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Chapter 543 - Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 30) In the end, minister Huan agreed.

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
     Chapter 543: Waste concubine daughter’s counterattack (Part 30)

    In the end, minister Huan agreed.

    After all, these girls could be considered innocent and there wasn’t much right or wrong in the palace.

    But while they could avoid the crime, they couldn’t avoid the punishment.

    Other than Luo Qing Chen who had to replant the plants, the others all received twenty beatings.

    They were maids with low statuses, so they weren’t that good at being beaten!

    Le Meng’s body wasn’t good, so she fainted after the twenty beatings.

    The others weren’t much better. They were crying all night in the maid palace after being beaten.

    Of course, Luo Qing Chen was in the garden that night thinking of a method.


    System, do you know how many species of flowers there were in the back garden?

    [A total of twenty flowers that bloomed in the winter.]

    How will I plant them? It can’t be that the seeds exchanged for will only bloom in a year, right!

    [The host actually doubts the system! The system’s seeds will bloom tomorrow!]

    That powerful? Then are the system’s seeds expensive?

    [One hundred exchange points per seed!]

    Why doesn’t the system rob a bank, I feel that way would be faster!

    [The host can want it or not!]

    Give me a discount?

    [Is the host very poor?]

    Very poor!

    [Then the host will receive a 50% discount!] The system just wanted to tease the host since it knew that she wasn’t happy after the last world.

    Damn, the system loves me the best!

    [Ding, 1000 exchange points has been taken. Successfully exchanged for twenty flower seeds.]

    [The host only needs to plant the seeds into the dirt and they’ll bloom tomorrow!]


    Luo Qing Chen rolled up her sleeve and worked hard as a small flower as she began planting her flowers.

    But what she didn’t know was that there was a deep gaze watching her not far away.

    After a while, he slowly walked over towards her.


    A cool as water voice rang out.

    “Who are you, what are you doing here?”

    She felt her body tremble and all her nerves became tense.

    Ning Wei Han…..

    She had her back to him and was bent over, but the jade bracelet on her hand released a cool glow under the moonlight.

    Her heart was filled with panic. When it came to the moment they met, she felt that she was more panicked than she imagined.

    “Emperor, it’s late! Be careful not to catch a cold!” Eunuch Luo’s voice came from not far away.

    Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and suddenly stood up, turning to look at him.

    He was still like before, with a jade like face and a pair of deep, dark eyes.

    If something had to be different, it was the expression in his eyes. It wasn’t as warm as before, rather it was now cold.


    “This one recognized the wrong person.” As soon as his voice fell, he quickly turned to leave and didn’t give her time to reply at all.

    She felt her heart tremble as it filled with a bit of sadness.

    It was right if she thought about it. She was completely different from what she looked like before, how could he recognize her…..

    But he didn’t need to leave that fast. It was like he had run away and didn’t even give her time to explain.

    At least let her watch him walk away…...

    Returning to the maid palace, everyone was gathered around.

    Seeing Luo Qing Chen return, they quickly ran over and said, “Le Meng has a fever, what do we do?”

    She quickly came over to touch her forehead.

    God, it really was burning.

    What to do? The easiest method was to get medicine from the system.

    But Le Meng kept muttering Yi Shou’s name.

    Since she knew why she came to the palace, she knew what she should do for her.

    “I’ll be back soon. Watch her and make sure she drinks plenty of water, I’ll be back soon.”