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Chapter 138 - Cha Cha, I’ve Come To Take You Home

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 138: Cha Cha, I’ve Come To Take You Home

    On June 7th, China’s annual important day arrived.

    The college entrance examination.

    Each examination venue began to hoist banners while armed police began to patrol everywhere to ensure the security of the college entrance examination.

    Many parents accompanied their children to the exam venue. They stayed outside, their expressions a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

    To many, their children’s college entrance examination not only concerned their fate, but also the expectation of many parents for their children’s life.

    In this world, the college entrance examination was an essential factor on the road to success.

    Getting good grades and entering a good college was perhaps the best proof of their hard work.

    Different environments would bring up different kinds of people.

    While entering the examination venue, seeing the hustle and bustle of the parents outside, complex emotions flashed through Su Cha’s heart.

    In her first life, she simply did not have the opportunity to take the college entrance examination. For her, her life had been ended a month before that day.

    And now, it all started again.

    The sun in June could not withstand the fierce enthusiasm that came with the college entrance examination. Before Su Cha turned off her phone and handed it over, Bo Muyi sent her a message.

    ‘Cha Cha, do well, I believe in you.’

    This sentence was the biggest comfort for Su Cha who had come alone for the college entrance examination.

    Her lips slightly curved upwards. In this life, it was not only her own life that has started again. With Bo Muyi, everything was sufficient.

    After passing the security check and finding her examination room, she sat down. The college entrance examination that would decide her fate was about to begin.

    But when Su Cha entered, a commotion stirred in the examination room.

    On the one hand, Su Cha was so beautiful it caught the eyes of people. On the other hand, Su Cha had an imposing manner and looked rather familiar.

    There were definitely people who had paid attention to “Dream in Progress” among the young people present in the exam venue, but at this time it had not been officially broadcasted. Only one or two truly found Su Cha familiar-looking.

    The college entrance examination was a crucial moment, not many could ponder this matter carefully.

    At 9 a.m., the language subjects officially started.

    After completing paper after paper, Su Cha’s mentality became very calm. She was not nervous at all. Although she used to have bad grades, her mentality was always very stable. No matter what exam it was, she was never nervous.

    Even the college entrance examination.

    Especially since now she had had sufficient certainty towards her grades.

    After completing a set of questions, Su Cha didn’t feel any pressure. She would never lose marks for sections such as fill-in-the-blanks and poem verses for language. However, sections like reading comprehension which involved subjective answers would require her to explore the best way of answering, together with writing compositions.

    After the exams, she simply had some food and took a break. In the afternoon was math.

    The next day was liberal arts comprehension and English.

    When the exam was over, it meant that for this batch of third year high school students, their life of studying tirelessly for twelve years was officially over.

    Perhaps some would choose to do it again, but for most people, the moment they walked out of the exam venue, they were excited – some even wept with joy.

    Maybe some felt they did not do well in the exam. The moment they saw their parents, they felt wronged.

    Su Cha stood outside the examination venue, looking around, her heart momentarily feeling somewhat empty.

    Everyone had somewhere to go, or could run into the arms of their parents. Only she had to hesitate to think about where she should go next.

    It was at this moment, Su Cha felt that the surrounding air seemed to fall silent for a moment, and everyone’s gaze was all locked in one particular direction – no one could hide the admiration which filled their eyes.

    “Cha Cha, you’ve worked hard, I’ve come to take you home.”

    Su Cha turned. A tall, lofty man stood beneath the sun, his handsome face smiling gently at her.

    In this lifetime, Su Cha would never forget the beauty of this scene.