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Chapter 200 - Still as Popular as Always

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 200: Still as Popular as Always

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    After hearing giggles from the others, the boy realized that he seemed to have misspoken. His face burned red like an apple in an instant.

    As he was stutteringly explaining further what he meant, a cold voice rang out from behind them.

    “No, there’s no need to.”

    Ning Meng looked behind the boy and saw her husband, Huo Beichen, walking toward them.

    This was an old street and the day was getting darker. Without the modern streetlights, their surroundings were getting darker as the orange lights were starting to light up. When he appeared, it seemed as though the streetlights above him were illuminating just because of him.

    With a few large strides, Huo Beichen walked over next to Ning Meng, hugged her shoulder with one hand, and pulled her behind him. Standing between Ning Meng and the schoolboy, Huo Beichen looked at the kid and said, “Your friends. They’re waiting somewhere else.”

    Huo Beichen’s face was stern and manly. His cold glare gave off a superbly masculine intimidation. Seeing this, the boy fled away in fear immediately.

    As the school students were leaving the area and merging with the busy main streets out there, Huo Beichen looked at Ning Meng woefully. “Still as popular as always I see.”


    Fixing her big eyes on Huo Beichen, Ning Meng looked at her husband in confusion. “Huh? What do you mean by ‘popular’?”

    The corners of her eyes were slanted upward, showing subtle hints of a seducing lure, and yet, her crystal-like eyes were so pure and innocent.

    Seeing her like this, Huo Beichen let out a sigh and rubbed her head with his huge hand. “No. Nothing. Forget it.”

    It was as though a fighter had culminated his energy, ready to strike at an opponent at any moment, and yet, there was no one to unleash this powerful energy onto.

    Thus, he turned away and walked onward.


    Ning Meng looked at her man speechlessly.

    Forget it? Forget what? Could this man not speak in riddles?!

    Pouting her mouth, she took a look at the high school.

    Under the bright serene moon, she saw the huge sign: “Mirage High School”.

    Mirage High…? The name sounded familiar. Not only that, but there was also some kind of mysterious scent behind that name. This feeling… Ning Meng could feel something in her heart—it was so close… yet so far…

    Suddenly, a surge of anxiety inexplicably overwhelmed her. Ning Meng quickly moved her eyes away from the high school and saw Huo Beichen standing not far away from her, waiting for her to come over.

    Swiftly, Ning Meng walked toward him.

    Due to the school session being over, there were a lot of students waiting at the bus stop. Some of them were walking slowly into the residential areas, and in mere moments, the entire old street had become noisy from the crowd.

    Some hawkers had prepared some desserts at the side of the road, calling out to the school students to purchase their delicious food. Some of the students, naturally, stopped and bought some. There were many choices of food available—chicken fillets, potato chips, stinky tofu…

    As the smell of all these vendor food struck her nose with every step, Ning Meng’s stomach started to growl. Huo Beichen walked rather fast, escorting her through the street and into an old alleyway, stopping in front of a seafood restaurant without a sign on its door.

    Taking a brief look at the restaurant, Ning Meng saw nothing spectacular about the place.

    The door was wide open, showing everything inside very clearly. There were a dozen tables that were already seated with customers in the premise, leaving only a handful of tables vacant.

    Despite being located in an unsuspecting alley, the restaurant was quite clean.

    There was no sign or anything that mentioned the restaurant’s name at all. Perhaps the place was not popular and so, there was no need for it to hang up its sign?

    Ning Meng let out a gasp as she looked at her husband. “This must be one of those legendary restaurants! Yes, yes, indeed. Every glutton knows this—the plainer a restaurant is, the tastier its food will be! In huge contrast, those great luxurious restaurants that have various kinds of expensive chandeliers… those are just frauds that try to imitate the French and Italians. Those that can’t even make a proper bowl of ‘Soupe à l’oignon’. There’s no need to step into those premises. Besides…”

    Then, she paused. Huo Beichen looked at her, expecting more big quotes to come pouring out from her mouth, and yet, she continued on with a simple, “Besides, I can’t afford to eat them.”


    Right. The famous rich princess of Lemon Entertainment “can’t afford them”. However, Huo Beichen did not seem to flinch at these strange words at all and he stepped into the restaurant.

    Seeing this, Ning Meng quickly followed after him. As soon as she stepped into the restaurant, she saw a middle-aged woman, perhaps the owner of the restaurant, walking toward them with a surprised look on her face. “Beichen! It’s been so long. Why are you?”

    Then, her expression became one of shock when she saw Ning Meng. Her eyes were wide open as she stuttered, “Wha… How…”