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Chapter 140 - You Have Me

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 140: You Have Me

    Bo Muyi took Su Cha to the fanciest restaurant in Yonggu Town.

    They could not find any place better. Su Cha had little memory about the foods in Yonggu Town.

    Bo Muyi and Su Cha sat together in front of a large glass table. After they ordered, Su Cha received a message from Wu He.

    “Su Cha, it’s my treat after the exam. Where are you now?”

    Su Cha smiled and replied quickly, “Sorry, Sister Wu He. I’ve got a treat today. I’ll treat you tomorrow.”

    Although she had put down her phone right after, she still heard the man asking jealousy, “Cha cha, who is it?”

    Bo Muyi had seen the name but did not know who Wu He was.

    “It’s Sister Wu He, the big sister who has introduced me to Dreams In Progress. She has helped me a lot.”

    Su Cha said briefly. It was not easy for her to comment on a person like this, so Bo Muyi instantly got the message.


    He remained cold.

    He felt unhappy that she could also be special to Su Cha.

    Su Cha gave him a glance and chuckled, “Are you jealous of her? Come on!”

    Su Cha touched Bo Muyi’s cheeks gently. Bo Muyi put on a deep and serene look and bit her fingertips.

    He did not really take a bite, but slightly touched them with his teeth. Su Cha took her hand back immediately after the touch. It was too itchy and amorous.

    Bo Muyi lowered his head a little and gave her an alluring look, as if he was going to burn her into ashes.

    Meanwhile, the waiter came to serve the dishes and broke the silence. Su Cha chuckled and dabbed on Bo Muyi’s chest, “Time to eat.”

    After the waiter served all the dishes and walked out respectfully, Bo Muyi moved close to Su Cha and whispered, “Cha cha, I want to eat you.”

    His voice was so sensual that it could drive people crazy.

    But what he said was too erotic. Su Cha threw a piece of pork rib into his mouth to stop him, “No talking while eating.”

    Bo Muyi hummed and ate the pork rib as it was given.

    He appeared to be a baby and forgot how to use his hands when he was with Su Cha. Su Cha had to feed him. Otherwise, he would take Su Cha’s own food.

    Since nobody could see them, Bo Muyi would stop at nothing.

    Su Cha found it troublesome. If she had known that he would behave like this, she would never feed him breakfast.

    After they both finished eating, Bo Muyi revealed his intention, “Cha cha, now that you’ve finished the national college entrance exam, do you have time to go to the Imperial Capital with me?”

    “It has to wait. I will attend the contest on the 15th. It might not finish until July. The result of the exam will come out on July 22nd. After it, I might have to visit my father….”

    Su Cha saw Bo Muyi put on an indifferent look when she mentioned her father. He pulled her sleeves after she finished, “Cha cha, he is mean to you. You don’t have to take him for a father. You will be fine with me.”