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Chapter 190 - How Dare You Bully Big Sister Qi! Have You Forgotten About Boss?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 190: How Dare You Bully Big Sister Qi! Have You Forgotten About Boss?

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    Jian Qi stretched her body lazily. Then, she walked toward Crocodile with the gun in her hand. She handed him the gun and smiled softly. “Instructor, you worked hard…”

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘Please don’t talk to me!!!’

    Jian Qi turned around and left with an air of arrogance.

    She did not linger around Tang Jinyu this time around. She was indeed exhausted.

    At first, she was thrown over his shoulder. Then, she ran around the court while being shot by him. She even finished shooting a box of bullets with Tang Jinyu.

    Based on what Tang Jinyu told her just now at his office, she could already imagine what would be waiting for them after they had a good rest.

    After she left, Crocodile stood there with a dejected look.

    Lightning patted his shoulder. He was amused. “Young boy, get over it!”

    “Our boss is clearly being biased!” Crocodile could not help but complain. “What does he mean by no more bullets? Don’t we have plenty?”

    “No, we’re lacking in bullets!” Feng Yi remained calm. He was clearly looking down on Crocodile.

    How dare Crocodile bully his goddess! Now, he got what he deserved.

    “Feng Yi, are you still my buddy?” Crocodile could not suppress his fury and shouted angrily.

    Was he still a man? How could he side with the woman he liked rather than his best buddy?

    Feng Yi looked at him in disdain. Then, he turned away from him.

    “Feng Yi, I’m going to unfriend you!” Crocodile shouted angrily.

    Lightning said calmly. “It’s not appropriate for the two of you to behave like this here since we’re in the military team. You better behave yourselves.”

    Everyone. “…”


    Feng Yi sneered at Crocodile with disdain. “Can you please don’t humiliate me?”

    Crocodile said, “I… I’m so…. Damn it!”

    “Crocodile, you really should know your place. How can you bully Big Sister Qi? I’ve reminded you so many times already. Haven’t you learned your lessons yet?” Lightning smiled faintly. “How dare you bully Big Sister Qi! Have you forgotten about Boss?”

    “But, our boss started it. I…” Crocodile took a deep breath. “So, he did it intentionally!”

    “Oh! You finally realized that!” Lightning smiled playfully.

    The others were enjoying his embarrassment.

    Crocodile. “…”

    While laughing at him they left to train on their own.

    Feng Yi was curious so he went over to Lightning and asked softly, “By the way, how is Mu Zi now?”

    Lightning was stunned for a while. Then, he said softly, “Her leg is badly injured and she must go to the hospital for treatment. However, she might not be able to participate in the next recruitment test for the Special Fire Team even if her leg has been healed.”

    “Is it that bad?” Feng Yi frowned.

    “Yes, she was hurt during the last survival test and she didn’t inform us earlier for treatment. Moreover, she went through a series of intensive training after that. So, her injuries became worse after the intensive run.”

    Lightning sighed. “She wanted so badly to stay so she said nothing, that’s why she’s like this now.”

    “How’s she feeling now? Did you talk some sense into her?” Crocodile asked.

    Lightning nodded. “Yes, she promised to leave.”

    Feng Yi patted his shoulder. “You had it hard.”

    “She’s just too stubborn.” Lightning pursed his lips. He remembered what Mu Zi said to him before he left the clinic. He could not help but frown.

    “Both brother and sister are alike.” Crocodile smiled and said. He closed his mouth awkwardly and threw a careful glance at Lightning right after. He patted his shoulder. “It’s already long in the past. Don’t think too much about it.”

    Lightning’s lips twitched. “Alright. I’m gonna go train now. You two chat.”

    Feng Yi looked at Crocodile disdainfully when he saw Lightning leaving. “You and your mouth really don’t know when to stop.”

    “It was just a slip of the tongue. I forgot about it.” Crocodile knew that he was wrong. He said softly, “I did not think that Lightning would still remember that.”

    “Do you think that everyone is so forgetful like you?” Feng Yi threw him another disdainful look before leaving.

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘Damn it! Why did I annoy everyone today?’

    He rubbed his back and walked away slowly. ‘Damn it!’