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Chapter 182 - Good Liquor

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 182: Good Liquor

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xiao Luo remained silent. He had taken notice of Chu Yunxiong’s subtle gesture and his meaningful wink signaling for him to restrain himself for now. He walked towards the table, smiled courteously, and took a seat beside Chu Yunxiong.

    The moment Xiao Luo sat down, Long Sankui turned to Chu Yunxiong, saying, “Mr. Chu, let’s not to mince words. I know this d*mn rascal once protected your dear daughter. You intervened and mediated on his behalf because you owe him a favor.” He said it in a seemingly harmless yet, in fact, menacing way. Having made his point, he continued, “But he cut off the hands of 53 disciples of mine and totally destroyed my Yellow Skies Casino, which I managed painstakingly for many years. This kind of debt can’t be written off by a few words.”

    Chu Yunxiong put his teacup down and smiled calmly, said, “So what does Mr. Long think we should do?”

    Long Sankui shot an angry glance at Xiao Luo and said in a threatening voice, “It’s easy. He chopped off my disciples’ hands, so now I want to cut off his right hand. He smashed my Yellow Skies Casino, so I will have to ask him to compensate for all of my losses. That is all.”

    “If you really wish to cut off his hand, wouldn’t I have set up the banquet tonight in vain?” Chu Yunxiong answered with a sardonic smile, looking right into the eyes of Long Sankui.

    Long Sankui backed off slightly, still wary of Chu Yunxiong. Although Chu Yunxiong might seem to be a gentle, harmless type, he had a reputation of being a brutal operator in his heydays. He’d use any means necessary to achieve his goals, and he was not one to trifle with, even to this day. Long Sankui considered himself above everything and everybody here in Jiangcheng, but not Chu Yunxiong.

    Aggrieved by the stance Chu Yunxiong had taken, Long Sankui now vented his anger at Xiao Luo.

    “You little rascal, you’re truly a nasty son of b*tch. I would kill you now, if not for the due respect I’m giving to Mr. Chu’s feelings. In Jiangcheng, I can destroy you as easy as squshing a bug!”

    Long Sankui’s expression changed abruptly into an angry scowl. He grabbed the bottle of wine in front of him to smash it over Xiao Luo’s head.

    Xiao Luo promptly raised his arm to parry, and the bottle exploded dramatically into myriad pieces, spilling its contents all over the floor.

    “Hah, you d*amn rascal. How dare you block my blow?” Long Sankui bellowed in his rage.

    Xiao Luo looked sternly at Long Sankui, his lips pressed tightly together into a thinly veiled smile, but his eyes remained cold. In an instant, he had a bottle of wine in his hand and smashed it on Long Sankui’s head.

    Long Sankui still retained his reflexes even with his age, quickly raising both his hand up to protect himself.


    The wine bottle broke against his arm, and both its shards and the spilling wine fell upon Long Sankui’s garments.

    Xiao Luo laughed and said, “Mr. Long, is one bottle enough? Do you need another one?”


    Leng Zuo and Leng You gasped in shock. They thought to themselves, “This young guy is really fearless. He is definitely the only person in Jiangcheng who would dare to smash a bottle of wine over Long Sankui’s head!”

    “You rascal, do you want to die?!”

    Leng Bao and Da Yuan yelled out, snapping out of their momentary shock, and with fierce looks and their teeth gnashing, readied to rush in to strike Xiao Luo.

    Long Sankui waved his hand and stopped his bodyguards. His eyes stared steadily at Xiao Luo, but could not stop his eyelids from twitching nervously. Suddenly, he burst into a loud laugh and said, “Plucky youngster! This d*mn rascal truly has b*lls!” He quickly turned to look at Chu Yunxiong and said, “You see Mr. Chu, did you see that? This rascal doesn’t have a conciliatory attitude at all. It’s not about the fact that he doesn’t give face to me, he doesn’t respect you!”

    He was implying that while Chu Yunxiong was willing to protect Xiao Luo, yet he had not shown the due respect at all, in appreciation of the favor. Chu Yunxiong’s kindness was instead taken for granted.


