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Chapter 191 - I want… pillow talk (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 191: I want… pillow talk (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    She was caught off guard as Gu Yu shifted his gaze to her. Her heart wavered slightly as she put on a tight smile before whispering, “I made a cup of coffee for you. Would you like it?”

    Gu Yu’s slender fingers tapped lightly on the screen, before replying lazily, “Come in.”

    After placing the coffee on the table, Xu Weilai pushed it towards his arm slightly while maintaining her smile. “No sugar, less milk, right?”

    Gu Yu’s long eyelashes fluttered slightly. Lowering his eyelids, he stared at the steaming hot cup of coffee. The tone of his voice suddenly dropping low as he asked, “You still remember?”

    Xu Weilai’s gaze also settled on that cup of coffee. With a nod, she replied, “I do.”

    In truth, she wanted to forget everything about Gu Yu. However, it felt as if those memories were engraved in her bones. Even if she wanted to forget them, she couldn’t.

    Gu Yu picked up the cup of coffee, slowly taking a sip. The temperature was just right, and so was the taste.

    At the sight of the pleased look gracing his features, Xu Weilai knew that she successfully got on his good side. Back when Gu Yu was so busy that he burned the midnight oil to get work done, she’d make a cup of coffee to help perk him up whenever she was around.

    After taking a few sips, he placed the cup down and picked up a document. It seemed like he was going to continue with his work.

    Xu Weilai didn’t wish to interrupt him. As she turned her heel and prepared to leave, she caught sight of his fingers rubbing his temples with a tinge of fatigue gracing that handsome face of his. There was even a hint of stubble visible on his upper lip.

    Recalling Mrs. Lin’s words, she stopped in her tracks once more and asked, “Do you want to go take a nap? Slow and steady wins the race, after all…”

    She would’ve never said this back in the past. She would’ve just dragged him to the bed so he could get some sleep straight away. However, their current relationship didn’t allow room for her to do such things anymore. The only thing she could do was to advise him to rest, though she wasn’t sure if her words would have any effect…

    As expected, Gu Yu rejected her coldly by saying, “No need, you can go out.”

    Xu Weilai also didn’t want to care about him, but who said she needed to ask him for a favor? She remained in place, before eventually making her way behind him. Raising her hands, her fingers landed on his temples. As she applied pressure gently, she asked, “Then would it be fine if I gave you a massage?”

    Gu Yu’s body stiffened slightly, but his resistance faded after feeling her warm fingertips and comfortable strength. He leaned into the back of his chair and slowly closed his eyes.

    As someone raised with a silver spoon in her mouth, Xu Weilai had naturally not known such acts of service as giving someone a massage. She had picked all these up back when Gu Yu had woken up from his car accident, specially picking them up from the therapist since she helped Gu Yu loosen up his muscles every day.

    After massaging his temples, Xu Weilai moved on to the back of his neck, then his shoulders. She only stopped after she felt the man’s body finally begin to relax completely. Before leaving, she even looked for a little blanket and laid it onto Gu Yu, who was already taking a light nap.

    To her surprise, Gu Yu opened his eyes the minute Xu Weilai stepped out. He straightened up, picking up the cup of coffee and taking another sip. It had already cooled off a little.

    Even so, he didn’t mind it at all, only putting down the cup after finishing it all.

    In truth, he preferred to have black coffee. Xu Weilai was the one that liked to add milk into coffee, believing that coffee wasn’t nice without it. Thus, she always added milk to his coffee. The more he drank, the more he got used to it.


    When Gu Yu walked out of the study, it was just about time for lunch. As he walked into the dining room, he caught sight of the entire table filled with all of his favorite dishes.

    Xu Weilai walked out of the kitchen with the last dish in her hands. At the sight of him, she huffed impatiently, “I made all these dishes specially for you!”