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Chapter 843 - Dealing with the Xiao Family

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 843: Chapter 845:Dealing with the Xiao Family

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    People often say that century-old affluent families would have wealth enough to last them three generations.

    After all, affluent families had a strong foundation and a large family tree with an abundance of wealth, offspring and a wide network of connections.

    The four major families, the Wen Family, Gu Family, Xiao Family, and Jiang Family all had long histories, with the Wen Family being ranked the second richest, followed by the Xiao Family and lastly, the Jiang Family.

    The Wen Family had a longer history compared to the Xiao Family, which had only begun to develop when the Wen Family was already prospering. The Xiao Family had only started making a name for themselves when the Wen Family was at the peak of their success in the world of business.

    The Xiao Family had actually managed to rise because of the acquirement of a local household electronics business which helped them to become a pioneer in the household appliance industry. Due to the fact that Old Mr. Wen had retired early and allowed the incompetent Wen Haowen to take over, the Wen Family reached a plateau and their progress remained stagnant for years, thus allowing the Xiao Family to surpass them in the end.

    Wen Xinya placed her finger on the bottom right corner of the document while perusing the content in her hand. The snowy white paper accentuated her long and beautiful fingers.

    Secretary Cao stood beside her and explained to her the current management situation of the Wen Corporation, as well as the projects that they were handling.

    Wen Xinya closed the document slowly and said, “I’ve always thought that the Xiao Family was superior to the Wen Family in terms of abilities and wealth. However, that does not seem to be the case. I’m surprised.”

    In the previous lifetime, the Wen Family was tremendously undermined by the Xiao Family ever since Xiao Jingnan took over the household and the corporation. After her rebirth, the Xiao Family still did not see the Wen Family as a threat and frequently challenged them and plotted against them. As a result, Wen Xinya felt that the Wen Family was inferior to the Xiao Family.

    Secretary Cao smiled and said, “You’re not alone, Missy. I reckon your father and the rest of the shareholders think so too.”

    Staring at Secretary Cao curiously, Wen Xinya asked, “Why is that so?”

    Could it be that there were other underlying reasons?

    Secretary Cao explained, “Ever since Old Mr. Wen retired and your father, Wen Haowen took over, he has never made any impressive achievements, and Old Mr. Wen realized that too. He knew that it was impossible for the Wen Corporation to progress and the only thing he could do was to safeguard it. Hence, Old Mr. Wen secretly transferred his funds and assets elsewhere, partly to save the family business and also to save for a rainy day.”

    Actually, the Wen Family had a stronger foundation than the Xiao Family, and they were just as capable.

    Feeling a sense of enlightenment, Wen Xinya felt like her grandfather truly had great foresight and planning. “I didn’t expect Grandpa to have such great foresight. He has long made all the necessary arrangements. Given how incompetent, conceited and complacent Father is, it’d probably be difficult for him to keep the family business.”

    In hindsight, she realized that that was the reason why Chu Jingnan did not manage to ruin the Wen Family despite colluding with Xia Ruya, though he had indeed undermined them continuously.

    However, she was surprised that Secretary Cao would disclose to her about such confidential information belonging to the Wen Corporation. After all, she was just a successor and had yet to officially take over the business.

    Secretary Cao smiled and did not answer her. After all… he was in no place to make comments since he was just an employee. However, he would do his best to help and guide Wen Xinya along as instructed by Old Mr. Wen.

    Wen Xinya smiled calmly and said, “Although my father did not make any major mistakes throughout the years of helming the Wen Corporation, he did not achieve any stellar results and everyone looks down on him. Besides, we lack power. It’s little wonder that the Xiao Family doesn’t respect us and try to provoke us all the time. They even tried to expand into the luxury brands market.”

    Secretary Cao frowned slightly and remained silent. This time, the Xiao Family was the one behind the sabotaging of the Wen Corporation and Ai Shang’s product launch, which involved Yang Ziyu.

    Suddenly appearing stern and dominant, Wen Xinya smirked and said menacingly, “It’s time the Xiao Family finds out what they get for challenging the Wen Family.”

    Her voice was cold and sharp like a knife, extremely terrifying. Secretary Cao glanced at her and felt that she looked just as domineering as Old Mr. Wen during his younger days. “Missy, how do you plan to deal with the Xiao Family?”

    Wen Xinya laughed sinisterly and said, “Uncle Cao, if… I were to expose the Jiang family and the Xiao Family for plotting against the Wen Corporation and instigating Yang Ziyu to ruin the product launch, what do you think the consequences would be?”

    Previously, she had already discussed with Ling Qingxuan her plans to borrow his connections to deal with the Xiao Family. She had been laying low and remaining quiet lately so as to catch the Xiao Family off guard and render them helpless.

    Secretary Cao’s face grew sullen and he said, “We’re still in the midst of launching the Ai Shang skincare products and no one has dared to undermine the Wen Family, especially since we’re enjoying so much attention and glory now. If this matter gets exposed, it would result in dire consequences and the Xiao Family’s reputation would be ruined. The Xiao Corporation’s stock prices will plunge as well.”

    He had known long ago that she was one to take revenge where it was due. It seems he was right.

    Wen Xinya nodded and smiled.

    Secretary Cao said softly, “Missy, do you have any evidence to prove that the Xiao Family plotted against the Wen Family?”

    He was actually looking forward to seeing what plans she had concocted. Back then, she managed to purchase and accumulate the Ai Shang Group stocks and caused the Xiao Family to suffer major losses. He wondered if she had another scheming plan this time.

    Wen Xinya shook her head and answered, “No!”

    Appearing a little stern, Secretary Cao said, “Missy, Yang Ziyu has secretly left the hospital and gone missing. Since there is no evidence to prove that the Xiao Family was behind it, we might end up getting framed by them and there would be adverse effects on the product launch.”

    Although it was a great solution, it was far too risky. He did not want to create any unnecessary trouble under such circumstances.

    Wen Xinya knocked her fingers on the table gently and said, “However, that doesn’t mean we can’t create evidence.”

    After creating evidence, it would be a piece of cake for them to deal with the Xiao Family, especially with the help of Ling Qingxuan’s connections.

    Upon hearing her cold and formidable words, Secretary Cao’s heart skipped a beat and he asked, “Missy, how confident are you?”

    Wen Xinya chuckled and exclaimed, “Not very!”

    In the world of business, no one could be entirely confident. However… 50% confidence was enough to make her take the gamble.

    Secretary Cao’s eyes constricted. By rights, he was supposed to stop her from taking such a risky move since Old Mr. Wen had tasked him to guide her along. However, he felt a little excited to see her execute her plan, for some reason. “Missy, do you have a detailed strategy?”

    Wen Xinya nodded and said, “Of course I do.”

    Secretary Cao was in his forties and hence, was rather conservative. Hence, she was merely trying to test him and see if he was really competent and of use to her. However… she was impressed by how careful yet conscientious he was.

    Secretary Cao said, “As long as you have a concrete plan, it won’t be impossible to carry it out! What matters most is the execution.”

    Wen Xinya grinned widely and thought to herself,