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Chapter 191 - Final Words? A Love Letter!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 191: Final Words? A Love Letter!

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    One hour after Lightning left, Mu Zi was sent away on a helicopter.

    There were only eleven people left now after the intensive run.

    Tang Jinyu scanned the crowd coldly. Then, he said, “There’ll be a test tomorrow and it’ll be your final test. You’ll face the best team from another military team. I hope that you won’t disappoint me! Don’t be captured by them and be abused by them like captives.”

    “Moreover, you know where you are right now. You also know what is waiting for you at the end!

    “So, according to the custom, you need to write down your final words now. If you fall, it would be your last words!”

    They went over, sat down and took up the pens.

    Jian Qi scanned the piece of white paper in front of her and frowned slightly. Final words?

    Who should she write it to?


    He would surely be sad if he were to read it.

    The truth is, she did not want to write such a thing. She felt that it was better to hide one’s death from the people that cared about the person. At least, the people who loved the person would still have someone to yearn for. They would be hopeful even though it was nothing but an illusion.

    An imaginary hope was better than being hopeless!

    However, all of this seemed meaningless to her. With her rebirth, her current identity was an orphan. The only person who cared about her was Coco. So, should she write her final words to him?

    It seemed rather cruel.

    Jian Qi rolled her eyes. Then, her gaze fell upon Tang Jinyu.

    She smiled softly. It was a playful and devilish smile.

    She then took up her pen and acted like a candidate who was sitting for a test. She wrote her final words fast and strong.

    Lightning observed the crowd and they seemed serious and sad.

    It was rather solemn.

    However, it changed drastically when his gaze fell upon Jian Qi.

    He saw how Jian Qi was writing her final words swiftly. Her lips were curved slightly and there was a hint of a smile that was rather visible. It seemed quite strange.

    Was she really writing her final words given how happy she seemed?

    There were only eleven people left. As such, everyone’s facial expression could be seen clearly.

    Crocodile was piqued. He could not suppress his curiosity as he wanted to know what Jian Qi was writing.

    As such, he walked toward them and took a few rounds. He acted like he was inspecting their progress. Then, he stopped beside Jian Qi and tilted his head to glance at her final words.

    What he was doing was so obvious.

    Lightning truly admired his ability to be so forgetful.

    He was bullied just a few hours ago. Now, he had forgotten all about it after a good rest.

    Crocodile appeared like he was struck by lightning when he had read only the first sentence of her final words. He was standing there dazedly.

    Lightning became curious too after he saw Crocodile’s response.

    As such, Lightning went over and joined the inspecting tour. Finally, he moved to where Jian Qi was. He lowered his eyes and looked at Jian Qi’s final words. By now, she had written almost a whole page of final words.

    Feng Yi was having a miserable time. He wanted to read her final words too.

    However, it would not be nice if the three of them were to gather around Jian Qi.

    He would go and take a look at her final words when one of them was back.

    Lightning did not understand what the fuss was about. Crocodile should not be behaving like this. Why did he appear so shocked just by reading her final words? He should not have such a facial expression no matter how touching the final words were.


    However, Lightning was stunned too after he read her final words.

    Lightning and Crocodile looked at each other at the same time.

    From both their eyes, they could see the admiration they had for her.

    Moreover, they felt that they should really stay away from Jian Qi. She was a really dangerous person!

    Feng Yi could not help but frown when he saw them coming back to him. “What did she write? Why did you appear so shocked?”

    Lightning and Crocodile looked at him at the same time. Then, they shook their heads helplessly and put their hands on his shoulders in unison.

    “Don’t be sad…”

    “There are always other women…”

    “Are you mad?” Feng Yi uttered coldly. Then, he walked toward Jian Qi.

    However, he was stopped by them. They grabbed Feng Yi’s elbows at the same time.

    Lightning said solemnly, “Listen to me. Don’t go and look at what she wrote. It’ll hurt you.”

    Crocodile nodded in agreement. “Furthermore, I’m afraid that you might vomit blood.”

    What they said was rather peculiar. Feng Yi’s curiosity increased even more so he walked toward her directly.

    At that moment, Jian Qi had just finished writing her final words and she stood up.

    Then, she walked toward Tang Jinyu directly.

    Feng Yi stopped in his tracks. Lightning and Crocodile walked toward him.

    “What did she write?” Feng Yi asked.

    They smiled but remained quiet.

    “Instructor Tang, here you go.” Jian Qi handed him her final words.

    “The envelopes are over there. Put it into an envelope. Then, we’ll collect them and put them in your lockers later.” Tang Jinyu said calmly.

    “This is for you. I don’t have to put it into an envelope. Why don’t you read it now? Take a look and see whether it’s fine. If not, I’ll go and make some amendments.” Jian Qi smiled deviously.

    Tang Jinyu frowned. “Jian Qi, these are the final words you have for the most important person in your life. Can you please be more serious about it?”

    “I’m serious. I’m an orphan. For me, Instructor Tang is the most important person in my life. So, I wrote the letter to you. Is that wrong?”

    Tang Jinyu frowned as he took the letter from her. Then, he lowered his eyes and started reading it. His facial expression changed drastically after he scanned the first line of the letter.

    “What is this?”

    Jian Qi smiled calmly. “It’s my final words but you can treat it like a love letter from me to you!”