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Chapter 248.3 - Another Plot Arises

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 248.3: Another Plot Arises

    “Why does Big Brother persist in believing in the prophecy that only one who possess the icy glass heart can claim kingship? You’re better and stronger than me in everything and is more suited to be the ruler of the Hell Kings Palace than I am.”

    Immediately after saying that, he did not stay there any longer, but walked straight out from the palace.

    It was eerily quiet in that vast palace, empty and devoid of people, where not even a single servant could be seen. And with the kind of climate they had in that place, it only made the place feel more desolate and dead.

    The man sat there sipping at his tea in silence, until the sound of footsteps outside the palace were heard. A person appeared before the doors a far distance away, and his knees bent to crash heavily onto the floor. “Your subordinate’s incompetence has allowed them to escape.”

    “Hmph. All of you are not even able to watch over a single woman. It seems like you’ve all fallen too lax.” The man’s voice said tonelessly.

    “Please quell your anger. The fact is because…..”

    “I let them go.”

    The first man had not even finished speaking when he was suddenly interrupted by another voice that rang out suddenly.

    Xiu Yi Ran waved his hand, indicating for the first man to be dismissed.

    When the latter saw that, he bowed his head and retreated from the place.

    “What, even you are going against me now?” The man’s eyes narrowed, and a dangerous look spread over his handsome countenance.

    “What could possibly change even if you forcibly make them stay? Might as well just let them go and leave Mo Jing Yu with a good impression.” Xiu Yi Ran went on to explain.

    The man suddenly burst out laughing. “I haven’t realized since when did you turn to become a good person? I remember that your relationship with Jing Yu’s woman isn’t all that shallow. Is it because of her?”

    Xiu Yi Ran raised an eyebrow. “Big Brother is being suspicious for nothing. I have merely given them a way out and you immediately think that I have feelings for that woman. The two of us cannot possibly always be villains you know?”

    Hearing that, the man seemed a little surprised. “You mean to say that you released them because you wanted to win their trust first so you’ll be able to make your move in an entirely different manner?”

    “You can say that.” Xiu Yi Ran nodded his head with a smile. “When have you ever seen me being kind? Every move I make carries a motive behind it.”

    “You’re really one step ahead of me. I have been too quick to judge.” The man’s lips then curved up into a gentle smile once more. Seeming to recall something suddenly, he opened his mouth to say: “It seems like Jing Yu and that woman had offsprings carrying their blood. I had people go look into it. They had a pair of dragon and phoenix twin didn’t they?”

    Xiu Yi Ran looked a little startled. “What about it?”

    “Looks like you know about it as well. Maybe you can make your move from that.” The man said meaningfully. “If his children are both here in the Hell Kings Palace, do you think….. he still can bear to leave the place?”