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Chapter 248.2 - Another Plot Arises

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 248.2: Another Plot Arises

    But when he came awake this time, not only did he not feel the slightest discomfort, he felt that his heart was even stronger than before.

    He had always thought that Fei Er had employed some secret technique that allowed him to avert disaster, never once thinking that the Hell Kings Palace’s power had been mixed into it as well.

    But it had clearly been said before that once he left the place, he would no longer be a king in this place, so even when he was caught in such a perilous predicament, he had never once thought to seek help from the Hell Kings Palace.

    But this person here, had still moved to save him.

    “Big Brother, I…..”

    “There is no need for me to hear any words of gratitude, as such frivolity is not needed between me and you.” The man interrupted Mo Jing Yu, a faint smile on his lips.

    Mo Jing Yu’s eyes darkened. “Isn’t it said that the moment I leave this place, all ties between us would be severed? So….. why did you take such great effort to save me…..”

    “That was what I thought as well.” The man curved up his lips as he said, before he pushed the cup of tea he had just finished preparing towards the man. “Having been brothers for so many years where we spared no effort to build up the Hell Kings Palace, can you imagine how disappointed I was when you told me you were giving all that up for the sake of just one woman?”

    Mo Jing Yu remained silent as he listened to the man speak, his lips pressed tightly together without saying a single word in response.

    “Even though you abandoned the Hell Kings Palace, you are still a king of this place, and we have always been waiting for you to come back.”

    Having finally touched on the main topic at hand, Mo Jing Yu then knitted his brows and started to say: “Big Brother, I only came here this time to see you, and have no intentions of returning back to this place. I still have some unfinished business to deal with.”

    The man’s long slender fingers lightly flicked at a bubble floating on the surface of the tea and he then said in a soft voice: “You’re going to avenge the things that happened back then? Ha. With the current strength of the divine temple today, we do not need to fear them at all. Why do you need to do it yourself? It must be because of that woman!”

    “Yes.” Mo Jing Yu did not deny it. “That was something that belonged to Fei Er in the first place and I am going to take it all back for her one by one. I do not need the Hell Kings Palace’s help and I ask that Big Brother does not stop me.”

    “I’ve made a trip back here and I bid for Big Brother to take good care of yourself.” Upon saying that, Mo Jing Yu then got up and went walking outside.

    “Are you really not willing to return back to us no matter what?” Behind him, the man’s voice rose slowly, tonelessly without a ripple of emotion. “Even when I have aged prematurely in order to save you?”

    Mo Jing Yu’s footsteps paused for a moment, though he did not turn his head back as he said: “I will never forget the benevolence Big Brother has shown me. If there is anything that you need me to do for you, I will never reject you. But when it comes to something like freedom, it is something too precious and important, so I would like to be able to have full control over it.”