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Chapter 248.4 - Another Plot Arises

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 248.4: Another Plot Arises

    Xiu Yi Ran was stunned for a while and he then asked in a somewhat surprised voice: “Big Brother, are you thinking that we should catch Jing Yu’s twin rascals and keep them here in order to be able to control him?”

    [He wouldn’t do that would he! ? Isn’t that a little….. Unethical?]

    Probably guessing what was on Xiu Yi Ran’s mind, the man went on to say, seemingly unbothered : “As long as it makes Jing Yu remain here in the Hell Kings Palace, does it matter even if the method used is a little despicable? I’ll just leave this matter in your hands!”


    “Didn’t you just gain their trust earlier? You will be most suited for that task as they will not have their guard up against you.” The man said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “Just go get it done! Before the Mind Free Peak opens up, Jing Yu must definitely show up here in the Hell Kings Palace.”

    To learn the way to gain eternal life and achieve immortality, who wouldn’t want that?

    — Bright Moon Temple —

    Second only to the Temple Lord’s sleeping chambers, the Star Priest Palace was the most luxurious and resplendent place that was filled with mystery.

    After he was struck by that mysterious force the other night, he only showed signs of improvement after a few days’ recuperation.

    “Grand Priestess, Yue Fen has brought the person here.” A voice said respectfully outside.

    Cang Jian was taken aback for a moment. He had completely forgotten about it. The Temple Lord had said a few days ago that she would be transferring an attendant girl over and he had been puzzled back then why the mere transfer of an attendant girl had needed the Temple Lord to tell him personally.

    But the Temple Lord had told him of her real intentions after that. The attendant girl did not seem to be someone ordinary and she was sending the girl here so that he could look into it properly, and keep a close watch on the girl.

    Remembering that, Cang Jian’s interest was piqued. He opened his mouth and then said: “Let them come in!”

    A moment later, the handsome and cold faced Yue Fen who was dressed in full black clothes then came walking in, with a young lady in light pink in tow, right behind him.

    The Bright Moon Temple’s female attendant uniform was almost the same colour and design throughout.

    But on this young lady, the clothes looked exceptionally different. It was probably because that face of hers was really just too exquisite and beautiful, the highly noble air the young lady carried just could not be diminished even by the inferior quality of the female attendant’s uniform in the slightest.

    “Greetings to the Grand Priest.” Yue Fen bowed his head slightly to say, greeting in a neither serville nor impertinent manner.

    He served directly under the Temple Lord and that was why he did not need to kneel before any other person, even before the revered and highly respected Grand Priest.

    “Lord Yue Fen. I’ve troubled you to bring the person all the way here.” Cang Jian greeted politely.

    “This is part of my duty. I shall now leave the lass in the Grand Priest’s good care. She is rather obstinate and it could be because she has only just begun that she is finding it hard to receive instructions.” Yue Fen said without emotion, seeming to be helping Qing Yu set a favourable impression.