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Chapter 483 - Fang Qiu, It’s Time to Prove TCM

Medical Master
     It was a mess on Weibo.

    Countless people mentioned “Who do you think you are”, asking Fang Qiu to stand up and respond.

    After waiting for a long time, Fang Qiu didn’t show up.

    The scolding battle on Weibo intensified!

    Those who supported Fang Qiu had been beliving that Fang Qiu didn’t bother to respond to the slander, but those who didn’t support Fang Qiu or even hated Fang Qiu, all found various reasons to attack Fang Qiu!

    “Obviously, Fang Qiu is afraid!”

    “Ha-ha, now he has been challenged in public, yet he didn’t even dare to respond. It seems that Fang Qiu doesn’t have the ability at all. All his popularity relies on hype.”

    “Alas, it seems that I used to think highly of Fang Qiu. I didn’t expect him to be a coward.”

    “Now you just got slapped in the face. And don’t you even dare to fight back?”

    Various unpleasant comments strongly provoked Fang Qiu’s fans.

    Although his fans had been relentlessly fighting back and defending Fang Qiu, Fang Qiu didn’t show up and say anything.

    In fact, Fang Qiu didn’t even know about it.

    After the battle with Li Chengtian was settled, Fang Qiu returned to school and had been taking every opportunity to read books, preparing for the assessment of being a famous doctor at the end of the month.

    He didn’t even watch the third episode of the show last night.

    In the dormitory, after reading the books he found, Fang Qiu went to the library to look for books to read. He had been immersing himself in books, regardless of anything happened in the world.

    Under such circumstances, Fang Qiu didn’t even have the time to eat, let alone surfing online.

    However, the whole drama online was getting more fierce.

    It was a coincidence that things just happened.

    Just when the people who supported Fang Qiu were in a quarrel with the people who supported Bozhi Tianxia, a post suddenly appeared on Weibo, which became the turning point of this matter.

    It was a Weibo influencer named Yang Ningyuan.

    Yang Ningyuan was a Huaxia’s famous entrepreneur ranking among China’s top 50 richest people with millions of followers on Weibo. His Weibo introduction was quite low-profile, for it didn’t show anything about his status. There was only one sentence, which said whoever stayed calm and quiet could reach afar.

    However, this post was not sent by Yang Ningyuan himself, but by his family.

    Instead of calling it a post, it was better to say that it was a bounty notice.

    “#Bounty for a skilled doctor# Unfortunately, Mr. Yang Ningyuan was found to be suffering from the serious terminal liver cancer in the annual health examination carried out by the medical team. We’ve been seeing various famous doctors in the last few months, but we can’t find a cure. Mr. Yang Ningyuan only has three months left, so we pay a bounty of 100 million on Weibo, hoping to find a skilled doctor to cure Mr. Yang Ningyuan’s disease. If you are interested, please contact XXXX…”Read the next chapter on vi p novel

    The notice didn’t just appear on Weibo.

    Almost at the same time as it was sent on Weibo, the major media across the country also published this bounty message. Various major websites had also reported it.

    There was no doubt that people in the whole country were amazed as soon as this notice came out.

    “Yang Ningyuan? I heard that his wealth worthed over 10 billion.”

    “I didn’t expect that he would have such a terminal disease after working so hard all his life!”

    “Unfortunately, Yang Ningyuan is a talent. The most important thing is that all he has earned is foreigners’ money, but what he boosts is Huaxia’s economy.”

    “How come he suddenly has such a serious illness?”

    “The news came so suddenly!”

    “Damn, the bounty of 100 million is definitely the highest in the country?”

    “Damn! This bounty is too awesome, isn’t it? A rich man’s notice is all over Weibo and TV.”

    “This kind of thing never seems to happen before.”

    “Awesome. In this world, as long as you have money, you are the boss. Even the TV station helps to issue the reward.”

    “If it weren’t for Yang Ningyuan’s company withdrawing from the market long ago, the stock must fall when the notice is out!”

    Soon, as the news that the rich man offered a bounty came out, it immediately suppressed all kinds of arguments about the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    Watching the heat of topics on Weibo gradually fade away, the show’s crew finally breathed a sigh of relief.

    Truth be told, even Li Huawen could do nothing about the thing that happened on Weibo.

    What Bozhi Tianxia said had been recognized by most people, so the show wasn’t in the public’s favor.

    Since Bozhi Tianxia had been criticizing the show and taunting Fang Qiu, his popularity had risen rapidly.

    There were also many people who hated traditional Chinese Medicine, the show, and Fang Qiu.

    With all these people, the whole thing was getting out of control on Weibo.

    Under the circumstances, the show’s crew didn’t even dare to make a statement, because they didn’t know how to make a statement at all. No matter what statement they made at this time, they had no advantage. Instead, they would only make the situation worse.

    Therefore, since the incident broke out, the crew of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had been in silence, waiting for public relations.

    However, the matter was getting worse and worse, which made it hard for them to make public relations.

    They could only think of a solution after everything had eased a bit.

    Fortunately, the bounty of the rick man had appeared.

    Soon, it managed to divert everyone’s attention from the show.

    People of the crew finally let out a sigh of relief.

