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Chapter 249 - Competing to Demonstrate Their Skills

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 249: Competing to Demonstrate Their Skills

    After Luo Tian’s Legendary Venomous Insect, Xiao Hong, was injured by Jun Yichen when he caught fire and was possessed by devils, it had profited from the disaster. It had even completed its third evolution into a Blood Jade Spider.

    Its entire body was red, and it had a strange black veined pattern on its back, like a pair of folded wings.

    Faced with the Blood Mosquitoes’ attack, it let out an angry roar.

    It opened its mouth and spat out a red spider web that wrapped around Luo Tian. The Blood Mosquitoes that attacked them were immediately stuck in the spider web—Xiao Hong’s prey.

    Luo Tian was very safe in the spider web, and he chanted the Insects Controlling Scripture, which disrupted the Blood Mosquitoes’ attacks. He managed to kill many.

    The most pitiful person was Ye Jiuge.

    Zi Shang, who was standing beside Ye Jiuge, turned invisible. Fearful of going near Zi Shang, the Blood Mosquitoes swarmed Ye Jiuge instead.

    Ye Jiuge could only painstakingly wave her Lightning Snake Magical Whip to kill them.

    However, with Ye Yu and Luo Tian’s support, she managed to maintain her position. Meanwhile, Baili Moyun was running into some trouble.

    When he’d first encountered the Blood Mosquitoes, the two female Spiritual Practitioners following him had immediately hidden behind him. They did not even take out their Spiritual Weapons.

    Finally, Xiao Tao took the lead. It opened its mouth and emitted a high-pitched noise toward the Blood Mosquitoes: “Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp!”

    The unique sound wave amplified in all directions, and the Blood Mosquitoes were momentarily stunned.

    Seizing the opportunity, Baili Moyun chanted a sword scripture. Raising his Dragonslayer Blade to the sky, he sent forward a vicious blue ray of light.

    The sword light rapidly expanded as it pressed ahead, cutting the blood cloud into two.

    Although many Blood Mosquitoes were killed, the remainder advanced in waves. They quickly surrounded Baili Moyun and the two female Spiritual Practitioners behind him.

    “Ahhhhhhhhh! Save me!” The two female Spiritual Practitioners screamed in unison. Striving to be first and fearing to be last, they tried to throw themselves into Baili Moyun’s arms.

    Ordinarily, Baili Moyun would not mind women throwing themselves at him.

    However, their situation was critical. Furthermore, the two female Spiritual Practitioners were covered with a gray layer of grease and dead Blood Mosquitoes. They looked like monsters, and he would be crazy to let them come too close.

    Baili Moyun dodged toward the side agilely as he shouted, “Don’t be afraid. These Blood Mosquitoes are very easy to kill.”

    “Senior, I am scared!”

    “Senior, quick! Protect me, please!”

    The two female Spiritual Practitioners let out delicate cries for help at the same time.

    Seeing that the two pouting women were already so completely covered with the Blood Mosquitoes that they’d turned into red figures, Baili Moyun turned to Ye Jiuge to signal for help.

    Ye Jiuge was waving her Lightning Snake Magical Whip nearby.

    Seeing Baili Moyun’s signal, she flung her whip through the vicinity. Then, she shouted at the two female Spiritual Practitioners, “If you wish to live, then pick up your Spiritual Weapons and fight. Nobody can help you except you. Useless things are not qualified to live on.”

    “You are a useless thing!”

    “You are the one who is not qualified to live on.”

    The two female Spiritual Practitioners did not hear Baili Moyun’s words of comfort, only Ye Jiuge’s ridicule. Instantly, they were filled with fighting strength.

    They summoned a ball of Spiritual Light to wash the Blood Mosquitoes from their bodies. Then, they took out their own Spiritual Weapons and began killing them with all their might.

    The dead Blood Mosquitoes fell from the sky like raindrops. By working together, the two female Spiritual Practitioners had killed even more of them than Baili Moyun.

    Quietly, Baili Moyun began to sneak away. He did not wish to be near two women who had gone ballistic.

    The situation at Nangong Li’s side was also under control.

    Xiao Ying was like a flash of lightning as it flapped its wings and dashed into the red cloud.

    Its innate skill was Poison Feather Light. The dark flashes of light cut apart the Blood Mosquitoes.

    Seizing the opportunity, Nangong Li tossed out a stack of low-grade Magic Talismans.

    Bang! Bang! Bang!

