    On hearing this, all the audience was startled.

    “You’re such a person?”

    This sentence instantly appeared all over the screen!

    As the audience was having fun, Fang Qiu frowned and said, “Forget it, it’s not good for anybody, and… I’m a good man.”

    His words left the audience in front of the television set shaking their heads with a bitter smile.

    You were a good person?

    Come on!

    If you were a good man, why did you start picking on the other contestants the moment you got on stage in the second episode? If you were a good man, why did you keep raising difficult questions to get rid of so many contestants?

    On TV, Fang Qiu grinned and moved forward.

    “Heh heh.”

    At this point, several minutes had passed before the screen turned to the other contestants. But the individual shot of each person was not long, only one minute at most, and the shortest was only one shot that flashed by.

    Just as the audience felt bored, Fang Qiu’s voice rang out again.

    “I found another herb.”

    The screen flickered—Fang Qiu turned around, smiled at the camera, and then ran.

    This time, he ran more than 100 meters.

    “It’s licorice!”

    When he stopped, Fang Qiu immediately pointed to the licorice in front of his feet, introduced it, and started digging.

    The audience was speechless again.

    “Can you take it seriously? Last time more than 200 meters, now more than 100 meters, is his vision really so good?”

    “There’s nothing wrong with the dirt on the ground. It doesn’t look like it was arranged by the program group.”

    “Yeah, he did it under the camera. They must be wild herbs.”

    “These herbs are not necessarily arranged by the program group, but this is the forest that the program group has explored in advance. Isn’t it normal to know there are herbs there? The program group just had to tell Fang Qiu where the herbs were. Then there was no need to arrange it.”

    “What? Are there latent rules?”

    “Are you fools? If the program group had actually told Fang Qiu where those herbs were, Fang Qiu wouldn’t have made it so obvious, would he?”


    In the midst of the heated discussion, a voice suddenly sounded.

    “Hey, you haven’t found another one, have you?”

    This was the voiceover of the PD.

    “There’s a road over there. We’re going down the road,” Fang Qiu replied.

    But after a few steps, he suddenly stopped.

    “What’s the matter?” the PD asked.

    “I’m a lucky dog. I’ve found another herb.”

    At his words, all the audience didn’t know what to say.

    The show had barely begun, but he had found three herbs.

    How was this going on?

    But to their surprise, Fang Qiu found many herbs along the way as if he was cheating.

    In a short time, he had found seven herbs.

    At this time, the screen turned to Jiang Miaoyu.

    She was looking for herbs in the mountain forest.

    The next second, however, the familiar voice reappeared.


    It was Fang Qiu.

    As a result, Fang Qiu, who had just disappeared from the camera, appeared again.

    After reappearing, Fang Qiu openly asked Jiang Miaoyu in front of the camera whether she needed him to help her cheat.

    Just when everyone was speechless at Fang Qiu’s words, a scream came out of the blue.

    The screen quickly changed.

    A girl suddenly got the back of her neck stung by a bumblebee while bending over in search of herbs in the mountain forest.

    Her neck became red and swollen as soon as she was stung.

    It was rather frightening.

    “What’s the matter?”

    Suddenly, there was a shout.

    The camera turned, and Fang Qiu reappeared.

    It was just that at this time he was not alone but was with Jiang Miaoyu. They went over to check the girl’s neck.

    Then, Fang Qiu comforted the girl and treated her.

    The audience gave a thumb-up at this.

    Although Fang Qiu showed up too much, it was great that he could come to the rescue and cure people in the first place.

    But then Fang Qiu’s moves took the entire audience by surprise—he grabbed the beehive with his bare hand!

    Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Fang Qiu actually climbed up the tree and grabbed the beehive with his bare hand, jumped down, and ran away.

    Everyone was stunned.

    Wasn’t he afraid to die?!

    Online, the topic heated up.

    Some experts immediately posted on Weibo to warn people not to grasp beehives with bare hands like Fang Qiu, or the consequences would be unimaginable.

    Luckily, after he threw the beehive and came back, Fang Qiu immediately told everyone not to blindly learn and imitate what he had done.

    The show continued.

    Fang Qiu still got most of the shots.

    He was so lucky that everyone in the audience was jealous of him. As the show went on, everyone gradually recognized Fang Qiu’s skill and luck, especially the part where he angrily argued with the PD with wild ginseng, which made everyone surprised.

    Who could ever expect that there was wild ginseng in the mountain?

    Not just wild ginseng, there were even fish and a watermelon!

    Gradually, the audience almost thought that Fang Qiu was on vacation.

    After the show, Fang Qiu’s magical luck became a hot topic on Weibo; grabbing beehive with his bare hand had become the focus of a heated debate, with many people questioning it. Was it true that there were people who would not get stung by poisonous bees?

    With so much discussion, the popularity of “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor” had undoubtedly gone up a notch.

    Soon, the ratings came out.

    As usual in the previous two episodes, the ratings of “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor” were still the first in the prime time on Sunday, leaving the number two, a variety show, far behind.

    The viewership report showed that the highest viewership of the third episode of “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor” reached an astonishing 3.5 percent, and the average viewership reached 3.2 percent, which was a little higher than the last one.

    This result made the program group very excited and pleasantly surprised.

    At this rate, reaching four percent was not out of the question.

    What was more, taking advantage of the popularity of the third episode, the Weibo of “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor” soon released the trailer of the fourth episode.