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Chapter 203 - Thanks for Driving Me Home

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 203: Thanks for Driving Me Home

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    There were plenty of people in the dimly lit alleyway, and yet, Ning Meng felt as though there were only she and her hubby in the entire world right now.

    Staring at him with her big eyes, Ning Meng asked in confusion, “Again?”

    Seeing her like this, a flash of gloom overwhelmed Huo Beichen’s eyes. However, a moment later, he extended his big hand and rubbed her head. “No. Nothing. Forget it.”


    This man really loved to leave people hanging, huh?

    However, Ning Meng did not dare to probe any further.

    This was probably related to some kind of history between Original Ning Meng and Huo Beichen. If she challenged him further, it would have revealed that she was not the “Ning Meng” he had originally married.

    As Ning Meng had used all her energy to suppress her urge to investigate more, she could not help whining in frustration. “…don’t pet my head!”

    She liked to tie her hair up into a ponytail because whenever she was drawing her comics, her hair would not get in the way. Yet, every time Huo Beichen petted her head, her hair would get messed up. Now she had to tie it up all over again. What a bother!

    Seeing her growl angrily like a pissed kitten, a smile spread over Huo Beichen’s face. “Alright.”

    It seemed that teasing her like this made his mood better.

    The both of them walked toward the parking area and…

    Ning Meng scanned the car park but could not see “it”. A moment later, she gave up and asked, “Where’s your car?”

    Huo Beichen replied calmly, “Oh, I ordered my driver to go home earlier.”


    Still holding her hand, Huo Beichen looked quite tall when she raised her head to look at him. He continued with his explanation, “When we came here, the traffic was really bad. It was not easy to find a parking spot, so I decided to walk and ordered him to go home.”

    “Oh, I see…”

    Then, Huo Beichen winked an eye at her. “So, what do we do now?”

    He did not have any mode of transportation right now, so, maybe he could ask her to drive him home. Then, when they arrived at his villa, he could tell her that Little Tiantian missed her. Yes! From there, maybe he could next invite her in to chat and then, try to keep her as long as he could until late in the night.

    By that time, he could invite her to stay the night. Right?

    The plan was perfect!

    Thus, Huo Beichen looked expectantly at Ning Meng. Before he was able to suggest anything, Ning Meng opened her mouth. “Yeah, it’s not easy to drive to this neighborhood indeed. It’s also getting pretty late, it would be cruel to ask your driver to come over at this time. I know! How about this?”

    Ning Meng looked him with her sparkling eyes. “I’ll give you my car keys! Then, you could drive me home first and afterward drive back to your house using my pink car.”

    Of course, this meant that she would need to be apart from her Pink Maserati for a few days.


    Huo Beichen was stunned. He did not think that she would move her chess piece like that.

    And so, he let out a fake cough and shamelessly opened his mouth.

    “I don’t know how to drive.”


    Ning Meng looked at him in utter disbelief. “No. That cannot be. Is that true!?”

    Was it not the trend in every “CEO marries me” novel that the great CEO could do everything?

    How could this one not know how to drive!?

    After musing over it for some time, Ning Meng realized that she had never seen Huo Beichen drive a car ever, largely because he always utilized the service of his drivers!

    As she was deep in her thoughts, Huo Beichen lowered his mouth to her ear and said, “Thanks for driving me home.”


    Hence, both of them got into the Pink Maserati.

    Ning Meng switched on her phone’s GPS and keyed in the address of Huo Beichen’s villa.

    On her phone, she saw Zhen Shanmei’s WeChat message: [Are you still with Mr. Huo right now?]

    Ning Meng casually replied with one hand: [Yes.]

    Then, she put her phone on the phone stabilizer next to the car deck and fired up the engine.

    After the car had driven out of the old street…


    A message came in.

    Ning Meng was focusing on the road, and so, she could not attend to the message. Thus, she asked Huo Beichen, “It’s probably from Zhen Shanmei. Could you please check it for me?”

    Huo Beichen obediently inched forward to look at her phone. Then… there was no response from him.

    Ning Meng got slightly impatient. “Well, what did she say? Read it for me.”

    Clearing his throat, Huo Beichen asked, “Are you sure you want me to read it out loud?”

    Ning Meng shot him a look and said, “There are no secrets between us, hubby. Just read it.”

    Huo Beichen then swiped the phone with his finger to reveal the entire message before reading it out loud in his magnetic enticing voice.

    “I see. In that case, you should make sure to be prepared, okay? Use protection! And get as much foreplay as you can. Getting your cherry popped can hurt , I tell you.”