    The flames discharged in all directions. The Magic Talismans’ enormous power quickly killed many Blood Mosquitoes.

    At first, the two male Spiritual Practitioners behind Nangong Li were flustered.

    However, after they realized that Nangong Li could hold his position against the onslaught, they steadied themselves. Hiding behind him, they began to hunt lone Blood Mosquitoes.

    Almost everyone’s situation was improving, but around Gong Honglei, it was still chaos.

    Yue Lingjun’s complaints had attracted many Blood Mosquitoes.

    Although Gong Honglei had drawn his Raging Flames Sword in time, and Qiao Shaohua and the other male Spiritual Practitioner were dealing with the situation adequately, they could do nothing to stop the Blood Mosquitoes’ onslaught.

    If not for the helpful green mantis on Gong Honglei’s shoulder, his situation would be even more precarious.

    The green mantis’s innate skill was the Wind Blade. It formed an impenetrable defense by weaving many green shadows that rapidly dispatched the Blood Mosquitoes swarming near Gong Honglei.

    Standing behind Gong Honglei, Yue Lingjun ordered him as though it were his right, “Gong Honglei, quick, ask your green mantis to come over and protect me.”

    After all, she was Patriarch Lingyun’s granddaughter and the only woman in the small group. She thought: These men have an obligation to protect me.

    “Who the f*ck cares about you? You either fight or die!” Unable to bear Yue Lingjun anymore, Gong Honglei hurled vulgarities at her.

    Qiao Shaohua was standing beside Gong Honglei.

    Ordinarily, he would have jumped out to defend Yue Lingjun.

    However, the Blood Mosquitoes were everywhere.

    If not for the protection of Ye Jiuge’s Yin Pill, he would have been sucked dry. He was in no mood to curry favor with Yue Lingjun.

    “How dare you treat me like this?” Yue Lingjun screamed, furious.

    Gong Honglei did not have time to deal with her.

    He sent out wave after wave of red sword light through his Raging Flames Sword, but he was still unable to stop the Blood Mosquitoes’ attacks.

    Seeing that things were not going well, Yue Lingjun quickly took out her Spiritual Weapon. It was a piece of red Spiritual Brocade embroidered with all kinds of spell patterns.

    Usually, when she used the Spiritual Weapon, it created splendid lights and shadows. To Yue Lingjun, it was very beautiful.

    However, she could not bear to use it to deal with the hideous Blood Mosquitoes. As such, she only protected herself and did not attack them.

    Even when Qiao Shaohua was asking for her help, she pretended to not hear anything.

    Fortunately, Gong Xifan arrived on time together with Lin Yanxi and Wan Haoqiang. With a single attack, he garnered the attention of more than half of the Blood Mosquitoes. This reduced the pressure on Gong Honglei and the rest.

    Meanwhile, on Bloodcloud Peak, the Bloodthirsty Patriarch and Si Youyue were watching Ye Jiuge and the others through a water mirror near the protective formation’s core.

    “Lord Envoy, what do you think of those two?” The Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s fingers were pointed at Baili Moyun and Nangong Li, who were putting on the best performance.

    One had an incomparable sword aura, and the other was a master at Magic Talismans. They were superb seedlings.

    “Not bad.” The corners of Si Youyue’s mouth curled into a satisfied smile.

    Not only did they have outstanding natural endowments, but they also had first-class looks. Si Youyue thought: It would be very beneficial to have them in my bed.

    “Lord Envoy, don’t you personally want to pick up these superb seedlings?” Said the Bloodthirsty Patriarch, smiling.

    “There’s no need. They are only ingredients for making Corpses, after all. The result will be the same if you obtained them for me,” Si Youyue replied with a grin.

    Elder Qiu Sen had asked her to kill the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. She had yet to act because she wanted to make use of Bloodthirsty Patriarch to obtain more benefits from the Spiritual Practitioner Alliance. She would not help him.

    “Lord Envoy, if these Spiritual Practitioners are defeated by our protective formation, they will retreat to the Lei Kingdom. If that happens, it will be difficult for you to act,” laughed the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. After all, he had no interest in the saplings.

    “Hmph!” Si Youyue had set her heart on the two Spiritual Practitioners and did not wish to let them go.

    She took out the token that controlled the Demonic Corpse and gave it an order, “Capture the two men for me.”

    The Demonic Corpse appeared noiselessly before turning into a black figure and vanishing.