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Chapter 182 - Machiavellian Black

I Wish Mo All the Best
     Chapter 182: Machiavellian Black

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    Qianmo had set a trap for him deliberately, yet Black was still willing to fall in it. See, he belonged to her, so she had no problem in making him do a few questions.

    Qianmo was beyond satisfied while gazing at him. How could there be such a perfect man? There wasn’t any flaw at all.

    He had a strong character, was loyal and responsible. He was definitely the top choice to spend one’s life with. Then, it suddenly dawned on Qianmo.

    Maybe because he was too perfect, even Heavens were green with envy; thus, they gave him a psychological issue like this to torment him.

    He was obviously a tiger, but he had to hide under cover of a sheep. He was a man who had it all, but he had to grovel for his love.

    Qianmo felt glad that she was the one he loved. She was going to treasure this precious relationship and not let him, a proud person, fall into the dust. Such an outstanding man deserved better treatment…

    Then, the ambiance started to be a little off.

    Ma Jingtian didn’t know about Qianmo’s motives in making this questionnaire. Still, he felt something amiss while pondering with his head lowered. He saw her looking at his idol with a super melting, loving look when he raised his head.

    He was still rather unfamiliar with such an expression because he lacked interest in romantic dramas and his parents were also ordinary folks who were not the lovey-dovey type. Hence, he had no idea that this was a look that a woman gave to a man she loved.

    He finally opened his mouth after watching them for half a day. “You two have such a close relationship as brother and sister.”

    Qianmo’s mouth twitched, and she quickly patted Black to ease his tightened nerves.

    Judging from the cousin’s test results, he didn’t have a violent tendency. He had some weakness for pretty women, but this wasn’t the primary cause. Oh, she had focused on Black for this item.

    After eliminating these two items, Qianmo focused on testing the attitude toward gambling and money next. In the end, she added one more question for them at the last minute.

    “In a gathering of friends, if you released a very, very smelly fart, what would you do?”

    Ma Jingtian was amused and laughed. “What kind of question is this?”

    His cousin had a similar reaction. Only Black remained unmoved—he was already used to it. His mom had always brought him and his brother along when they were young on similar excursions. His dear mother was adept at these stunts.

    Strictly speaking, this kind of psychological test wasn’t a standard psychological scale. It was a little exaggerated to judge a person’s entire character using a few sets of test questions. The accuracy was actually rather limited, and it was mostly used for entertainment purposes.

    So, why was Qianmo using something that was mostly used to entertain to solve the crime?

    Because, she knew how to read microexpressions.

    To be frank, even fortune-telling… was an upgraded version of psychology.

    These types of amusing questions usually had some ambiguous answers that made people believe in their authenticity. They could always find one or two points in the characteristics that were similar to theirs, and this would give a sense of authority to the person who posed the questions.

    As long as they were bluffed, she could gradually search for the truth according to the changes in microexpressions. A proper psychotherapist wouldn’t use such an unscrupulous tactic; rather, they wouldn’t be able to employ it. Because, this needed a great skill at observing microexpressions and… a talent at bamboozling people.

    Black was getting more and more perplexed.

    “Please excuse me, Seniors. This is just a set of ordinary questions. This is the last one, so you guys just have to answer as you please.” Qianmo always looked earnest when she was hoodwinking. Back then, her mentor had praised her, saying she had a talent for learning fortune-telling. This kind of gift, where she was able to look so dedicated while bluffing people, wasn’t one that everyone could have.

    Maybe this had to do with her birth mother, Mu Feifei, who was a fortune-teller.

    Currently, Qianmo gave four options for the three men to choose from:

    a. Pretend he didn’t smell or know anything

    b. Graciously acknowledge that he did it

    c. Deny that he farted

    d. Joke that it wasn’t loud enough and should release another one

    These kinds of ridiculous and image-damaging answers were very off-putting to Ma Jingtian and his cousin. Men were all proud creatures, right?

    Qianmo looked out of the window and flipped her hair casually. “I don’t respect dishonest men. Being a man without guts is meaningless, isn’t it? Of course, please just do the test as you see fit. It’s fine with me.”

    That really hurt. She meant the person who refused to do the test had no guts, and she wouldn’t respect them?

    Although men were prideful, they also appreciated a pretty woman. They couldn’t afford to lose their face in front of a lady, so they had to make themselves do it!

    Ma Jingtian chose c. Deny immediately.

    This was congruent with his character traits.

    Frankly speaking, he dared to think but did not have the balls to act, always hemming and hawing. He would regret doing but also regret not doing it. Yup, that was him.

    The cousin chose d. Joke that it wasn’t loud enough and should release another one.

    It was precisely Qianmo had expected.

    The one who loved to gamble. It would be easy to trap him after finding out his weakness… nope, she meant easier to solve the crime!

    What Qianmo was most concerned about wasn’t this rubbish cousin, whom she could take out any time; instead, it was Black’s answer.

    She eagerly waited for Black’s answer. The other two guys were curious too, especially Ma Jingtian.

    His idol was full of a righteous aura. His answer must be different from normal people, right?

    Actually, what Ma Jingtian was even more curious about was, would his idol… fart?

    This perfect, almost God-like man had always made people feel unattainable. Farting was such a down-to-earth behavior, it seemed to have nothing to do with him.

    Everyone was anticipating Black’s answer. But he just lowered his eyes and lightly said, “You can announce the answer now.”




    Everyone had their own thoughts. Ma Jingtian felt cheated and said, “Idol, you’re being too much.”

    So, he was refusing to answer?

    Everyone had told their answers, but the god vehemently refused to. Thus, the god didn’t fart…?

    Furthermore, Qianmo had also said she didn’t like dishonest men.  He was indeed naive.

    The correct answer was, Black would never say if he farted in front of these people. He was happy enough to be with his goddess. Black took a look at Qianmo, a look full of meanings.

    Qianmo was satisfied. This exceptionally coy man was indeed the type she liked.

    Black’s coquettish choice had hit Qianmo’s soft spot. If Ma Jingtian knew, he most probably would vomit blood. He had an unfair advantage right from the get-go?

    “What was this question supposed to test?” Ma Jingtian’s expertise had something to do with Criminal Psychology too. Still, none of his schoolmates were able to perform at Qianmo’s level. And, most of them had the same attitude as Ma Jingtian.