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Chapter 198 - Is Missus Coming Home Today?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 198: Is Missus Coming Home Today?

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    After sending that message, there were no more replies from Qi Shan for quite some time.


    Qi Shan: [Whuuuut?! How dare you steal my boss’ present for the girl?!]


    The corner of Ning Meng’s mouth twitched as she read this reply. For the love of God, how had this kid grown up to be so dense? Ignoring the message, Ning Meng put her phone away.

    Qi Shan, who was still shocked by what he had seen, continued hacking the various companies that were trying to sabotage Lemon Entertainment and Ning Meng. He had deleted every compromising photograph and video that he had come across while keeping an eye on the internet with an advanced algorithm. If there was anything that he had missed earlier, his computer would detect it in seconds.

    Qi Shan picked up his phone and gave Su Ye a call.

    As soon as Su Ye picked up, Qi Shan furiously opened his mouth. “Did you see what that stupid woman said to me in the Group? How could she do such…”

    Before he was able to finish his words, Su Ye interrupted him, “Use your head. Have you not considered the other possibility?”

    Surprised, Qi Shan’s hands jerked to a stop. After staring at his computer screen for 5 seconds, Qi Shan opened his mouth again. “You mean… Boss divided the earrings and gifted them to that stupid woman and his sweetheart? You know, like, Boss wanted to be fair?”


    Fair? The hell was wrong with this kid?!

    Su Ye realized now that it would be a waste of time to lay out all the hints for a person with such a low emotional intelligence. Heck, Qi Shan’s EQ was probably zero to begin with!

    “… the girl that boss is trying to woo is the missus herself, you dope!”

    “Hahahaha… that’s a good one… that’s… wait.”

    After thinking it over, Qi Shan realized that this was a very probable thing!


    Yes. Just one word. The F word. Qi Shan had no other word to describe his feelings right now.

    Nonetheless, he still needed proof.

    Thus, he weakly went to the “How Should Boss Court a Lady” and asked: [Boss, about the girl you’re wooing… is it Ning Meng?]

    Huo Beichen was busy handling all the documents on his table. After quite some time, his reply finally came: [Yes.]

    Then came a second reply, spooking Qi Shan even further: [How do I convince her to come home?]

    Seconds later, Su Ye had changed the name of the group to “Is Missus Coming Home Today?”


    Huo Beichen was left speechless at Su Ye’s quick response.

    Fei Bai: [If she doesn’t come home, let’s kill her?]

    System: [Fei Bai has been kicked from the group.]


    Qi Shan’s jaw was rolling on the ground, and he was unable to say anything.


    After putting her phone away, Ning Meng looked at Ning Wentao. “Dad, about that lesson… what lesson was it?”

    It had been 30 minutes since they had published their Weibo posts.

    The internet was now entirely on their side. If the enemies wanted to retaliate with all the compromising pictures and videos, this was the best time to do it.

    Yet… nothing. Nothing was coming from the enemies. No retaliation. No photos. No videos. Nothing!!!

    Ning Wentao looked at Manager Huang. In response, Manager Huang shook his head, hinting that he too did not understand what was going on.

    Looking at his daughter’s inquisitive eyes, Ning Wentao responded, “Perhaps… it will take some time before the lesson arrives?”


    “Just give it some time. Let’s wait.”

    An hour later.

    There was nothing but peace on the internet.

    Ning Meng, after a long and boring internet surfing session, put her phone down and looked at her father.

    Ning Wentao sat on his sofa comfortably. “Heh, young people. Be patient. Give it some time.”

    Perhaps the enemies were waiting for the right time to retaliate. They wanted to wait until everyone was on Lemon Entertainment’s side and then… Bam! An Uno Reverse Card!

    Thus, they waited, all the way till the evening. Everyone was leaving from work other than the ones in Ning Wentao’s office.

    Ning Meng was bored to death. Well, not just Ning Meng—even Zhen Shanmei was starting to chat away aimlessly in the WeChat group.

    Zhen Shanmei: [Hey, Qi Shan. Do you like animals?]

    She did not intend to give up yet. She wanted to keep a dog… or a cat. Her days were so boring recently that she needed something to divert her attention to.

    Qi Shan: [Yeah, I like animals.]

    Zhen Shanmei’s eyes glittered as she looked at Ning Meng. “See? He a lovable person, just like me. Now, look at you… always calling me a pig. You should be more like us, Meng Meng.”

    Then, she probed further in the WeChat Group: [How much do you like them?]

    Qi Shan: [Well, every meal I have would contain some portion of meat in them. So, I’m fairly certain that I like them a lot.]


    “Pfft! Hahahahahaa…!”

    As Zhen Shanmei was stunned by Qi Shan’s reply, Ning Meng could not hold it in anymore and burst into laughter.