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Chapter 183 - Fearsome power

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 183: Fearsome power

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The entire wing-room was in dead silence, one could almost hear a pin drop. Both Long Sankui and Chu Yunxiong were amazed as they stared in disbelief at Xiao Luo. If they had not witnessed it themselves, they would never believe that a man could drink two bottles of Moutai baijiu with a 53% alcohol content, consecutively. Besides alcohol intoxication, his stomach would have been literally burnt through by the alcohol, making it impossible for him to remain standing.

    “It’s indeed a good liquor, I’ve never tasted such delicious liquor in my entire life.” Xiao Luo glanced at Long Sankui meaningfully, aware of his devious scheme.

    His words had infuriated Long Sankui to the extent of spitting out blood. If he had not detected the intense fragrance of the potent drink from the two empty bottles before him, he would have thought that Xiao Luo just had two bottles of water.

    “F*ck, what the hell!”

    Long Sankui was incensed and slammed hard on the table. Initially, he thought he could take on Xiao Luo with two bottles of liquor easily, but they did not seem to affect him after he comfortably poured them down his gullet. This was a monumental slap in his face for Long Sankui, especially as Xiao Luo praised the liquor’s quality. He felt his cheeks burn like they were on fire. “You rotten *sshole! You truly are a freak!”

    Chu Yunxiong smiled softly, “Boss Long, Xiao Luo had drunk two bottles of Moutai as you asked, so is the hatred between you and him considered…”

    He did not finish the line and expected Long Sankui to get his meaning.

    “Sure, I’m keeping my word, the resentment between this rotten *sshole is considered over and done with. My Dragon Gang will never lay a finger on him.”

    Long Sankui tilted his head slightly in acknowledgment, then turned back to Leng Bao and Da Yuan abruptly and said coldly, “Leng Bao, Da Yuan, you both are expelled from Dragon Gang from this day on. Cut every tie and connection you have with the Dragon Gang, and from hereon, everything you do has nothing to do with me, do you hear that?”

    Upon hearing those words, Both Leng Bao and Da Yuan were stunned. Expelled and to cut all ties with Dragon Gang? This couldn’t be happening.

    “Lord Long, what have we done wrong? Why’d you expel us from Dragon Gang?”

    Da Yuan bellowed loudly, deeply agitated. He could not accept the fact that he had been expelled from Dragon Gang. He had been serving the gang loyally for so many years, how was he expelled so suddenly?

    “Da Yuan, let’s go.”

    Leng Bao dragged out Da Yuan forcefully, as he was losing his composure.

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    “Why the f*ck’d you drag me, Lord Long’s gone nuts, he actually expelled us from Dragon Gang, and you’re not questioning him?” Da Yuan roared continuously.

    Leng Bao adjusted his glasses, looking over its frame with his chilling, viper-like eyes, “Don’t you see? Lord Long did not want to let the Xiao off, but he had already given his word to Chu Yunxiong that Dragon Gang would not lay a finger on Xiao. If you still cannot make sense of it by now, you’re truly an idiot.”

    Since leaving the room, Da Yuan’s face has been contorted with rage. But after hearing those words, he suddenly felt like he had “dispelled the clouds and seen the blue sky.” The cold, insidious smirk returned to its rightful place in his countenance, as he merrily remarked, “He is a sage! Lord Long’s move is unfathomable. So now that we’re not part of Dragon Gang anymore, naturally, we could lay our fingers on that Xiao, hahaha…”

    Leng Bao nodded and simply stared impassively in silence.

    In the wing-room, Chu Yunxiong looked hard at Long Sankui and said coldly, “Boss Long, this is an excellent play by you!”

    Long Sankui sighed in mock innocence, “Boss Chu, you are really joking, there’s nothing such as a play here. Those brats had violated the rules set by me, and they must be expelled from Dragon Gang. This is Dragon Gang’s affair, Boss Chu, you are not going to interfere, right?” His tone was enigmatic as he postured to leave, saying, “Alright, since we’re done with the talking, I should be leaving. We meet again, Boss Chu.” With that, he finished gulping down the cup of tea before him and stood up.

