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Chapter 180 - Interrogate him Till he Obeys

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 180: Interrogate him Till he Obeys

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    While Ma Jingtian’s mouth watered, Black and Qianmo ignored him at the same time.

    The virtue of friendliness ceased to exist with the Mo Duo.

    “When I got up in the morning, I left a serving for Uncle in the kitchen, and I also set aside the other dishes for him. Plus, I marinated chicken feet with pickled pepper for him and put it in the refrigerator. You can let him open it in two days and have it when he drinks.”

    In order to curry favor with his in-laws, Black has really used all means.

    “Last night, my dad was snoring; were you able to sleep peacefully?” Qianmo could hear her dad’s snoring from upstairs, and it was so loud, even the ceiling quaked.

    Yu Changmo laughed but said nothing.

    She fed the last piece of dried meat to his mouth. On the back seat, Ma Jingtian looked at them chatting and mulled.

    Qianmo was a freshman, and even if she secretly had a boyfriend, she would not bring him home to stay overnight at her house. But listening to their conversation, her parents seemed to like Yu Changmo.

    As a result, Ma Jingtian was certain that the pair in front of him were not lovers, but brother and sister!

    Brother and sister… It would be easy to handle if they were siblings.

    With this thought in mind, Ma Jingtian observed them the entire way. The more he looked, the more he felt confident of his guess.

    Campus Belle said that she was thirsty. Immediately, his idol took out a thermal cup. Campus Belle commented that it was boring. Immediately, he played the music that Campus Belle liked. Even when Campus Belle nonchalantly took a few more glances out of the window, his idol would immediately stop the car and go out to buy the county’s famous snacks for her.

    While Yu Changmo was away on one of his snack-shopping trips, Ma Jingtian finally asked Qianmo, “Is he… your brother?”

    She nodded her head.

    She was not stupid. The school did not permit dating. If Ma Jingtian found out about her relationship with Black, what would she do if he disclosed it?

    As such, Ma Jingtian’s heart was set at ease.

    In Ma Jingtian’s mind at that moment, he himself was not sure whether it was more important to “marry the campus belle” or “to somehow be related to his idol”. The perspective of a straight man was always perplexing.

    After hearing Qianmo’s “official announcement”, Ma Jingtian almost imagined the moment where he was at the peak of his life, feeling a little intoxicated from it.

    By the time Black realized that Ma Jingtian was acting a little weird, it was already after they had arrived at the destination.

    Qianmo had agreed with Ma Jingtian to invite his cousin, who had started the rumor, to his house. She suspected that his cousin had been blackmailed by some bad guys, which was why he ended up doing something to frame her.

    In order to not inadvertently alert the enemy, Qianmo decided to lie in wait in the room next to his. Then, they would ask Ma Jingtian’s cousin over, and she would observe his reaction before making a deduction.

    When they arrived at his home, Yu Changmo finally sensed something amiss. Why was the reflection of Ma Jingtian in the car mirror… smiling so ridiculously?!

    It would have been fine if he was just smiling foolishly. But he would giggle for a while, look at Momo, then look at himself, and when he was done, he would continue smiling foolishly. Next, the cycle would repeat itself. He was emitting a desire for love, like spring had come, from head to toe.

    Black’s eyes narrowed, feeling that the beating he had given this kid the other day was too light.

    Suppressing his urge to kill him, the group went upstairs. According to Qianmo’s plan, she and Black would enter the house first to lie in wait since Ma Jingtian’s parents were not at home.

    But plans could never keep up with how fast things would change. Ma Jingtian was about to open the door when he heard footsteps coming from the corridor, accompanied by a young voice.

    “Brother, you’re at home. I came to find you to play video games.”

    Younger Cousin!

    Oh no, it was too late for Qianmo and Black to hide; what should they do!

    Qianmo’s plan was so perfect, yet something just had to go wrong here. His cousin did not wait for Ma Jingtian to call him over, turning up uninvited instead. At this time, if Qianmo and Black went in, it would definitely be too late, as his cousin was already on the stairs.

    Before Qianm could react, Ma Jingtian’s imagination during the journey, about marrying ‘Ms. Perfect’ and reaching the peak of his life, came into play.

    Ma Jingtian’s cousin was here to find Ma Jingtian. But he did not expect so many people to be standing at the door. Especially when he saw Qianmo, his pupils constricted.

    Ma Jingtian’s cousin was also in the same school as Qianmo and in the same batch as Ma Jingtian. During military training, he was the instructor for another team. Hence, they all found each other familiar. Qianmo could recognize him, and he could recognize Qianmo.

    Not expecting to see her here, his face instantly changed. He wanted to leave but found it inappropriate, so he asked Ma Jingtian awkwardly, “Brother, this, this is?”

    “My girlfriend!” Ma Jingtian declared. Then, ignoring Qianmo’s stiffness and Black’s murderous face, he reached out and held Qianmo’s hand.

    This happened right in front of Black’s eyes. There was no way in hell that he would allow someone to take advantage of his beloved girl’s slim and lily-white hands.

    The next moment, Black slapped Ma Jingtian’s impudent claws away.

    Ma Jingtian felt his hand turning numb… How many cells did his idol’s slap kill?

    However, with the support of his imagination, Comrade Xiaoma upheld his spirit of determination, and with that, he awakened his inner drama queen and showed his bootlicking face to Black, who was about to flare up.

    “Brother, I know you are angry about the way I treated your sister, who is my girlfriend, previously. Now that my cousin is here, let’s clear up whatever misunderstanding we have face-to-face. After all, we’ll all be one family in the future.”

    Ma Jingtian felt that he was really too smart; this impromptu performance was practically perfect.

    Black’s anger was on the verge of erupting. He wanted to rip this guy apart right here and now!

    Qianmo suppressed her laughter and patted Black’s hand, hinting to him to calm down.

    When the cousin heard Ma Jingtian announce that Qianmo was his girlfriend, he was confused. After all, he had bad-mouthed her so much behind her back. Still, his older cousin actually said that she was his girlfriend?

    “The fact is that you misunderstood her. I think we should all sit down and have a chat.” Anyways, Ma Jingtian did not understand Qianmo’s talk about the ambush. He innocently believed that things would be fine as long as they talked them out.

    Ma Jingtian’s cousin had a guilty conscience, though, and he did not dare to have a confrontation with them. Turning around, he made up an excuse, saying he had something on, and wanted to leave.

    However, Black grabbed his arm. The cousin was also a skilled fighter and subconsciously wanted to retaliate. It was tragic.

    Black directly shoved him against the wall. Fortunately, it was hard enough, or else, the cousin would have sunken into it, and they would not be able to dig him out.

    The most unlucky child along the entire street was undoubtedly him. To play this kind of trick in front of Black, wasn’t this asking to be taught a lesson?

    To deal with such an irritating bastard who slandered Qianmo behind her back, Black only had one thought—

    The fresh animosity pooled together with old grudges, and Black did not show any mercy. He purposely exerted more strength in his hands, hurting Ma Jingtian’s horrible cousin, who kept howling, “Ow! Ow!”