    Chu Yunxiong called out gently, his wizen eyebrows knitted together. He also sensed that Xiao Luo didn’t appear to be interested in making peace. It almost seemed like he came here intentionally to pick a fight with Long Sankui for purposes only known to himself. Chu Yunxiong started to question if he was meddling unnecessarily.

    “Mr. Chu, I have already accepted your proposal for conciliation by showing up here tonight. Mr. Long displayed his hostility to me explicitly from the moment I got here. But now this villain is making charges against his victim. Isn’t he the one who really does not respect you?” said Xiao Luo.

    “What a glib tongue. Why would I be here if I don’t respect Mr. Chu?” Long Sankui pounded on the table and roared in rage.

    Chu Yunxiong, seizing the opportunity, quickly articulated, “Since both of you have come here to make peace, why don’t you show some good faith? Mr. Long, please alter your previous demand a little bit.”

    His commanding tone left little room for any discussion.

    Long Sankui felt cornered, and the corner of his mouth again twitched nervously. He was not ready to have Chu Yunxiong saving Xiao Luo from right under his nose. As he turned the matter over in his mind, he happened to see two bottles of Moutai on the table. His eyes immediately lit up, and he quickly said, “Ok, Mr. Chu. I will do this favor for you. He can keep his hand and money, as long as he can drink up these two bottles of Moutai right now. I guarantee you that I will write off all the grievances between us once and for all!”

    Leng Zuo and Leng You turned pale after hearing Long Sankui’s words. Moutai was a powerful spirit with an alcohol level of 53% proof. Even drinking half the bottle would land a person in the hospital, needing to flush the gut to prevent alcohol poisoning. How would Xiao Luo be able to finish two entire bottles? How was this making peace at all? He clearly wanted Xiao Luo to die this very night.

    1Chu Yunxiong’s face darkened. He said, “Mr. Long, is your request in good faith?”

    “Correct. This is indeed, my good faith. He mutilated my people and smashed up my casino. Mr. Chu, I would have to say you’re biased if you cannot even see the fairness in my request.” Long Sankui said, pressing the point with a mirthless smirk.

    His play had put Chu Yunxiong on the back foot. Granted, his stature might fall a little short in comparison with Chu Yunxiong, but he was still a mafia head and controlled the entire underworld of the Jiangcheng. He was confident that Chu Yunxiong would not dare to start a war with him, especially not over this rascal. After all, they were not young anymore, and there more many other factors to consider.

    “Mr. Long has an excellent point. It’s just two bottles of Moutai. I will drink them up!”

    Xiao Luo stood up and duly opened the caps of the Moutai. Raising his head back, he started to chug the baijiu directly from the bottle.

    “Ding! Congratulations. The Host has mastered the Yi Jin Jing, system redeeming a hundred thousand points from host account!”

    The digital voice chimed in Xiao Luo’s head. The balance had now plummeted to a little over two thousand after spending a hundred thousand Points.

    Xiao Luo felt a warmth running through his bones and internal passages as qi energy circulated throughout his body, rebuilding the cells. A surging wave washed through as the inner force, sequestered the baijiu that had been consumed, preventing it from being absorbed into his vital organs.

    Seeing Xiao Luo gulping down the baijiu, everyone in the room was amazed.

    “This d*mn rascal is really bold enough to drink it all?”

    Long Sankui was in a stupor, then an insidious smile slowly formed on his face. So what that Chu Yunxiong was protecting him? He could still have the youngster die a violent death right here and now. Who could believe that Xiao Luo would still be standing even after drinking two bottles of Moutai baijiu? How could he now fend off an attack from his two henchmen?

    Leng Bao and Da Yuan couldn’t help sneering, “Turned out, he is just an arrogant fool!”

    Chu Yunxiong remained still and was anxious for Xiao Luo, but he didn’t have any excuse to stop it.

    As soon as a whole bottle of Moutai was downed, Xiao Luo started to work on the next one. Long Sankui looked on, surprised that even after consuming large amounts of the alcohol, he was not showing any signs of succumbing to the potent baijiu. What was going on?

    Xiao Luo quickly finished the second as well and placed the empty bottle on the table, wiped off traces of baijiu from the corner of his mouth, and exhaled a deep breath in delight, said, “Good liquor!”