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Chapter 199 - Being Hit On

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 199: Being Hit On


    As she was still hugging her stomach in laughter, Ning Meng received a message.

    Huo Beichen: [?]

    Oh, she had not realized that her hubby had sent her several messages! And she had not replied to any of them too!

    Could it be that WeChat was experiencing some kind of signal error earlier? Or… perhaps she had left her phone in Ning Wentao’s office earlier and had just gotten it back…

    Ning Meng: [Lord Chen, I’m so sorry. I didn’t see your message earlier. Please forgive me! Hugsandkisses.jpg]

    Huo Beichen then invited her to have dinner together.

    Looking at her watch, Ning Meng realized that it was the peak hour of the evening traffic. She was indeed getting hungry, not to mention, the lunch they had ordered in earlier was not that tasty, and so, she had only had a few bites.

    To save her hubby some time, she replied: [Gimme the address of the place you’re heading to. I’ll drive there.]

    Huo Beichen: [What do you want to eat?]

    Ning Meng’s mouth curved up to a smile after seeing her hubby’s intimate words.

    After giving it some thought, Ning Meng replied: [Pickled Fish Fillet. Any good place that has that?]

    Then, for a whole 5 minutes, she saw that the other side was typing.

    Just as Ning Meng was getting bored of waiting for her husband’s reply…

    Huo Beichen: [Hold on.]

    A few seconds later…


    He sent her a link to an address.

    Ning Meng: [Okay. Cya later. Tata~]

    In a few clicks, she had registered the address to her phone’s GPS. Raising her head to look at Ning Wentao, Ning Meng asked, “Dad… where’s that lesson you promised?”


    Ning Wentao was hoping to ask the same thing to the entire world. Where the hell had his “lesson” gone?!

    What happened to those compromising pictures and videos? What happened to those sharp-tongued bloggers and media companies?? Why had these “enemies” kept quiet even after they had released their press release for almost half a day?

    As the corner of his mouth twitched, Ning Wentao said, “Perhaps… this lesson has been… canceled?”


    Ning Meng put her hands on her waist and complained. “Wait. So, you kept me here for an entire day for something that’s been canceled?”

    Ning Wentao pouted. “What? What? What did I do? Aren’t you happy to be together with your dad for an entire day?”

    “Fine, fine. I’m happy alright. Now, I need to go. Bye-bye daddy.”

    After waiting for Ms. Ning Meng to leave with her friends, Manager Huang stepped forward to his boss and asked, “Sir. I… I don’t understand. What happened?”

    Ning Wentao lowered his head to ponder over it for a few seconds.

    Then, he raised his head toward Manager Huang. “Perhaps… The God of Justice has struck our foes for us?”


    Nonetheless, Ning Wentao decided to not probe any further into this. He nonchalantly patted Manager Huang’s shoulder. “We’ll think of something if anything comes up later. Don’t worry, Huang.”

    He was, after all, a very happy-go-lucky guy.


    Zhen Shanmei had left in her own car, thus, it was up to Ning Meng to drive Li Shiyao home.

    After sending Li Shiyao home, Ning Meng quickly walked back to her car.

    Just as she was about to start the engine, she received a voice message from Huo Beichen.

    Huo Beichen: “It’s not easy to find a car parking space there. Just park next to the school, there’s a small parking area there. We’ll meet at the school gate.”

    His soothing voice echoed in her car, pulling the strings in Ning Meng’s heart. Unable to resist listening to it again, Ning Meng pressed on the “play” button again. After listening to her hubby’s voice message once more, she then fired up her car.

    Half an hour later, Ning Meng had reached the school that her husband had mentioned earlier. After parking her car, Ning Meng stood next to the school’s gate, waiting for Huo Beichen’s arrival.

    It was a famous high school, and the school’s tuition session that was meant to prepare its students for the upcoming national college entrance examination had just ended too. Thus, waves of high school students had started to flood out of the school gate.

    As Ning Meng was playing with her phone, suddenly, a shy, timid boy’s voice floated to her ear. “Um… fellow schoolmate, where… where do you live? Perhaps I… I could walk you home?”

    Raising her head, Ning Meng saw a tall schoolboy standing in front of her. He appeared to be quite shy and nervous, his voice trembling as he spoke to her.

    My, my…

    Ning Meng could not help but beam up a smile.

    Was she being hit on by a little boy?

    Fellow schoolmate…? How in the world did she look like his schoolmate?

    Tilting her head, Ning Meng teased the boy with a smile. “I am waiting for my boyfriend.”

    Seeing her lovely smile, the boy got even more nervous. “Then… then… then I’ll walk you both home?”