    When they were praying to let this matter pass as soon as possible, a piece of news that made everyone in the group change their faces suddenly came.

    In a meeting room of Central Television, the crew of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor was having a meeting.

    “Something’s wrong!” When everyone was about to leave the meeting room after the meeting about public relations, the publicity chief suddenly stood up with a gloomy face.

    “What happened?” When he was halfway to the door, Director Li Huawen suddenly stopped and looked at the publicity chief with anxiety.

    The publicity chief said wryly, “He, did it again! Bozhi Tianxia reposted the rich man’s reward and mentioned the Weibo of our show.”

    As they heard that, everyone turned pale with fright.

    They weren’t stupid. Everyone was aware of Bozhi Tianxia’s intention of reposting the reward and even mentioning the Weibo of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor.

    “Put it on the big screen!” Director Li Huawen gave an order.

    Without hesitation, the publicity chief immediately connected his laptop to the big screen, showing what he saw on Weibo.

    Everyone immediately turned to look at the screen.

    He wrote, “#Rich Bounty# #Please stop broadcasting the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# @Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, you’re a powerful show, right? Aren’t those young doctors of your show very awesome? Go and receive this challenge! If you have the ability, cure Mr. Yang Ningyuan’s illness!”

    As they finished reading, everyone in the meeting room had a sudden change in expression. Among them, Director Li Huawen’s face was the most gloomy one.

    He thought that this matter would gradually fade away with the rich bounty, but he didn’t expect that Bozhi Tianxia would connect the two things together.

    This act was simply pushing the show into a corner! What should they do?

    Director Li Huawen returned to the chair with a heavy face and sat down without saying a word.

    Everyone returned to their seats and frowned.

    Shameless! Bozhi Tianxia was really shameless.

    How on earth could he do this to the show?

    “We…” The deputy director wanted to say something. But before he could finish, someone shouted and interrupted him.

    “Aargh!” A cry of exclamation sounded.

    A staff member covered her mouth with one finger pointing at the big screen, looking rather shocked.

    “What happened again?” Director Li Huawen turned to look at the big screen.

    At the same time, everyone in the crew focused their attention on the big screen.

    However, with just a glance, everyone was stunned!

    Bozhi Tianxia actually sent another post.

    But this post didn’t target at the show like the previous one but aimed at Fang Qiu directly!

    “#Rich Bounty# #Please stop broadcasting the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# @Who do you think you are. Fang Qiu! It’s time for you to prove Chinese Medicine. Since you are a genius in the field of Chinese Medicine and a bright star in the future of it, I strongly request you, as a genius, to take the challenge. And use your medical skills to prove to everyone that Chinese Medicine is invincible.”

    Seeing this post, Director Li Huawen was completely speechless.

    The development of this whole thing had completely exceeded his expectations.

    The only thing they could do now was to wait and keep silent.

    In this case, if the man kept targeting at the show, it would certainly not cause the situation to go worse. But things would be different if he came to Fang Qiu. Who knew how Fang Qiu would reply?

    As Fang Qiu’s fans saw what Bozhi Tianxia posted, they flew into a rage in an instant.

    For a moment, tens of thousands of or even hundreds of thousands of Fang Qiu’s fans flooded into Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo and began to curse wildly.

    “Are you sick? This is a terminal illness, don’t you know?”

    “If this disease can be cured, it will be cured long ago. Have you ever seen that patients with terminal liver cancer can be cured?”

    “Are you a moron?”

    “They made it so clear in the notice. They’ve visited so many famous doctors but didn’t find the cure. How old is Fang Qiu now? He is just a freshman. His talent in Chinese Medicine is indeed very strong, but he is still learning. As an adult, how can you bully a student like that? Shame on you!”

    “You are sick! If you’re so capable of this, why don’t you go and cure the man?”

    “It’s so unreasonable. How on earth can you ask Fang Qiu to cure this terminal illness?”

    “You’re out of your fucking mind!”

    In just a few minutes, all kinds of crazy verbal abuse quickly overwhelmed Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo.

    Seeing all kinds of abuse, Bozhi Tianxia was not afraid at all.

    Instead, he sent another post on Weibo again.

    “You keyboard men, don’t bullshit me here. Isn’t Fang Qiu powerful? If he can’t even cure a disease, why is he so powerful? I just don’t like those who are not strong enough and yet keep showing off on TV. This kind of person is called the hype product of the new era. Do you understand?”

    Fang Qiu’s fans got even angrier as they saw the post, so the words they said became harsher.

    Of course, among them, there were also some people who were particularly well-mannered and liked to argue with reason, so they kept reasoning with Bozhi Tianxia.

    “You said that doctors of Chinese Medicine couldn’t do it, then what kind of doctors can? Since doctors of Chinese Medicine couldn’t cure Yang Ningyuan’s illness, we won’t refute. But since you think that doctors of Chinese Medicine couldn’t do it, then you should find a kind of medical skills that can cure Yang Ningyuan’s disease.”

    “Even if doctors of Chinese Medicine can’t do it, can doctors of Western Medicine do it?”

    “If you have the ability, you can ask a doctor of Western Medicine to treat him. You are simply a guy who worships foreign things and fawns on foreign powers!”