    He held up his dragon-headed walking stick and stopped briefly beside Xiao Luo, giving him a pat on his shoulder, “You rotten *sshole, ‘a storm may arise from a clear sky, and a man’s fate remains uncertain like the weather,’ take good care of yourself,haha…”

    As he finished speaking, he laughed aloud and left the wing-room.

    Chu Yunxiong finished drinking the last cup of tea and asked in genuine concern, “Xiao Luo, do you need some medication for a hangover?”

    “Oh, no need.” Xiao Luo shook his head.

    Fortified by the System’s Yijin Jing, the potency fo the moutai was effectively sequestered and released slowly, avoiding any damage to his vital organs.

    “This did not go as expected, Long Sankui had only pretended to obey.”

    Chu Yunxiong held the teacup tightly, squeezing it between his thumb and index finger. Had Long Sankui dared to fool him in his younger days, he would have been strong-armed into accepting or faced destruction. However, things were different now. Many people were relying on him for their jobs. His daughter, Chu Yue, was the most important thing to him now, and he would ignore everything else for her sake. His wish was to give her a peaceful and harmonious life.

    “As they say, ‘The virtue is one span tall, and the devil is ten,’ Long Sankui is exceptionally cunning, but I’m very thankful to Boss Chu for everything you’ve done for me today.” Xiao Luo smiled, understanding his disappointment.

    “You should be more careful from here on, both Leng Bao and Da Yuan are extremely skillful fighters.”

    Xiao Luo nodded.

    “By the way, I came here for another important matter today.”

    He took out a bank card from his pocket as he spoke, passing it to Chu Yunxiong.

    “This is?”

    “The money I owed to you, everything’s inside, including bank interest. The password is 888888.” Xiao Luo smiled.

    Standing close by, both Leng Zuo and Leng You were shocked but kept their composure. The deadline was supposed to be in one year, but Xiao Luo had cleared the debt of six hundred million in under three months. Although they knew Luo’s Workshop’s operation was in full swing and had captured a large chunk of the market in Jiangcheng, they were still surprised that he could return such a large sum to their boss in so short a time.

    “Xiao Luo, I now realize that I have greatly underestimated your capability.” Chu Yunxiong said, equally stunned as he stared at Xiao Luo.

    “I’m just lucky.”

    Xiao Luo returned the compliment with a polite smile. Frankly, aside from Luo’s Workshop’s business performance, the other factors that allowed him to settle his debt so quickly were the indemnity from Fang Changleiand the eighty million he had just won at Yellow Skies Casino.



    Perhaps it was the age difference, but Xiao Luo felt cautious when it came to communicating with Chu Yunxiong. He had always kept a respectful distance from Chu Yunxiong, or perhaps it was his pride that made him not want to owe a favor to a big shot such as Chu Yunxiong. He did not feel that he would cross paths with Chu Yunxiong too often in the future.

    Xiao Luo drove Zhang Dashan’s white Corolla towards home after he left the Maple Leaf Hotel.

    The Yijin Jing he had just redeemed felt a little different than what he understood it to be. According to the system notification, Yijin Jing would give him full immunity to all toxins. Its inner power presence was endless, and he could sense it like a rushing river. He only needed to clench his fist lightly, he could feel a powerful force gushing out.

    “How strong could I be now?”

    To find his answer, Xiao Luo increased the pressure of his grip on the steering wheel lightly, and the aluminum-constructed steering wheel immediately shrunk and deformed. His ten fingers were stuck deep within.

    Even mentally prepared for it, he was still taken aback by his newfound strength. He hardly applied all of his power, about ten to twenty percent. Even then, he easily deformed the steering wheel by merely squeezing into it.

    As the car belonged to Zhang Dashan, it would be pretty embarrassing to return it with its steering wheel in such a state, so he immediately went looking for a car workshop to replace the damaged part.