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Chapter 189 - We’ve Run out of Bullets. Dismissed!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 189: We’ve Run out of Bullets. Dismissed!

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    What in the world happened? Why were Boss and Jian Qi both shooting at him?

    Not only that, their shooting speed was extremely fast, all he felt was a sniper gun pointed at his back that was shooting at him non-stop.

    They did not even pause for a short while!

    Were they unaware of the fact that he was in pain?

    There was a box of bullets for each of them respectively. Not long after, the number of bullets had dwindled.

    Crocodile had almost gone crazy. His body would be ruined if they were to continue to shoot at him like that!

    Crocodile changed his running course and speed. He would never doubt his boss’s marksmanship. However, he did not believe that Jian Qi would be able to shoot at him again.

    His main objective was to switch with Jian Qi. He wanted her to run instead.

    Then, he could take revenge on her.

    He could never win against his boss but he would surely beat Jian Qi.

    Then, he could take the gun and repay her for her kind deeds.

    ‘Damn it! It hurts so much!’

    Jian Qi held the gun in her hand and stared at Crocodile. She tilted her head and aimed her gun at him.

    She moved her gun slightly forward.

    She would surely hit him no matter how he changed his position.

    Then, she pulled the trigger.

    “Bang!” Crocodile’s body was shot directly.

    He was stunned.

    How did she do that?

    Tang Jinyu looked at the girl who was smiling beside him calmly. He smiled faintly too.

    She was rather smart.

    The others were clearly stunned. They never thought that Jian Qi’s marksmanship would be that good.

    She did not look like a novice soldier at all.

    So, was she specialized in shooting before this?

    Lightning came over and saw what was happening. Crocodile was running wildly and there were endless gunshots. Crocodile was being shot ceaselessly.

    “What’s happening?” Lightning walked over and asked Feng Yi beside him.

    Feng Yi smiled. “At first, Crocodile licked Boss’s boots and he was punished for that. Then, he shot the goddess. In the end, he is being bullied by both my goddess and Boss!”

    “How interesting!” Lightning smirked. Then, he turned to look at the two people who looked like they were playing a game now.

    ‘Crocodile, how stupid you are!’

    ‘How dare you shoot at Big Sister Qi!’

    ‘Were you looking to die?’

    Crocodile was about to collapse. Why had nobody ever told him that Jian Qi’s marksmanship was excellent?

    If he knew that, he would not have switched with her.

    Jian Qi stopped after Tang Jinyu shot Crocodile. She tilted her head and looked at him. “Instructor Tang, each of us only have one bullet left. Why don’t we shoot him at the same time to see who gets him?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her and nodded. “Sure.”

    Then, they shot at Crocodile at the same time.

    Then, everyone turned to look at Crocodile who was not very far from them. At that moment, Crocodile had stopped running out of a sudden.

    He opened his eyes wide when he saw two bullets coming right at him. It was too late for him to dodge the attack now.

    However, the two bullets collided against each other in midair. Jian Qi’s bullet brushed past the corner of his clothes. On the other hand, Tang Jinyu’s bullet hit Crocodile sharply.

    Crocodile was stunned for a second. Then, he burst into laughter.

    “You missed!”

    The others remained silent.

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. She was surprised.

    How did she miss?!

    She scoffed.

    Tang Jinyu then glanced at her. She seemed disappointed and rather dejected.

    She was indeed really competitive.

    However, Tang Jinyu knew very well what she was trying to do just now. She did not mean to shoot Crocodile. Her aim was to hit his bullet and make him miss.

    His lips twitched as his eyes flashed with traces of a smile.

    “Boss, Big Sister Qi missed!” Crocodile came running all the way to them. He seemed so excited that it was rather embarrassing.

    ‘Crocodile, can you behave yourself?’

    ‘They have already run out of bullets!’

    ‘Why are you so excited?’

    “Oh, is that true?” Tang Jinyu remained calm. He looked at the empty box on the ground. “We’ve run out of bullets. Dismissed!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    The others burst into laughter.