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Chapter 482 - Young Chinese Medicine Doctor Is Being Doubted!

Medical Master
     While everyone was excitedly discussing various topics brought by the third episode, the official Weibo account of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor released the trailer of the fourth episode without any warning. “The fourth episode’s trailer of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

    Soon, countless people noticed and reposted it.

    As they clicked on the link to have a look, they saw that there were people challenging each other again.

    This time, it was not a one-on-one fight, but Fang Qiu, Luo Jie, and the three judges gathering together to challenge other contestants.

    In the trailer, Yang Juanyong shouted, “Those who can’t process medicinal herbs, raise your hand.”

    As a result, of the 30 participants, 28 of then actually raised their hands.

    The two who didn’t raise their hands were Fang Qiu and Luo Jie.

    The people who raised their hands were criticized severely by Dr. Yang Juanyong.

    Without being able to refute Yang Juanyong, these people vented their anger and started to target at Fang Qiu and Luo Jie.

    “Even though they said that they could, there was no proof.”

    “I can say that I know how to process herbs too. Would you believe me even if I told you so?”

    “Who knows if they can do it or not? Everyone knows how to show off.”

    “Yeah! Show me what you got!”

    People kept saying provocative words to Fang Qiu and Luo Jie.

    But the two didn’t say anything at all.

    Instead, the director stood up.

    Director Li Huawen said to everyone, “Okay. Since you don’t believe me, then I’ll invite Fang Qiu and Luo Jie to show you what they can do. If they can’t do it, then this rule will be canceled and we will work on other things. If they can process medicine, then I will announce a decision!”

    Then the picture flashed, and each of them appeared alone in a private room.

    When the time was up and the alarm sounded, the boxes in the rooms were bounced off.

    Then, the trailer was over.

    After watching this video, people who were still in a heated discussion in the third episode suddenly became even more excited.

    “Process medicinal herbs?”

    “Does Fang Qiu really know how to process medicine?”

    “Luo Jie seems quite capable of this!”

    “This is more like a gamble. I just don’t know what kind of reward the director group will give them if Fang Qiu and Luo Jie win.”

    “What are these rooms for?”

    “Each person has one room, and there is a box in each room. Are they trying to play the game escaping from the secret room?”

    With considerable heated discussion going on, everyone also had a strong interest in the fourth episode.

    At the same time, in a provincial entertainment TV station in Huaxia, “Look, take a look!”

    In a meeting room, a roar was heard. “They can do so many things in a variety show relating to Chinese Medicine. An indoor show now has become an outdoor survival program. And you guys can’t even come up with anything special to our show. What are you doing?

    “Hurry up and plan it. If we don’t have any good idea, we’ll completely lose share of the ratings!”

    The next day, people online continued to talk about the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor madly, bringing all kinds of topics to the real-time topic list on Weibo.

    However, at this moment, an influencer’s Weibo named Bozhi Tianxia posted two posts in a row, not only didn’t he praise the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor for promoting Chinese Medicine and traditional virtue, but he also made unscrupulous ridicule to the show.

    He said in the post, “#Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# I’ve watched three episodes in front of the TV. It turned out to be a knowledge quiz. Even collecting medicinal herbs is related to knowledge. Is Chinese Medicine that the show tries so hard to publicize just about knowledge and theory? I think Chinese Medicine doctors are supposed to cure people and relieve pain for patients. Chinese Medicine is never just about a person standing on the stage to answer questions. This show is just the most common variety show made in the name of Chinese Medicine!”

    In less than three minutes after the first post, the second one came. “#Please stop broadcasting the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# I don’t think it’s necessary for this show to continue to do it anymore, because this variety show is merely a competition of memory, not testing real medical skills. They claim that they’re promoting Chinese Medicine. In addition to reciting the knowledge in the books, what else can these so-called Young Chinese Medicine Doctors do? They can’t even perform the most basic Chinese Medicine treatment. Why do they still make the variety show in the name of Chinese Medicine? I strongly demand that they should stop broadcasting the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor!”

    As the two posts appeared, they caused a commotion on Weibo in an instant.

    Many people who opposed and didn’t support Chinese Medicine reposted these two posts, and some western doctors who hated Chinese Medicine also reposted them, among whom were many prominent celebrities on Weibo.

    With so many people reposting, the two posts immediately stirred up a heated discussion on Weibo.

    Whether people supported or opposed TCM, whether they liked the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor or not, whether they liked or hated Fang Qiu, they all came to leave comments below Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo.

    In just a few hours, the comments area under his second post became a fierce battlefield.

    First of all, there was a hot debate among onlookers.

    “He made a good point. Chinese Medicine is indeed used to cure and save people. I think the show should change its name and rename it to Knowledge Quiz of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor so that it will not be questioned again.”

    “You can’t just put it in this way. There is indeed no medical consultation on the show. But if the show really becomes medical consultation, there will not be so many people paying attention to it.”

    “Personally, I think that knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine is also a part of Chinese Medicine. Only after digesting important knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine, can we cure and save people.”

