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Chapter 137 - Icing On The Cake

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 137: Icing On The Cake

    “Su Cha, are you taking the college entrance examination tomorrow?”

    After the previous incident, Mr. Su hadn’t called Su Cha.

    He received the 5000 yuan Su Cha had transferred to him via WeChat.

    Su Cha showed no emotion, and answered plainly, “Yes.”

    Did he also need to ask when her college entrance examination was?

    Mr. Su felt a little awkward with Su Cha’s cold attitude, but he still said what he wanted to say: “Don’t be too nervous during the exam, just do your best and perform as usual. Even if you fail it is alright, as long as you can get into college. There’s nothing special about the Imperial Capital, you really don’t need to go again.”

    Originally thinking Su Cha would rebut like the last time, he didn’t expect Su Cha to only say, “Yeah, I know. Do you have anything else to say?”

    The atmosphere froze for a moment.

    Faced with Su Cha’s indifferent attitude, it seemed that she could do without her father’s existence.

    He sighed. “It was all for your good…”

    It seemed that all parents always had this line.

    Su Cha wanted to laugh. She wanted to know what exactly Mr. Su thought was good for her.

    If it was genuinely for her own good, for an important date like his daughter’s college entrance examination, he shouldn’t be unsure about it and have to ask her right?

    If it were for her own good, he should not have left her alone in Yonggu Town, only taking his current wife and younger brother to stay in another distant city.

    Su Cha clearly knew to be grateful to Mr. Su for raising her, but she couldn’t be bothered with his methods.

    If she did not crave so much for affection and hope too much to be protected, perhaps in her first life she would not have stayed so stubbornly beside Zhai Yao.

    It was probably when Zhai Yao first got close to her, that he gave her hope she had never experienced before.

    She was like a person floating on the sea, holding a piece of dead wood and thinking that it was the last hope, holding on to it firmly and turning a blind eye to other sources of hope along the way. Eventually, the dead wood rotted and she paid the price with her life.

    Thinking of this, Su Cha’s breathing became slightly heavier. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself in order to avoid saying something overboard. Su Cha said directly, “I have to review, my time is tight, I have already returned your 5000. At the time, I promised to pay you back twice the amount. I’ll give you the remaining 5000 a little later.”

    Mr. Su was suddenly a little dumbfounded. “What? Didn’t I tell you not to pay me back? Wait, you’ve returned my 5000?”

    Su Cha raised her eyebrows. “I transferred you 5000 on your WeChat, and you also accepted it. Dad, are you not admitting this transaction?”

    “I haven’t received any notifications from you!”

    Mr. Su suddenly seemed slightly agitated. “You didn’t send me a message, how could you transfer money–”

    The voice abruptly stopped. As if he had suddenly thought of something, Mr. Su loudly asked someone to his side, “Yan Fang, did you read my WeChat message?!”

    Yan Fang was his current wife’s name.

    Upon hearing this, Su Cha felt a little annoyed. She didn’t want to listen to the family quarrel there, so she promptly hung up.

    Regardless of whether the money was received by Mr. Su, Su Cha had already returned it, and wouldn’t bother much anymore.

    Of course, the college entrance examination was her priority. Even Wu He sent a message, for her to do well in exams, and not be distracted by happenings on the competition ground.

    After all, to these third year high school students, they studied hard for 12 years just to get to experience this day. With other options, studies would only be icing on the cake for Su Cha – the benefits she could reap entering the entertainment circle with a reputation as a stellar student would definitely be great.