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Chapter 844 - Running into Xia Ruya by Chance

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 844: Running into Xia Ruya by Chance

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    She discussed some of the details of the plan to deal with the Xiao Family and they had already decided on the first part of the plan. Secretary Cao was in charge of executing it.

    Not only was Secretary Cao competent and talented, but he was also conscientious and meticulous as well. She felt extremely safe about leaving it to him.

    What Wen Xinya did not know was that Secretary Cao had a different impression of her.

    He did not give any constructive comments or opinions about the details because Wen Xinya had already made concrete plans. Regardless of connections or creating evidence, they just had to execute it well.

    She was brave, meticulous, calm and rational. Her ambitious and shrewdness had impressed him, and he felt that she possessed all of the necessary qualities that a successful businessman should have. He was certain that she would make endless achievements in the future, and propel the Wen Corporation towards a higher level.

    In the afternoon, Wen Xinya received a call from the hospital regarding Old Mr. Wen’s health report.

    Although the staff at the hospital said that Old Mr. Wen was in the pink of health, Wen Xinya would personally collect all of his health reports from the hospital in the past. Hence, Wen Xinya took the time out from her busy revision schedule to go to the hospital during her lunch break.

    Wen Xinya inquired about Old Mr. Wen’s health condition from the doctor. Just as she was about to leave the hospital, she ran into Xia Ruya.

    Xia Ruya had also caught sight of Wen Xinya, who was dressed in a light gray shirt paired with a cream-colored crop pants. Although she was dressed in a simple outfit, she still looked ravishing and eye-catching. It made her feel a little blinded.

    She instinctively hung her head low and stared at her own white outfit. She suddenly felt like she paled in comparison to Wen Xinya. She instinctively took a step back and turned around in a bid to leave.

    “Xia Ruya, why are you running away? I won’t eat you up.” Wen Xinya walked towards her unhurriedly, sounding a little provoking.

    She did not expect to run into Xia Ruya, whom she had not seen ever since the latter moved out of the Wen Family home.

    Xia Ruya stopped in her tracks and swayed unsteadily. She tried to place her hands against the wall to support herself but decided not to do so anyway.

    She slowly turned around and gazed at Wen Xinya. “Wen Xinya, what a coincidence! I didn’t expect to run into you at the hospital.”

    “I guess I forgot to check the lunar calendar before leaving. Just my luck.” Wen Xinya scanned her from head to toe, feeling a little shocked.

    Xia Ruya had always been slender, though she still looked graceful and tender. However, Xia Ruya had now become gaunt and emaciated to the point where she was no longer beautiful. Her cheeks were sunken and she looked a little intimidating. Her eyes seemed to have become bigger because of how skinny she was, so much that they had sunken into her eye sockets, making her look empty and weak.

    Wen Xinya reckoned that Xia Ruya must have been put through a ton of suffering.

    Xia Ruya turned pale upon hearing her sarcastic remark. “Me too!”

    Wen Xinya walked towards her slowly and glared at her coldly. “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you up.”

    While she spoke, she grabbed Xia Ruya’s fist and pulled her slender fingers, one by one.

    “Wen Xinya, what are you trying to do?” Xia Ruya questioned, feeling excruciatingly unbearable pain in her fingers.

    Wen Xinya ignored her and said, “Why are you so stubborn? You must have suffered a lot because of your obstinate personality.”

    Xia Ruya’s eyes immediately turned red and bloodshot, making her look like a demon. She thought about the time when she was kidnapped by the Xia Family and how her pride had caused her to pay a painful and hefty price. She was abused, insulted, humiliated and raped. At last, she lost everything she had.

    Wen Xinya guffawed sarcastically and grasped Xia Ruya’s hand tightly. She smirked and sneered. “By the way, do you have a guilty conscience? Why are you running away as soon as you see me? That doesn’t seem like what you would do at all.”

    Xia Ruya pressed her lips together tightly and looked up at Wen Xinya with an icy cold gaze. Her eyes began to swell and ache, perhaps because of how stunning Wen Xinya was. She began to tear up and her vulnerability began to show.

    Wen Xinya smirked slowly and continued, “Do you really think I won’t know just because you refuse to tell me? Xia Ruya… you’ve belittled me. Everything that you’ve done to me, I…” She pointed at her head and continued smilingly, “Remember it all. I’ll be making you pay for your sins slowly.”

    Xia Ruya knew that she was referring to her abduction. She closed her eyes and held her tears back. She sneered. “Miss Wen, you’ve merely gotten kidnapped and yet, you’ve become delusional. That’s a type of illness that has to be treated!”

    She scanned her surroundings and smirked sinisterly.

    Wen Xinya pinched her gaunt face tightly, causing her flesh to sink into her bones. “Since when have you gotten such a sharp tongue? What’s wrong? Have you… decided to stop pretending to be angelic and innocent?” She snorted with laughter and continued in contempt, “Look how lethargic and pathetic you are now. How are you still in the mood to mock others? You just don’t know what the consequences are.”

    Even makeup could not hide the paleness and haggardness of Xia Ruya’s face.

    Feeling extremely humiliated, Xia Ruya swung her head in a bid to struggle out of Wen Xinya’s grasp. “Wen Xinya, let go of me.”

    Wen Xinya did as she was told and patted her pale face before quipping. “Seems like you’re seriously ill. Tsk, tsk, such a pity! You must have sinned too much. So much that even Heaven can’t take it lying down.”

    Keeping her hollow eyes fixed on Wen Xinya, she sneered menacingly. “Hahahaha, Wen Xinya, you’re just trying to use this chance to humiliate me. It’s up to you to say whatever you want. It won’t matter to me at all.”

    Due to the fact that her cold had yet to subside, she decided to overdose on medicine which caused her to suffer an acute tummy ache. Hence, she ended up having to go to the hospital for a checkup.

    Wen Xinya stared at her nonchalantly and said, “Who likes humiliating you? There’s no need for me to that. I’m just here to tell you that it’s only a matter of time before you pay for your sins.”

    There were hidden meaning to her words.

    Xia Ruya shuddered and wondered to herself,

    Images of herself getting raped flashed through Xia Ruya’s mind and she clenched her jaw tightly, such that they began making grinding noises. She looked just like a cannibal, keeping her eyes fixed on Wen Xinya and wishing she could devour her.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “The more you detest me, the happier I am.”

    In her previous lifetime, she also detested Xia Ruya to the core. She wanted Xia Ruya to know what it felt like to resent someone else.