    “This is a bit too harsh. Although the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor isn’t really a pure Chinese Medicine program, it shouldn’t be stopped from broadcasting. Many people just watch it for entertainment. Why are you being so serious?”

    Just as the onlookers were talking excitedly, the fans of Fang Qiu and the show saw these two posts and they got furious.

    A large number of fans flooded to Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo and started to leave endless comments to refute him.

    “What knowledge quiz? Master Fang Qiu is a great doctor who can even cure a comminuted fracture of the judge. How can you say that about him?”

    “Who said it wasn’t a Chinese Medicine show? Do you know how much Chinese Medicine knowledge they have popularized in these three episodes? And they’ve also explained to people what medicine they should take if they have those symptoms. Can’t you see that? Who do you think you are to doubt this show?”

    “This person is simply filled with jealousy and hatred. He can’t stand the fact that the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor is so popular, can he?”

    “And you even got the verification for your Weibo. I wonder how you got it. It’s disgusting!”

    “The program is so awesome. How could you say that? How many people would like to learn Chinese Medicine without this program, and how many people would choose to study Chinese Medicine? It simply popularizes Huaxia Chinese Medicine. You dare to question our country’s heritage. Shame on you!”

    “Knowledge quiz? Are you blind or deaf? The questions are all related to various health conditions. Even if the patient is not present, they can simply offer treatment methods by listening to the questions. Is this not about Chinese Medicine?”

    For a moment, various rebuttal voices appeared.

    Most of them came from the fans group of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    Although Fang Qiu’s fans also left comments there, there were only a few of them. Most of the people didn’t mention his name. Only a small number of people, who were unknown to the public whether they were Fang Qiu’s fans, widely mentioned Fang Qiu’s name in the comment area.Read the next chapter on v ip novel

    As a result, as Bozhi Tianxia saw these rebuttal comments, he suddenly became furious. He immediately sent several posts in his Weibo, completely ignoring his identity as a famous Weibo influencer. He madly criticized the show and even called Fang Qiu’s names!

    “#Please stop broadcasting the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# There is no shortage of crazy fans and trolls in Huaxia. It’s because of these trolls that Huaxia’s medicine can’t develop. You are the murderers who destroyed Huaxia! You are the ones to blame!”

    “#Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# What is Traditional Chinese Medicine? It combines all Huaxia traditional medical skills. What should we do with traditional Chinese Medicine? Save people! Traditional Chinese Medicine is never about a knowledge quiz. If you want to promote traditional Chinese Medicine, please do what a real Chinese Medicine Doctor should do, instead of holding this kind of knowledge competition to fool the audience!”

    “Fang Qiu? Humph! Compared with Chinese Medicine, he is more like a star. In addition to feeling the pulse of pregnancy, what else can he do? Anyway, so far, I haven’t seen him cure a patient. Is he the one who cured the fracture of a judge? Are you kidding me? Does a judge need a small potato to cure his illness? All the judges are real doctors of Chinese Medicine. Do they need him to treat them? Isn’t it the hype of the show and the personal show of Fang Qiu?”

    “#Fang Qiu, get out of the Chinese Medicine industry# Young man, if you really want to learn Chinese Medicine, you should use your own ability to study hard instead of putting on a show all day long. You’ve been hyped up as a star. The show’s crew even let you sing the theme song. What else can’t they do?”

    The influencer’s account sent three posts in a row.

    One of them targeted at the show’s crew, while the other two were crazily scoffing at Fang Qiu.

    As these three posts were sent, Fang Qiu’s fans also lashed out this time.

    “You are the one who is hyping. Your whole family is hyping. Now you are no longer famous. So you want to take advantage of Fang Qiu’s popularity, right? Do you want to make a name for yourself? Are you daydreaming?”

    “And you’re even an influencer! You don’t deserve it!”

    “How on earth could you doubt Fang Qiu? As a freshman, he published a thesis on a foreign periodical that ranks top ten internationally. Few people in Huaxia can do it, and he has proven the existence of Qi. If that is not about Chinese Medicine, then what is?”

    “It’s fine that you doubt the show, but I can’t stand it if you question Master Fang Qiu. How dare you say that Master Fang Qiu is not qualified? This is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!”

    Fang Qiu’s fans almost covered all the comments below Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo.

    As a result, the influencer simply quarreled with Fang Qiu’s fans in the comment area. They scolded crazily before they could talk with each other. He even blocked people’s comments and used all kinds of means to fight them.

    At the same time, a brand new topic appeared, which instantly rushed to the top on the real-time topic list on Weibo.

    #Is Chinese Medicine really just about knowledge?#

    #Is the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor just a competition of memory and knowledge?#

    As soon as this topic appeared, it immediately attracted the discussion of countless people.

    “If that’s the case, what’s the point of continuing to make the show?”

    “Yes, the distance between the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor and real Chinese Medicine seemed to be getting further.”

    In the heated discussion of all kinds of topics, there were also a lot of people who came to Fang Qiu’s Weibo to leave comments.

    “Master, you’ve been called again!”

    “You’re being challenged!”

    “I’m looking forward to your counterattack!”