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Chapter 179 - The Goddess Who Protect Her Food

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 179: The Goddess Who Protect Her Food

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    “Professional swindler?!” Mu Mianmian regained her wits from her anger.

    “Very few would be this evil if they weren’t professional.”

    Normal people couldn’t have come up with the scam tactic or the badger game. Qianmo already understood the ins and outs of the matter.

    Chen Baichuan recapped how he had met this Old Zhao. They didn’t know each other for a long time, approximately six months. Her dad had always liked to make friends, drinking and singing with them. About six months ago, Old Zhao joined their circle through a friend’s introduction.

    The friend had introduced this Old Zhao as a leader in a certain state-owned enterprise. He was a middle-level manager, so he was of just the right status for their circle. Furthermore, he held a little bit of power to show off. This kind of person would, of course, be popular with them.

    In addition, Old Zhao carried himself well when he talked and dressed. He would use fancy words in his speech and always made sense while chatting about the country’s policy. Therefore, they had never suspected his identity.

    Most of them were bosses of small businesses. There was no civil servant among them. Besides, the department that Old Zhao stated was a little secretive, leaving no one able to verify his words. He frequently mentioned he had to go overseas for work and often brought back things with him. All in all, they all thought this man was someone great.

    Because Old Zhao was always “going abroad on business”, they would ask him to help them buy things from there. Chen Baichuan witnessed this happen often without a hitch, so he naturally went to look for Old Zhao when he needed to buy the ring this time.

    He remembered back then, he had casually dumped the money into the drawer, acting as if the money was nothing to him. It was hard to believe that a man like him was a professional swindler.

    However, things had already reached this state; he had no choice but to believe it.

    Recalling carefully, all that “indifference” he saw was practiced repeatedly. Everything was done to cheat for money.

    Every scam gang had excellent actors and psychologists who could read the victims’ minds. They would then react to their every reaction accordingly.

    His ability to scam for six months without anyone suspecting at all showed he was good.

    Black was always meticulous when taking action. He not only investigated that woman but also Old Zhao. However, since the department he supposedly worked at was secretive, it would take longer to get results. So, currently, they had no idea what the situation was.

    This investigation didn’t take too long; information was relayed back shortly after breakfast.

    The department that Old Zhao claimed he was working in didn’t have such a person, which meant his identity was fake. Not only that, but they also couldn’t find his name in the household register. It further cemented his position as a swindler.

    This person had tried every means to make up a fake name and identity and played this group of people around his little finger. He did everything with ease and skill, so obviously, he was not a novice.

    Qianmo calculated in her heart and arrived at a conclusion. He planned to leave Q City after he executed a big scam, and the last target was most likely…

    Her father, Chen Baichuan.

    Her dad was the targeted cash cow. This feeling could be described as extremely uncomfortable.

    Black was annoyed when Qianmo was annoyed. Thus, someone was going to suffer for it.

    Qianmo was afraid her dad would spoil her plans rashly, so she exhorted Mu Mianmian to watch over her father. Not revealing any emotions to the other party before she came up with an arrest plan and not letting him know they already knew the diamond was fake, this was her initial step.

    Black had his people increase the speed of investigation after breakfast. They were determined to unravel the swindler’s true identity. Then, Qianmo asked Mu Mianmian and Chen Baichuan to invite those few unsavory friends out for a drink to announce their impending wedding. She also requested Mu Mianmian to show off her diamond ring to lower the guard of the other party.

    Qianmo deliberately asked Chen Baichuan not to invite Old Zhao to prevent him from exposing his actual emotions. Next, she instructed Mu Mianmian to scold Old Zhao’s lover for attempting to seduce Chen Baichuan last night. The swindler would be able to know about their information soon through their friends’ word of mouth.

    This rationale was similar to the swindler carrying a fake branded bag; it was to confuse the other party so as to achieve the goal of making him believe.

    Even though that swindler was experienced and adept at reading minds, he wouldn’t expect to meet his match this time.

    Qianmo didn’t have mercy when it came to her family. What she had learned was exactly meant to counteract the other party. Don’t blame her for “rearranging” his life values since he had dared to take her dad as a cash cow.

    Qianmo did not idle while waiting for the results. She still had one more important thing to do during this holiday.

    Her instructor Ma Jingtian had made things difficult for her during the training. Someone had bad-mouthed Qianmo that resulted in him regarding her as a bully’s daughter. There had to be a reason for all the hatred. Qianmo believed this incident had to do with the mastermind behind Mu Feifei, so she wanted to follow the trail.

    Ma Jingtian’s hometown was in Q City. Accurately speaking, it was a county under Q City that was about two hours away by car. Yu Changmo drove her there personally. They had a good time chit-chatting and joking on their way, eating the snacks he had lovingly made in the morning.

    Erm, he made the snacks too when he made breakfast. A gentleman wouldn’t show off.

    Soon, they reached the county. Qianmo had already called Ma Jingtian before departing, so he was waiting in advance at the driveway. He was stunned when he saw Black’s car coming.

    It was a car that garnered attention everywhere it went. And the person who drove it was even more tempting.

    Ma Jingtian was dazed when he saw the car window roll down and reveal the handsome face of Black, who was wearing a pair of shades.

    Wasn’t this the… idol who had sent him flying through the air?

    Ma Jingtian had wondered about the relationship between the school belle and his idol. But he was feeling unsure now when he saw the two of them appearing together. He initially assumed they should be a couple since Yu Changmo appeared at the academy to avenge her.

    Though he lacked confidence in his original judgment after looking at their interaction.

    “This is so delicious. I think my dad will like it too.” Qianmo was eating Black’s handmade pork jerky with his secret recipe. She had finished the whole box and almost wanted to eat the sesame that was scattered in the box.

    Even though Ma Jingtian was looking at her eating, Qianmo didn’t spare him any. Yes, not even the sesame.

    Protecting her food.

    Ma Jingtian wasn’t a greedy man. But he didn’t know why, maybe because the space was too small and he could smell the delicious aroma, or maybe Qianmo looked so happy eating them, he began to feel his saliva welling up.