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Chapter 249.1 - Merely Just a Pawn in the End

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 249.1: Merely Just a Pawn in the End

    It must be said that even Qing Yu herself was surprised by that.

    [Hasn’t this fella always shown nothing but disdain for her? And here he is speaking up for her? ?]

    [Does he have something up his sleeve…..]

    Cang Jian looked like he was similarly surprised as well, but his face quickly regained its usual composure. He smiled and nodded his head, as he went on to say: “Lord Yue Fen does not have to worry. I will not let the lass lose an arm or a leg in here.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu could not help but feel a corner of her mouth twitch. [Why do those words sound so forbidding?]

    “I will have to trouble the Grand Priest then.” Yue Fen nodded in response. Before he left, he reminded Qing Yu again to not stir up trouble, and then departed from the place.

    Cang Jian watched Yue Fen’s back as he gradually walked away into the distance, and then turned his gaze upon the young lady before him.

    Not to mention anything else, but just seeing the young girl’s calm and composed demeanor was strange to say the least. It was said that she was brought here from the lower realms and faced with a completely unfamiliar environment, she was not feeling the slightest bit of panic or fear at all?

    So how could she possibly be a young little lady who had not seen much of the world?

    Although that was what Cang Jian thought in his mind, his face did not show a ripple of emotion, but just curved up the ends of his lips to say: “Little lass, what is your name?”

    “Yu Qing.” Qing Yu returned with a pure and harmless smile, not batting an eyelid nor blushing in the slightest as she gave the name she had become so used to.

    Cang Jian nodded his head and said to her: “Yu Qing, from now onwards, you are part of the Star Priest Palace. Someone will bring you around to let you familiarize yourself with this place. You will have a lot of freedom here in the Star Priest Palace, unlike the other palaces with their tedious and elaborate tasks. All you have to do here is to tidy up the texts and scrolls here in the Star Priest Palace everyday.”

    [It’s really that easy?]

    Qing Yu could not help but feel a little doubtful. She had thought that the woman had sent her here to do some hard labour.

    “There has been quite a number of cases where nameless nobodies who started tidying texts and scrolls here that went on to become someone outstanding in a single leap. It all depends on yourself, as the mystical secrets within these texts are endless.” Cang Jian’s eyes were deep as he looked at her, his tone meaningful as he said those words.

    Qing Yu blinked her eyes, impossible to see whether she really understood as she nodded her head. “I will do my best”

    “Mm. You may go now.” Cang Jian said and waved his hand dismissively. A white robed man standing at the door immediately came walking in, to bring Qing Yu out.

    After a while, within the empty Star Priest Palace, a gentle and melodious woman’s voice rang out all of a sudden. “How?”

    Cang Jian slowly turned around, and then bowed respectfully as he greeted: “Cang Jian is incompetent. I was not able to spot anything unusual.”

    “Oh? You mean to say that she is merely just an ordinary little lass from the lower realms?”