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Chapter 181 - The Banque

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 181: The Banquet

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio


    A voice exclaimed in surprise from among a group of executives at the headquarter of the NSA. If it was indeed another person, that would mean that there was another computer genius besides Bai Ling in Hua Nation – Mie.

    BaiLing was burning with curiosity about the enigmatic Mie, who had repelled the massive cyberattacks launched by hostile foreign forces. She typed and asked, “What’s your real name?”

    Xiao Luo smiled and replied, “Is BaiLing your real name?”

    He didn’t say anything else and logged out of his browser after responding to Bai Ling.

    “You rascal. How dare you drop out of our conversation like this.”

    Determined, Bai Ling immediately keyed in several more codes, trying to trace Mie’s IP address. But a firewall instantly appeared and blocked her access. This same firewall that was used to thwart the massive cyberattacks on the national internet gateway. She couldn’t find any backdoors to force her way through his security measures.

    “I can’t believe I can’t bypass the firewall!”

    Pursing her lips, Bai Ling kept trying to get around the firewall when she realized that people from the NSA were spying on her activities. She typed a line of words in vexation: “What are you looking at? Mind I don’t infect all of your computers with a virus.”

    Then, she wiped out her digital footprint and went offline immediately.



    The group of executives at the NSA was amused by her antics. A middle-aged man, bespectacled and dressed in a business suit, spoke up first, “This is obviously the temperament of a little girl. I bet you, BaiLing couldn’t be more than 24 years of age.”

    “Chief, we already know that. After two years of investigation, our agents’ findings have determined that BaiLing is currently a student at Huaye University. Her real name is Bai Ling, and she’s only 21 years old. I believe the two agents we sent out should confirm if she is the one involved in this battle.”

    The person speaking was one of the six who were present in the room that day. The others smile derisively and couldn’t help thinking to themselves how brazen the Chief was. He only made the statement about her age after their agents had already known BaiLing was a college girl. Wasn’t he the wise man here.


    The Chief motioned for everyone to get back to the topic of discussion and assumed a more serious expression, saying, “BaiLing’s ability has been long known to us all. She is definitely a computer genius and one of the best in our Hua Nation. Now Mie is a new find and appears to be someone even more proficient than BaiLing. Both of them are invaluable assets to us. We must locate these two talents. With them, those foreign aggressors would never be able to breach our defenses again.”

    They all nodded in agreement.

    “It seems to me that BaiLing is very interested in Mie. If we can confirm Bai Ling from Huaye University is BaiLing, I think we can possibly find Mie through her. She is the only one who is capable of finding Mie.” Another person said matter-of-factly.

    He was merely making an assumption, yet no one disputed his opinion, as they would be in no position to trace Mieif even BaiLing couldn’t do it.



    Xiao Luo had not expected to attract the attention of the NSA. He only got involved after detecting some anomalies when he submitted an application form on the government website. But ended up getting involved in an internet battle and easily beat back a massive cyberattack launched by the foreign agents. Otherwise, he would never have got involved. After all, he honestly didn’t want to be in the spotlight.

    After passing the screening test of the police substation at Guangming District that afternoon, he waited for a few hours before he finally sat before the interviewers.

    A cliched but ever-popular question was asked, “Why do you want to be a policeman?”

    The auxiliary police reserves were also addressed as police officers; however, their primary role was to provided assistance to the regular police force, and they would remain under the command and supervision of real police officers.

    “To combat crime and protect justice!” Xiao Luo answered with a smile.

    He did not believe that, of course. But these statements were necessary given his plan to get into the police force.

    As Xiao Luo expected, the two policemen who were interviewing him exchanged looks, nodded, then made a checkmark on his form.

    After the interview, a political appraisal would be conducted to vet the candidate’s family background and examined if the person had taken part in any anti-social, disruptive activities in the past. Xiao Luo would then be called up for the auxiliary police officer training once he passed this political appraisal. This would take at least five days, and would then be followed the final physical test.

    Wouldn’t it indeed be a form of justice for him to crack down on illegal groups like the Dragon Gang after putting on his police uniform?!



    Maple Leaf Hotel, at night.

    It was already eight 0’clock at night when Xiao Luo arrived. He couldn’t refuse Chu Yunxiong’s kindness and good intentions. Besides, he had five more days to go before he could confirm if he’d been accepted for the auxiliary police officer training. It was not too bad of an idea to call a truce with the Dragon Gang during this time.


    Wearing scarlet qipaos, several stunning women were in the lobby of the hotel waiting to usher arriving guests; they were a picture of charm and grace. Their gestures, posture, and even how they walked were exquisite and, along with the posh interior, provided the hotel with a more sophisticated and classy ambiance.

    “Are you Mr. Xiao Luo?”

    Shortly after Xiao Luo walked in and looked around, a slender woman welcomed him with a warm smile as if she was expecting him.

    Xiao Luo nodded and answered, “I am.”

    “Mr. Chu has been waiting for you. Please follow me.” The slender woman extended her left hand and led him forward.

    Xiao Luo took the elevator and arrived on the third floor, where the slender woman brought him to the front of a wing-room. She opened the door, bowed slightly to Xiao Luo, then turned around and made her way back to the lobby.

    “Here comes Luo. Sit!”

    Chu Yunxiong was seated comfortably, having a conversation, and drinking tea. He looked a modest and unassuming man. The person he was talking to was none other than Long Sankui, head of the Dragon Gang.

    Leng Zuo and Leng You stood respectfully on either side of Chu Yunxiong, while Da Yuan and Leng Bao stationed themselves just behind Long Sankui. The two camps, black and white, were strikingly different yet were drinking tea in harmony. It was quite a rare scene.

    “Hello, Mr. Chu!”

    Xiao Luo greeted Chu Yunxiong, walked in, and closed the door behind him.

    Long Sankui pointed his chubby finger at Xiao Luo and looked over to Chu Yunxiong, said, “Mr. Chu, this is the rascal you want to protect? Such an effeminate boy would have the guts and ability to chop off my 53 people’s hands?

    I don’t believe it.”

    Da Yuan standing behind Long Sankui stared at Xiao Luo with cruel, vicious eyes. He suddenly rushed out like a ferocious beast, striking without warning. Da Yuan moved with incredible speed and dexterity, flowing into his attack with graceful, yet deceptive movements. As he opened up Xiao Luo’s defense, his exceedingly flexible body bent into an uncanny arc and delivered a swift kick towards Xiao Luo’s face, with deadly force.

    Xiao Luo kept his eyes fixed on his opponent and quickly shifted his body to his right, leaning back he shot his hand and struck at Da Yuan’s ankle. The seemingly light tap transferred a penetrating force that and made Da Yuan lose balance. Xiao Luo immediately pivoted on his left leg, then snapped his right leg across striking Da Yuan on his arm like an iron whip.

    Staggering back several steps, Da Yuan steadied himself against the wall.

    The quick exchange left several marks on the wooden floor. A testament to the inner power both opponents had called upon.

    “Mr. Long, please control your subordinates. I don’t want to leave the floor bloody and disturb Mr. Chu’s tranquil mood.” Xiao Luo spoke coldly.

    His words passed on a hidden warning to Da Yuan and kept him at bay.

    “D*mn rascal, you really know your stuff!”

    Long Sankui waved his hand and motioned Da Yuan to step back. He then rolled up his left sleeve and grunted irritably, “Making Mr. Chu and me wait. Who do you think you are? Do you think you have the stature to be so unrestrained and arrogant in front of me? You were still sucking on your mom’s t*ts when I started to make my living!”