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Chapter 192 - Give Up, You’re No Match For Big Sister Qi

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 192: Give Up, You’re No Match For Big Sister Qi

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    Looking at Tang Jinyu’s furious face, Jian Qi was rather calm when she said, “Instructor Tang, do you feel touched?”

    “Are you trying to be funny?!” Tang Jinyu growled.

    “Instructor Tang, how could you hurt me like that?” Jian Qi seemed sad, like she was wronged. “If I were to die tomorrow, this is what I want to tell you!”

    Jian Qi wiped off her non-existence tears and sobbed.

    The veins on Tang Jinyu’s forehead were throbbing visibly when he said, “Go back to your seat.”

    “Then you should enjoy reading. Let me know if there are any mistakes and I’ll make some changes, okay?” Jian Qi smiled brightly.

    Watching her retreating back, Tang Jinyu felt like murdering her.

    Feng Yi walked toward Tang Jinyu after JIan Qi had gone back to her seat.

    “Boss, what did she write?” Feng Yi was curious.

    Everyone knew except him.

    And their reactions were very weird which made him even more eager to find out!

    What exactly did she write?

    Lightning and Crocodile who were standing at the side were smiling mysteriously.

    Feng Yi could not stop himself and peeked at the letter in Tang Jinyu’s hand. Tang Jinyu folded the paper in half and glared at the three of them. “Five kilometres weight-bearing marathon!”

    Three of them went speechless.

    Feng Yi was confused. Why?

    The other two knew very well why. It was because of that letter!

    “Yes!” Lightning and Crocodile replied and pulled Feng Yi who was confused away.

    After the three of them left, Tang Jinyu did not read the letter. He glared at everyone who was still writing.

    Jian Qi tried to make eye contact with Tang Jinyu to remind him to read that letter. However, Tang Jinyu did not look at her and ignored her.

    Jian Qi was upset and complained to herself, ‘It must be his first time receiving a letter from girls. He must be shy!’


    “Can the two of you please tell me what Jian Qi wrote?” Feng Yi was really curious about the letter yet the other two at the side seemed rather calm.

    “Do you really want to know?” Crocodile asked.

    “No sh*t. Why would I keep asking if I don’t want to know?!”

    Crocodile smiled mysteriously and said, “What if I told you that it was a love letter from Big Sister Qi to our Boss?”

    Feng Yi. “…”

    Love letter?!

    Lightning looked at him and laughed, “Told you not to ask and yet you keep asking.”

    “Why would my goddess do something so stupid?” Feng Yi shouted, “Why would she choose a psycho like our Boss but not a gentleman like me!”

    “You’re delusional!” Crocodile teased him and patted him on his shoulder. “My brother, goddesses can only be admired from afar. In fact, Big Sister Qi is a very horrifying species.”

    Lightning laughed, “Speaking of pursuing someone, you really are no match for Big Sister Qi, young man.”

    “I agree!” Crocodile laughed.

    Lightning looked at the upset Feng Yi and teased him, “Give up already, you’re no match for Big Sister Qi.”

    Feng Yi looked at them curiously. “So, what exactly did she write in that letter?”

    Lightning and Crocodile looked at each other and giggled. They then ran off.

    “Damn it. Can the two of you not be like that. It doesn’t kill to say more!” Feng Yi chased after them.

    “It’s not that we don’t want to tell you, we can’t tell you!” Crocodile smiled.

    “Why not?”

    “Do you know why Boss made us run? It’s because we know something we shouldn’t know and our boss is warning us,” Lightning explained.

    Feng Yi, “…So, I’m being punished because of you guys?”