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Chapter 139 - Cha Cha, Only Look At Me

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 139: Cha Cha, Only Look At Me

    Su Cha ran into Bo Muyi’s arms, touched.

    “How is it you came?”

    Her voice was strangely tender. Burying herself in his embrace, she lifted her head to gaze up at him.

    Bo Muyi also wrapped his arms around Su Cha’s waist, lowering his head to reveal a gentle and intoxicating smile. “Today you’ve finished the college entrance examination, how could I not come on such an important day? Our Cha Cha has worked hard! What do you want to eat? I’ll take you to eat at noon.”

    Su Cha smiled. Not answering, she first buried her face in Bo Muyi’s arms.

    People around looked dumbfounded at such a scene.

    Mainly parents were dumbfounded.

    Woah. The college entrance examination just ended. Usually parents come to pick up their children, but this boyfriend comes to pick up his girlfriend?

    Too wild, the college entrance examination just ended!

    However, many people couldn’t help but marvel – it was enough that the girl looked good, but the man simply was the best among men.

    He was merely standing there and no matter how beautiful his surroundings were, they all paled in comparison.

    Not to mention in the current surroundings were all ordinary men with average looks – the disparity was simply too cruel, they were mercilessly eliminated.

    Suddenly many men had the impulse to stab Bo Muyi with a knife.

    The restless adolescents all wanted to squeal upon seeing Bo Muyi, especially when they saw him pulling the slender girl into his arms.

    At such a time, they actually showed off so much affection!

    Any longer and they would create a scene. Su Cha noticed someone taking her handphone out to film her and Bo Muyi, making her slightly uncomfortable.

    She was not uncomfortable with her appearance, but felt uncomfortable with Bo Muyi’s actions being filmed, as if she hoped only she could see Bo Muyi.

    Such a thought surprised Su Cha. When had she become so monopolistic?

    However, she only had this quick thought. She was way more accepting than Bo Muyi, but now she finally understood a little of Bo Muyi’s thoughts.

    Sometimes, they really wanted to hide the other party, so they could only be seen by themselves.

    She and Bo Muyi didn’t stay too long, and soon got into the car parked by the street.

    Seeing Bo Muyi and Su Cha getting in the car together holding hands, Bai Kun fumbled to find words. After all, he also saw what happened clearly on the street.

    He was relieved the young master finally knew not to only show off their affection to them – his subordinates, but also dragged others in together.

    Seeing Su Cha, Bai Kun grinned. “Miss Su, congratulations on finishing your college entrance examination.”

    As soon as he finished speaking, Su Cha looked at him with a light smile. “Thank you.”

    It was just two simple words that didn’t seem to carry emotions, but Bo Muyi’s gaze suddenly became fierce. He glared at Bai Kun, and at the same time he reached out and turned Su Cha to face himself. “Cha Cha, only look at me.”

    Su Cha: “…”

    She suddenly felt a little amused, but she nodded obediently and let out a soft “mm”, Bo Muyi also relaxed his expression.

    Bai Kun: “…”

    Young Master simply… Even a normal greeting looked to him as if he was plotting against Miss Su.

    But whatever slander in his heart stayed in his heart – Bai Kun dared not say a word, and carefully drove away.